Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 294 I Will Come With You


Yi Tianyun was very satisfied to see that that quest gave him a good amount of exp to level up.

Ye Qingxuan showed relief on her face as she saw that all the Divine Rune had been repaired. She told Yi Tianyun, “You should get a rest after repairing these many Divine Runes in the Spirit Pagoda.”

Yi Tianyun quickly refused and said, “This is the perfect time to strike the invader who trying to enter the Spirit Race’s Sanctuary.”

Yi Tianyun said that to finish his quest as quickly as he possibly could. He didn’t want to waste any time doing nothing.

Everyone was a little bit startled that Yi Tianyun knew the situation they were currently in. So, without hiding anything, Ye Qingxuan said, “We have been fighting against the outside force for quite some time, and the Medicinal Pills that you refined earlier were immediately used to treat their injuries. The enemy is bringing along several experts for that attack, making it harder to repel them.”

“How many and how powerful was the enemy this time around?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. He knows that he would have a hard time dealing with any Void Spirit Expert. But if there wasn’t any, he could stomp them with no problem!

“The enemy was lead by Lei Yun and several elders who already betrayed the Spirit Race; they were all in the Core Transformation stage. Some Netherworld Empire’s forces were mixed in too; there were at least several Core Transformation stage cultivators among them.” Ye Qingxuan said nervously.

Yi Tianyun was a little surprised to hear that no Void Spirit cultivator was participating in the attack at that time.

Yi Tianyun quickly showed a confident smile and said, “I will kick them out alone!”

Ye Wan’er was startled to hear Yi Tianyun said that he would fight their enemy alone, she couldn’t help but ask, “What is your plan?”

“Well, I will kick them and maybe punch them out while I am at it!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling to Ye Wan’er.

“I will come with you!” Ye Qingxuan said, making everyone even more surprised.

“Against that many enemies, no one knows what will happen on the battlefield! Big Brother maybe can’t cover you at all times!” Ye Wan’er quickly became mad because Ye Qingxuan said something so impulsive.

Elder Yan also said, “Maybe you will only drag him down on the battlefield. You can’t go out into the battlefield, especially in your current condition. If you get caught, the Spirit Race will be doomed!”

Ye Qingxuan said, “It will be fine. With the Divine Runes fixed, the forest will be confusing, and I will be hiding until I can unleash my surprise attack. I can hide again if the enemy finds me, and my surprise attack doesn’t kill the enemy.”

While Elder Yan and Ye Wan’er weren’t convinced that Ye Qingxuan would remain safe out there, Ye Qingxuan kept making plans on her attack with Yi Tianyun in the east forest!

Yi Tianyun said, “You should hide when I kill annoying enemies who are separated from their groups. Also, strike the one you hate the most. I will give you time to do it, and you don’t need to cover me, I am fine.”

Ye Qingxuan nodded her head as she agreed on Yi Tianyun’s plan, she quickly said, “The perfect time to attack the enemy is when they trapped in the forest.”

Elder Yan and Ye Wan’er said that they wanted to come and help out too, but Ye Qingxuan quickly rejected them as both of them needed to guard the Spirit Pagoda if, by any chance, the enemy successfully entered the Sanctuary.

Elder Yan and Ye Wan’er quickly nodded their head in understanding. Although they really wanted to go to the battlefield too, they couldn’t ignore the Saintess’ order!

After the briefing, Ye Qingxuan quickly left the Spirit Pagoda with Yi Tianyun.

In the way toward the East Forest, Yi Tianyun teased Ye Qingxuan once again by saying that she was too protective of her sister.

“You know, I would do anything to make sure that she was safe and sound. I don’t want my sister to join the fight as I know that it would be too dangerous for her.” Ye Qingxuan said confidently. She really means everything she said!

“Well, if that is really what you want, then I would gladly make it happen for you!” Yi Tianyun said.

Ye Qingxuan nodded her head. She felt that Yi Tianyun’s words were really soothing and that she could rely on Yi Tianyun more.

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