Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 277 Keep Bidding


After looking at the Spirit Congealing Pill, Yi Tianyun became very excited.

In normal people’s eyes, that Spirit Congealing Pill would only be another 5 Core Condensation Stage experts, but for Yi Tianyun with Appraisal Eye, Yi Tianyun would be able to create an infinite amount of Core Condensation Stage expert!

Using Appraisal Eye, he would be able to know the recipes of this Medicinal Pills! He will make sure to get his hands on that pill!

“For this item, I would allow payment with Medicinal Pill, Soul Tool, and Jade Spirit Stone. The price will start at 5.000 Jade Spirit Stones, with 500 Jade Spirit Stone increments. Let the bidding start!” Li Ya said confidently.

Yi Tianyun immediately raised the price to 10.000 Jade Spirit Stone immediately after Li Ya opened the bidding. Someone from the VIP room, the same as Yi Tianyun, quickly raised the price to 11.000 to surpass Yi Tianyun’s bid. Yi Tianyun shook his head and immediately raised the price to 15.000 Jade Spirit Stone!

Many people were surprised by Yi Tianyun’s eagerness to buy the pill; he outbid his opponent like it was nothing to increase the price outrageously.

Someone from the VIP room tried once more to raise the bid to 16.000 Jade Spirit Stone, but Yi Tianyun immediately called 20.000 as to outbid them again!

That much Jade Spirit Stone for 5 Spirit Congealing Pills was just outrageous!

The price was not worth 5 Spirit Congealing Pills at all!

Li Ya looked around the room as everyone fell silent after hearing Yi Tianyun’s outrageous price, she started to count down as a sign that if nobody else bid by the time she finished counting down, the pills will be sold to Yi Tianyun!

After a moment, she immediately announced that Yi Tianyun was the rightful buyer of the 5 Spirit Congealing Pills!

Once again, everyone in the room wanted to sneak a peek of the mysterious rich man’s face!

They didn’t have any clue on who the mysterious man was, they didn’t even know if the man was from the Heavenly Border Continent or not!

Li Ya immediately stole everyone’s attention again as she brought out the last item for that day. She told everyone that the last item was a treasure worthy of being a household treasure! She immediately lifted the red veil that covered the last item in the box!

Everyone was awed immediately after seeing the shining crystal ball!

“This is the Heavenly Spirit Treasure! This crystal ball will increase the cultivation of the holder roughly 30% of the normal speed! I believe you cultivators know what it means! It means that you will have a faster cultivate rate than the others! This item dosen’t have any restriction, meaning that even a Core Transformation expert would still be able to increase their cultivation speed by 30%!” Li Ya said excitedly.

Immediately after Li Ya’s explanation, the Auction Hall fell in an uproar!

All of the cultivators in the room wanted to have this item!

Li Ya was very satisfied to see that commotion; she was convinced that this item would be sold at a higher price. She immediately told everyone that the price will start at 50.000 Jade Spirit Stone and that the bid immediately started!

Many bidders immediately increased the price of the items simultaneously.

But in the VIP room, Yi Tianyun watched the uproar in silence while sipping his tea. He wasn’t interested in having the last item, for it was barely useful for him. But he wouldn’t mind buying it if the price was reasonable!

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