Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 292 It’s Me


They were shocked to see that Yi Tianyun was really a high-grade double profession cultivator who was very rare!

It was almost impossible to see one at such a young age too!

They all wondered if Yi Tianyun has already cultivated since he was inside his mother’s womb!

They didn’t know that Yi Tianyun was basically cheating!

The Crazy Levelling System that he got unlocked unlimited potential for him!


‘Successfully fixed a 5th Grade Divine Rune!’

‘Reward: 500.000 Exp, 500 Divine Rune Proficiency.’

Yi Tianyun sighed in relief that he fixed one difficult Divine Rune in such a short time. He noticed that it was faster to fix Divine Rune than making a new one.

Ye sisters looked at Yi Tianyun’s work immediately and noticed that the Divine Rune was repaired to perfection.

“I was surprised that you are really a Divine Rune Master!” Ye Wan’er said excitedly.

“I never lied, at least not to you.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling toward Ye Wan’er.

Ye Qingxuan quickly directed Yi Tianyun to several other Divine Runes that had to be fixed as not to waste any time.

As time passed, Yi Tianyun and the others have managed to repair many Divine Runes on the Spirit Pagoda relentlessly.

Although Yi Tianyun didn’t seem to be fatigued even with all the amount of Divine Runes he has fixed, the other didn’t share the same stamina as him.

The other’s face was visibly paler and was on the verge of fainting from the loss of Spiritual Power. Suddenly, the Divine Rune in the middle of the Spirit Pagoda was screeching, and its light was also dimmed out.

Ye Qingxuan and Elder Yan quickly rushed there to repair it immediately, that particular Divine Runes shouldn’t be destroyed. If it was destroyed, the Spirit Pagoda would be doomed!

“The Divine Rune received damage from the East Forest direction! With this much damage, the East Forest would fall soon!” Elder Yan said to Ye Qingxuan while slightly panicked.

Elder Yan continuously repaired the said Divine Rune, and as time went by, his face became paler, and cold sweat was seen dripping from his face.

Not long after that, Elder Yan was visibly shaken, he wobbled until he almost fell,

“Elder Yan, you should rest.” Ye Wan’er who was standing close by him, immediately caught his body and laid him on the bench to let him rest.

“It’s fine. I still can do it.” Elder Yan quickly tried to get up to continue his job, but Ye Qingxuan quickly stopped him as she will finish fixing the Divine Runes herself.

“This…” Elder Yan struggled for a bit as he didn’t want to let the saintess do all his jobs, but he finally gave up as he felt that his body was really heavy and hard to move.

Ye Qingxuan quickly activated her Heavenly Eyes and started to fix the Divine Rune diligently.

Although her Divine Rune Proficiency was not as good as Elder Yan, with her Heavenly Eyes, she could still repair that Divine Rune without fail, but it certainly took more time.

Over time, Ye Qingxuan also fell victim to fatigue as she has become wobbly with her face began to ashen. She stumbled backward as she couldn’t hold onto her consciousness, and Yi Tianyun quickly held her before the floor hit her head.

“Are you okay?” Yi Tianyun quickly laid her down on the floor and said, “Let me fix it.”

She wanted to reject Yi Tianyun’s offer as she wanted to finish it herself, but as she was about to say something, Yi Tianyun took off his mask, revealed his true face and said, “You already promised to marry me, and because of that, I can’t let you die there!“

Yi Tianyun’s voice was familiar to Ye Qingxuan. He also made sure that Ye Wan’er and Elder Yan couldn’t see what he was doing.

“You, you, this, this…” Ye Qingxuan was shocked as she immediately recognized Yi Tianyun’s face and voice. She also blushed from Yi Tianyun’s teasing, but as soon as he took off the mask, he wore it again as not to raise suspicion to the others.

Yi Tianyun said, “Fixing the Divine Rune won’t be a problem for me, and you should trust me to finish repairing all the remaining Divine Runes.”

Ye Qingxuan’s eyes twinkled in admiration; she knew that Yi Tianyun was a man of his word, “Haha, okay.”

Yi Tianyun then lifted her from the ground and laid her on the nearby bench, beside Elder Yan.

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