Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 295 Everybody Became Lost


Ye Qingxuan quickly led Yi Tianyun to the guard camp near the East Forest, and she quickly assembled a team of Spirit Core guards to join them repelling the intruder. Yi Tianyun let her did all of that although that he thought it was futile! He will definitely beat them all by himself!

“is this all the people that the Spirit Race could afford right now?” Yi Tianyun asked Ye Qingxuan.

“I embarrassed to say that this is all our force can gave right now. The Netherworld Empire had caught almost all of our warrior.” Ye Qingxuan said embarrassedly. Although Spirit Race was referred to as a Race or a Family, they were definitely a top faction in par with top 3rd Grade Faction. Because of that, Yi Tianyun was a little disappointed that the power Spirit Race currently had was so insignificant.

Ye Qingxuan also said that she has already sent many men to break in into Netherworld Prison, but none of them ever returned. Let alone rescuing any Spirit Race Prisoner there, they couldn’t even come back safely! She also said that they needed a key to release all of the Spirit Race Prisoner and that the key was nowhere to be found inside the Prison!

After Ye Qingxuan’s explanation, Yi Tianyun remembered the Prison Key that he got after killing Cheng Feng back then, the key was described as Spirit Race Prison Key, and maybe that was just what he needed to break in and release all of the Spirit Race inside the Prison!

Ye Qingxuan also said that she needed to break out the Old Ancestors of Spirit Race who were captured and detained inside the Prison, she was afraid that the Old Ancestor would be tortured to reveal their secrets and that was not good considering their age and their weakened cultivation.

Ye Qingxuan was visibly angered after saying all that; it was clear that she had so much respect for her elder.

Yi Tianyun tried to comfort Ye Qingxuan by saying that when they successfully killed all of the intruders who threatened the Spirit Race Sanctuary, he himself will personally go to Spirit Race Prison and released all of the Spirit Race Prisoner being held there!

Ye Qingxuan was visibly relieved, although just a little, and immediately led the group into the East Forest to deal with the intruder. The group of Spirit Race cultivator led by Ye Qingxuan quickly hid in the forest for a chance to ambush any intruder who came their way, while Yi Tianyun walked forward casually like a tourist.

Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan have already agreed that Yi Tianyun could kill all of the intruders by himself if he were really capable of doing so, except for Lei Yun, she wanted to deal with Lei Yun herself! Ye Qingxuan didn’t seem to lose the slightest sympathy toward any of the traitor who also came with Lei Yun; she told Yi Tianyun to kill them all without hesitation!

While searching for the intruder, although Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan split, they weren’t that far apart, but although Ye Qingxuan had activated her own Spiritual Search, she kept losing track of Yi Tianyun, it was like Yi Tianyun didn’t have any aura at all, which she thought was very weird at first until Yi Tianyun kept showing up in front of her!

“Where are you just now? I dont seems to notice you anywhere!” Ye Qianxuan immediately asked Yi Tianyun about that phenomenon when she was finally close enough.

“I am just hiding my aura, that is all! I am always near you the entire time!” Yi Tianyun said while tried to act confusedly.

As they finished conversing with each other, Yi Tianyun sensed someone was coming and quickly gave a signal for Ye Qianxuan to hide. Yi Tianyun walked closer to the intruder so that he could hear them talked among themselves to receive information.

Yi Tianyun heard that the man in command was someone called Wu Peng and that he was currently leading several Spirit Race Traitors to breach the Divine Rune and that he was having trouble as the Divine Rune has already been fixed while he was already in the middle of the forest maze!

The Spirit Race Traitor kept saying that they couldn’t do anything as the Divine Rune was already fixed and that they didn’t have the power to breach that area. Wu Peng was angered by the Spirit Race Traitor’s inability to resolve that matter while he himself was in dire need to prove himself! Ye Qianxuan tried to talk to Yi Tianyun with a sound transmission, but as soon as she talked, she could no longer sense nor seen Yi Tianyun.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun was already behind Wu Peng’s group while asking for help, saying that he was lost in that jungle!

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