Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 291 Retore Divine Rune


Crazy Leveling System Chapter 291

Ye Qingxuan takes Yi Tianyun and Ye Wan’er to the top of the Spirit Pagoda, where Elder Yan was fixing the Divine Rune by himself.

Yi Tianyun was a little bit confused seeing the scene in front of him, so he asked, “Why was there only one person fixing the Divine Rune? Spirit Race should have many Divine Rune Masters.”

“You are right, Spirit Race indeed had many Divine Rune Masters. But many of them already captured by the Netherworld Empire. Some of them were among the traitor of the Spirit Race.” Ye Qingxuan said while sighing sadly. She doesn’t hide this problem from Yi Tianyun as she trusted Yi Tianyun enough.

The outside world had known that Spirit Race was a race that had an innate ability on Divine Rune and that the Spirit Race tried to show that they still had many Divine Rune Masters, which was false information to throw off the Netherworld Empire as to not attack them head-on!

Yi Tianyun became angered upon hearing that information, his disgust on the Netherworld Empire was intensified!

Now, he had to help the Spirit Race as not to let the Power-Hungry Netherworld Empire got what they wanted!

Yi Tianyun noticed that the Jade Spirit Stone was placed in many places, and some of them almost faded out, meaning that the Stone was close to being exhausted!

Ye Qingxuan quickly asked Elder Yan, who was Divine Rune Master, “How is the condition of the Great Array?”

“It is not good, Saintess! There are too many damaged Divine Runes due to the Netherworld Empire’s constant attack. Right now, the Divine Runes we set on the forest were on the verge of collapsing! I am afraid Lei Yun will reach the inner sanctuary anytime soon!” Elder Yan said nervously.

“Lei Yun!”

When Ye Qingxuan was hearing the name of the man who imprisoned her after gaining her trust released all pent-up anger in her heart, her killing intent was emanated from her body like poison; she really wanted to kill Lei Yun!

Ye Wan’er also added, “I felt sick when knowing that my sister was once Lei Yun’s fiancée. Fortunately, my sister doesn’t marry him!”

Ye Qingxuan quickly snapped back from her hatred and said, “We should fix the Divine Rune quickly. Don’t let the enemy enter the palace!”

Elder Yan looked at the side and noticed Yi Tianyun for the first time and asked, “Is he the man who helps the Spirit Race refining the necessary Medicinal Pills?”

Yi Tianyun immediately bowed his head as respect and said, “I am indeed the alchemy who helps to refine some of the Medicinal Pills.”

Ye Qingxuan immediately gave permission for Yi Tianyun to look around the place while they needed to fix the Divine Rune rights away.

Yi Tianyun stopped them and said, “I want to help repair the Divine Rune too!”

Everyone was a little bit startled hearing Yi Tianyun wanted to help to repair the Divine Runes too; they were confused as they knew that Yi Tianyun was Alchemist, not Divine Rune Master!

Yi Tianyun also said, “I am at least a 5th Grade Divine Rune Master, but I still don’t know for sure how high my grade is.”

Ye Qingxuan said, “You may help out if you are really 5th Grade Divine Rune Master, we need all the help that we can get now!”

Ye Wan’er was a little bit surprised to hear that new information regarding Yi Tianyun. She already bragged herself as a 5th Grade Divine Rune Master to Yi Tianyun, and now he said that he himself was also the 5th Grade Divine Rune Master!

Ye Qingxuan immediately directed Yi Tianyun to a 5th Grade Divine Rune that needed to be fixed right away.

Yi Tianyun quickly took out his Imperial Spirit Stroke that once again surprised everyone, and started to repair the Divine Rune Immediately.

He didn’t use the Heavenly Eyes as he didn’t want his cover to be blown just yet.

The Heavenly eyes were the innate ability special to Ye Qingxuan; he knew that Ye Qingxuan and himself would be in trouble if the Spirit Race knew that he had the Heavenly Eyes!

Yi Tianyun repaired the Divine Rune Perfectly even without the Heavenly Eyes; everyone was surprised beyond belief!

They all thought, how could Yi Tianyun cultivate all that?

They have never seen any cultivator with a double profession, not to mention with such a high proficiency on both like Yi Tianyun, not to mention he was so young!

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