Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 30: Killing


“Stealth technique, a shadow cloak, and a scarlet dagger!”

When Yi Tianyun saw the rewards, he was shocked. His Luck Aura really was worth the price. He got a lot of gold, and the number of reward items was increased.

Martial Art – Stealth: completely hides the user’s physique, increases the speed by two levels, enhances damage with attacking while hidden by two levels!

Shadow Cloak: Grants invulnerability for five seconds!

Scarlet Dagger: Vampiric attacks, restores vitality upon dealing damage, a built-in toxin effect, and the ability to instant kill when used on certain parts of the body!

Unfortunately, these weapons and the skills couldn’t be upgraded, the levels were fixed. However, he wasn’t surprised as he had discovered that he was unable to upgrade most of the weapons he had acquired so far. The grade of the weapons was not too low so it could be used for quite a while.

Basically, it was all about their grade, at least these three rewards were definitely part of an assassin set. It was definitely enough for him to use for a while.

The shadow cloak was the most amazing among these, providing invulnerability for five seconds, this meant that this item could save the user in tight situations. No matter how strong the opponent was, you could become invulnerable for five seconds! There were no details about the limitations, but he was sure that the limit was high.

“I’m starting to understand how the system works! Turns out it’s not that hard to earn Crazy Points! The higher the cultivation of the opponent the more Crazy Points will be rewarded. This way, all I need to do is find a suitable opponent”.

Yi Tianyun was very satisfied with the rewards he got. The reward he got after killing somebody had always been low prior to this, so low that he was reluctant to kill people, it was simply not worth it. Now that he got a number of Crazy Points and figured out the trick behind earning more, he would last quite a while.

Immediately after the excitement, his eyes chilled. “This assassin! He was either hired by Wind Pavilion or Master Kong!”

He thought about it before he searched whatever was left of that assassin. All he found was icy dust. Well, he was shattered into pieces after turning into a block of ice. Back when he fought the snow wolves, he struggled to use the Frost Fist, now he had mastered it, so this was nothing. In Crazy Mode, his punch shattered the assassin.

However, he was able to procure a storage ring that belonged to the assassin. After rummaging through the things inside, he found that there was much in the assassin’s possession. All he had was some medicinal herbs and two Spirit Weapons.

There was no identifying mark on the Spirit Weapons, but considering the quality, it should have been created by Kong Shengfeng.

“I’ll go to the Wind Pavilion first to find who was behind this!”

Yi Tianyun activated his new Stealth skill and instantly blended into his surroundings. Immediately, he jumped from the window and, thanks to stealth skill, everything he did was inaudible. Just as he was about to go into the Wind Pavilion, he heard a familiar voice in a dark alley.

“What is taking him so long? He is an assassin from the Shadow League, how could he take this long to finish one job!”

The person who spoke was none other than Kong Shengfeng himself!

“Of course, it was his doing, there is no one else who wants me dead so badly!” Yi Tianyun glared at him, as he held the scarlet dagger in his hand. In the darkness scarlet dagger should be shining bright red but, due to his stealth skill, all visual indicators such as light and color was blocked.

『Ding! Quest Activated: Kill Kong Shengfeng.』

『Reward: 10,000 exp, 300 blacksmith mastery, 300 gold and 300 Crazy Points.』


Yi Tianyun immediately accepted the quest. His eyes locked onto Kong Shengfeng coldly, and additional information was displayed.

Name: Kong Shengfeng

Cultivation: Second level of Spirit Refinement Realm

Martial Arts: Unknown

Abilities: unknown

He didn’t care about the extra information, he only needed to know Kong Shengfeng’s cultivation. Turns out he was only at the Second Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm!

A moment later, he quietly moved behind Kong Shengfeng.

Brandishing a dagger towards his back, Yi Tianyun prepared to stab Kong Shengfeng from behind while was still looking around, and unaware of Yi Tianyun behind him.

Crazy Mode, on! Luck Aura, on!


Like stabbing tofu, the dagger easily pierced through Master Kong’s back, and into his heart.

Kong Shengfeng felt something cold pierced his chest. He immediately looked down, and in the darkness of the night, he saw a red dagger penetrate through his chest. When the dagger was pulled out, a deadly toxin spread throughout his body.

“You want to assassinate me? Think again!!

Yi Tianyun’s cold voice rang in his ear. A familiar voice, how could he not know who it was. Suddenly he felt cold enveloping his whole body, he wanted to open his mouth and speak, but no sound came out.

The last thing he saw was Yi Tianyun’s familiar face, but the next moment, he lost consciousness. He couldn’t continue living, now that the scarlet dagger pierced his heart.

『Ding! Congratulations on killing Kong Shengfeng! You gained 6.000 exp, 200 Crazy Points and a Forging God Hamer.』

『Ding! Congratulations on completing a mission! You gained 10.000 exp, 300 blacksmith mastery, 300 gold and 300 Crazy Points!』

The rewards were limited and not particularly good, but something piqued his interest.

“Forging God Hammer?”

Yi Tianyun inspected the item in his inventory, revealing its effect. Increase one’s forging ability, there is a certain chance for the quality of the item to be improved, depending on the item’s value.

The Forging God Hammer was not a weapon, nor a hammer. It was actually a decorative miniature hammer that could be used as a piece of jewellery.

“This is pretty good! It can increase my forging ability. This is exactly what I need right now! It also has a chance of improving my work’s quality!”

Yi Tianyun was quite satisfied by this, the rewards were quite nice, but quite lacking in quantity compared to the assassin he killed. It wasn’t that Kong Shengfeng was weak or anything, rather his luck this time was not that good, so there were no other excellent items dropped.

Immediately, he looked down at Kong Shengfeng’s lifeless body, he took out a bottle of liquid and dripped it on Kong Shengfeng’s body. Kong Shengfeng’s body quickly turned into a pool of blood, leaving no trace of the body that was once there.

This was something he pulled out of the assassin’s storage ring. It was definitely an item used to get rid of the evidence, a must-have for an assassin. Using the assassin’s evidence destroying liquid on his own client, such an irony.

“Leaving his body here will only cause unnecessary work for innocent people!” Yi Tianyun eyes turned cold, thankfully the assassin went after him, if the assassin’s target was An Ling instead, the results may have been different.

He finally understood that he could have died at any point in this kind of environment, or worse he could make the people he loved suffer due to his mistakes. For the sake of the people around him, he needed to be more careful from now on!

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