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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 31: Wing Sect Make a Move


When Yi Tianyun returned to his room, he found Zi Yuwei and the others in the room. They saw him jump in from the Window, so they were surprised by the situation at the moment.

“Young Master Yi, what happened here?” Zi Yuwei looked at the blood on the ground, and the pieces of clothes worn by the assassin, she was shocked.

Yi Tianyun’s frost attack spread throughout the Rain Pavilion. Even though blocked by a wall, the freeze effect still found its way to others in the proximity, when they thawed from the effect, they looked around, confused, not understanding what happened to them.

“I just gave him a taste of his own medicine.” Yi Tianyun did not conceal anything. There was nothing to hide, and the remnant of the corpse was still here in his room.

“Was he sent by the Wind Pavilion?” Zi Yuwei’s expression changed. She was enraged. How dare they send an assassin to assassinate her guest. Although she had a feeling that this was going to happen, she didn’t expect it to be this soon.

“I don’t know who send him.” Yi Tianyun said faintly.

He deliberately concealed the rest of the story, so that there won’t be too much trouble.

“Pavilion Lord Zi, your security here was too lax. How could you allow an assassin to sneak into your guest’s room! If something happened to my junior brother, how were you gonna take responsibility for this incident!” An Ling exploded out in anger. Seeing the horror in front of her, she couldn’t help but imagine the worst-case scenario.

If Yi Tianyun had died here, how would she explain to Shi Xueyun? Shi Xueyun let them out as Yi Tianyun’s guard. Sending both to them to guard Yi Tianyun was a display of her love for Shi Xueyun. Their cultivation was stronger than Yi Tianyun, so it was only natural for them to be Yi Tianyun guards out here.

There were only a few guards in the Rain Pavilion and they both knew it, they just didn’t expect this to happen. Fortunately, their junior brother wasn’t injured, the thought of their brother being assassinated made them break out into a cold sweat.

Zi Yuwei’s face was gloomy, she realized this was a life-or-death situation.

“I am very sorry about this. All I can say is that the guards here are not strong enough. I will immediately dispatch more people to strengthen the security!” Zi Yuwei sincerely apologized. “As compensation, I am willing to give up 10% of my share. You will get 60%, we will settle with 40%!”

This was the easiest and most polite way to apologize. If she gave them a pill or a weapon it would appear fairly pathetic as compensation since you could buy it here as long as you have enough money. It was far more reasonable if she just compensated them by giving up her share.

“No, even if you sent a few more guards, it wouldn’t have made a difference. They still couldn’t have stopped him”.

That was the truth. This assassin’s cultivation was not that high, but he was really skilled in stealth. Considering the strength of the Rain Pavilion right now, there was no stopping them, unless they were at the Ninth Level of the Spirit Refinement Realm, or they were a person with a very good detection skill.

Obviously, this was impossible. Ninth Level Spirit Refinement cultivators were usually at the level of a deacon within a faction so it would be impossible to place them as a guard here.

Zi Yuwei felt really guilty. If she didn’t compensate Yi Tianyun, it would leave a bad impression and the opportunities provided by Tianyun in the future would be gone.

Yi Tianyun glanced at her and smiled lightly, “You don’t have to blame yourself. This was not your fault. If he really was sent by the Wind Pavilion, it’s all because of me. This has nothing to do with you. ”

Well, he did forge that many Spirit Weapons and sell them at a very low price, so he brought this on himself.

“You were right, but as our guest, failing to protect you was our fault! The profit is being calculated according to the agreement, so changing it to 60 – 40 is the largest amount of compensation I can give to you right now!”

Although they only raise it by 10%, it was already quite the sum, since the materials were provided by the Rain Pavilion, reducing their share, after considering the material cost, wouldn’t leave that much profit for themselves.

This showed just how sincere she was.

Yi Tianyun didn’t understand why she was doing this. Was it to leave a good impression on Tianyun and hopefully convince him to stay longer? Profit was the only way to do so, but more importantly, it could help her grow the Rain Pavilion beyond their rival, so the immediate profit was not as vital to her.

“Pavilion Lord Zi, I appreciate your kindness, but it is not necessary. I intend to leave tomorrow, and it has nothing to do with this assassination. The main purpose of our visit was to procure materials for forging in the Jade Palace, so we have to return once complete our objective.”

Whether the assassination happened or not, he already decided to go back. The amount of time he spent here was already long enough, there were no more benefits for him to stay much longer.

Zi Yuwei’s face changed colours. Yi Tianyun’s plan to leave tomorrow didn’t sit well with her, however, she didn’t say anything about his plan, she could only sigh deeply. “Since Young Master Yi has already made up his mind, then I will not object. If Young Master Yi needs a hand in the future, I’ll gladly help!”

Yi Tianyun nodded. He had a good impression of Zi Yuwei. If he ever needed to buy anything in the future, he would definitely come to the Rain Pavilion.

The tumultuous night was finally over. Although Yi Tianyun said no, Zi Yuwei still strengthened the pavilion security, she had to do this to provide some sort of comfort.

The next day, Yi Tianyun purchased all kinds of materials he needed to forge at the Jade Palace. This time he earned around 1 million silvers, which was quite satisfying. It was way more than what he earned from completing missions, money from completing missions was not enough.

If his objective was only money then this was the fastest way, buy materials, forge then sell. It was incomparable to quest rewards and killing monsters.

“Pavilion Lord Zi, I will take my leave.” Yi Tianyun said to Zi Yuwei.

“You were welcome to come back anytime, we would definitely give Young Master Yi a very favourable price.” Zi Yuwei smiled lightly, using these events they could stabilize the Rain Pavilion, it had been a long time since something good happened to her, so she felt very happy about the outcome.

When they were about to leave, a guard rushed in from the outside and hurriedly give a report. “Pavilion Lord, the Wind Pavilion is holding an auction for upper-level Spirit Weapons! There are quite a few, the most valuable ones were made by the Wing Sect. There is quite a crowd gathering there already, and they also saying that Spirit Weapons that made by anyone other than Wing Sect are rubbish! This also includes the ones we sold the other day, they called them all trash!”

“Wing Sect’s Spirit Weapons?” Zi Yuwei’s face changed, “I knew the Wind Pavilion would eventually make a move, but allying with the Wing Sect? I didn’t see that coming at all.”

The Wing Sect in the Wind City was essentially a symbol of authority. Even when blacksmith’s assessments were carried out here, the level of their Spirit Weapons was assessed by them. Yi Tianyun disliked their methods, it was okay to compete with prices, but to slander and tell people his weapons were garbage?

Yi Tianyun’s eyes went cold, “The Wing Sect’s disciple, Ma Liangpeng?” This reminded him of the mission he got when he entered the city. He did not expect to encounter it again so soon!

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