Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 300 Tickling


“You think you smart, talking to me like that! You dare to mock Netherworld Empire, you stupid shit!” Lei Yun said with a red face. He was enraged after hearing Yi Tianyun’s bold comment.

Ye Qingxuan was giggling at the side as she couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but one thing for sure is that I don’t want anything to do with your filthy Netherworld Empire! When I arrived here, they tried to get rid of me, and therefore, now is my time to get rid of them!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Lei Yun was startled after hearing Yi Tianyun’s remark; it was clear that the Netherworld Empire provoked Yi Tianyun, and he will be the one reaping what they sowed!

“You will pay for betraying the Spirit Race! You hear me!” Ye Qingxuan shouted on the side lane.

“I didn’t betray the Spirit Race! The Spirit Race was the one betraying me! How could you be dumb enough not to join us in the Netherworld Empire! The Spirit Race will thrive in there!” Lei Yun quickly answered.

“It is better to make the Netherworld Emperor the new Spirit King too!” He adds.

Ye Qingxuan looked at Lei Yun funnily, “Are you out of your mind? Did you really that stupid?”

The Emperor didn’t have what it took to become the Spirit King, did Lei Yun think that the Spirit King’s title was like a candy which could be passed randomly to another person? No, Lei Yun was obviously selling the Spirit Race to have better resources for himself!

“Now, I am glad that you not yet become our Spirit King. The Spirit Race would be doomed with you as our leader!” Ye Qingxuan said condescendingly.

“You better stop now before I couldn’t control myself!” Lei Yun said warningly.

“You know, soon, I will become the new Minister of Divine Runes in the Netherworld Empire. If the Spirit Race would think for a second, I will give you a chance one more time to join with me!” Lei Yun said confidently.

“I would also give you one last proposition! I will let you walk away safely if you release the Spirit Race and especially the Old Ancestor from the prison!” Ye Qingxuan said confidently.

“Hahaha, did you really thought that the Old Ancestor still useful? He was tortured every day in prison! They even use the Soul Searching Technique toward him! there is no way that he was still sane after all that!” Lei Yun said while laughing profusely.

Ye Qingxuan was surprised to hear the words that came out of Lei Yun’s mouth; she was afraid that the worst had happened!

The Old Ancestor had been used as a target to the Soul Searching Technique to extract the information about their Divine Runes Great Array!

Suddenly, Lei Yun stomped his foot to activate the Divine Runes that he has already prepared beforehand. A terrifying electric current was discharged in the sky, and combined with Lei Yun’s Spiritual Aura, he controlled the electricity and shot it towards Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan!

The attack was at the level of the Core Transformation Peak Stage Attack!

Yi Tianyun was excited to see that attack; he will have some additional exp from absorbing that energy attack! He used his Absorbing Stars Great Technique to block that attack, leaving no one from his side damaged at all!

Lei Yun was shocked to see that his attack didn’t even hit anything!

“Is this the best that you can do?” Yi Tianyun taunts Lei Yun for his weak attack.

“Did you have anything else that you wanted to ask? If you do, I will capture him alive for you.” Yi Tianyun asked to Ye Qingxuan.

Ye Qingxuan was surprised and said that if that wasn’t too much trouble, then Ye Qingxuan wished Yi Tianyun to do so!

Yi Tianyun nodded and immediately shot a couple of arrows from the Ice Cold Divine Bow, Which Lei Yun quickly dodged. With his Divine Rune revolving around Lightning Attribute, he had an amazing speed!

Lei Yun immediately tried to escape from Yi Tianyun as he knew that he needed to be prepared before fighting someone like Yi Tianyun, but unfortunately for him, Yi Tianyun had the same speed if not faster than him!

Yi Tianyun quickly chased after Lei Yun and caught up in no time!


Lei Yun who felt that his life was in danger quickly shot a lightning bolt towards Yi Tianyun, but once again, that lightning bolt was nothing to Yi Tianyun, he blocked Lei Yun’s attack with ease, and because Lei Yun stopped for a second to shoot the Lightning bolt, Yi Tianyun quickly caught up and punched Lei Yun in the chest as hard as he could, flinging and smashing him against the hard tree!

“You know, your lightning based attack was hardly even tickling me!” Yi Tianyun said while sighing in boredom.

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Leveling System Chapter 300 Tickling

  1. Tharindu says:

    [ 01 ] Crazy Leveling System (MC- Yi Tianyun / Yi Yuntian [Spirit Race Fake Allies] )
    Age : 18 Years

    Location: Dragon Empire > Heavenly Jade Sect (Heavenly Jade Temple) > Heavenly Border Continent [Current] / Jade Water Deep Pool (Spirit Race) [Temporarily]

    Job: Heavenly Jade Sect Young Master / Heavenly Jade Sect Elder / Inheritor of Heavenly Jade Temple [Defense: Core Transformation] / Star Pavilion Guest Elder (in a Month) / Heaven’s Top Mansion Current Patriarch / ??

    Race : Dragonoid Human
    Bloodline : Dragon God [Level 3]
    Title : Guardian (Base Defense 2x) / Savior (200 Prestige) / Admired by a Thousand People (Command Value to 100) / Spirit Race King🔒/ Empire God Protector🔒

    Innate Ability: Heavenly Eyes / Divine Rune: Ice Attribute (Spirit Race)

    Cultivation Level: Core Transformation 3 / Level: 43 / Power Level: 800,000+
    Opponent Cultivation Level : Core Transformation 10+ / Power Level: 18 Million [ 100% ]

    Crazy Point: 3 Million
    Prestige: 630 (Luck Enhanced)
    Sin Points: 3,556 (Kill Evil / Use Sin Shop)

    Divine Ability :-
    Crazy Mode (Enhanced Any Effects [Basic Stats / Gained EXP / Consumed Item] : 8x) [Lv 3]
    Lucky Aura (Enhanced Luck by 5x)
    Teleportation (1km / 10 Minutes CoolDown)

    Cultivation Technique:
    Dark North Divine Art [High Mid Earth Level] [Level 4]
    Dragon God Secret Art (Dragon Transformation: equal to Dragon God Bloodline Mastery)
    Xuan Tian (Mysterious Heavens) Divine Art (Transparent Armor) [Level 2]
    Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art (Automatically Absorb Surrounding Spiritual Energy) [High Earth Level]
    Golden Body Secret Art (Heavy Defense)
    Shadow Clone Art (make 3 Clones with 30% MC Power) [High Earth Level] [Level 1]

    Martial Arts:
    Absorbing Stars Great Technique (Absorb EXP / Spiritual Power) [High Earth Level] [Level 4]
    Eagle Claw Art [Can not Level Up]
    Falling Feather Sword Technique [Can not Level Up]
    Floating Cloud Steps Movement Technique (Speed)
    Stealth (Hide Physique)
    Sky Cloud Step
    Ten Thousand Swords Return to Origin (Speed)
    Flying Soul Seize the Life [Human Level]
    Hegemony [Human Level]
    Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven
    Eagle Claw Art [Lower Level]
    Falling Feather Sword Technique [Lower Level]
    Flying Soul Seize the Life [Human Level]
    Extreme Sparkle
    Heavenly Dragon Palm [Earth Level]
    Heaven Imperial Divine Palm [Lower Earth]
    Rushing Thunder Step [Lower Earth Level]
    Burning The Heavens Secret Art [Lower Earth Level]
    Wind & Fire Palm [Earth Level Lower]
    Soul Extinguishing Palm [Lower Earth Level]
    Burst Claw
    Transforming Heaven Palm [Earth Level]
    Netherworld Step
    Heavenly Star Palm
    Blood Demon God [Middle Earth Level]
    Qingyun Sword Technique
    Azure Profound Step Technique
    Turning The Heavens Step
    Flowing Cloud Palms
    Heaven Cloud Palms
    Yellow Heavenly Palm
    Cloud Waves Palm
    Evil Heaven
    God Finger
    Shadow Step
    Afterimage Step
    Soul Breaking Finger
    Moon Fall Palm
    Soul Breaking Finger
    Thunder Sound Flash
    Trace Confusion Step
    Heaven Spirit Step
    Bloodthirsty Chop

    [Unique Ability] :>
    Flame: Eternal Fire [Level 2: Earth Level] (can’t Extinguished / Forge Tool / Alchemy / Attack)
    Life (Revive the Dead MC) (1x) (1x🔒)
    Divine Rune’s Engraving Method (Spirit Race)
    Flight [Core Transformation]

    Treasure :-
    Purple Fire Divine Furnace (Alchemy Furnace) [Holy Level]
    Appraisal Eye [Level 2] (Double Memory Speed / Double Reading Speed / See Weaknesses)
    Blood Jade (Enormous Blood Qi)
    Coiling Dragon Treasure Map (Dragon Vein Location: MC has to be Spirit Core 5+)
    Jade Pearl (Increasing Cultivation Speed by 3x)
    Command Treasure Book (Increase Charisma & Leadership)
    Phoenix Wing (Flight at Certain Speed) [Not Upgradable]

    Mounts :-
    Snow Wolf King [Spirit Core 2]
    Black Dragon (Flight) [Spirit Core 6]

    All Professions :-
    Advance Level Blacksmith [True Level (100%) & Soul (50%) Spirit Tool (w/Immortal Flame) ]
    Mid Level Alchemist [4th Grade (w/Immortal Flame) ]
    Master Level Runemaster [Fifth Level Array / 5th (100%) Divine Rune Master]
    Basic Level Pet Capture [1st Level]

    Pill Recipes :-
    Life Continuing Spirit Pill [4th Grade Medicinal Pills]
    Spirit Congealing Pills

    Sin Shop :-
    Evil Dragon Suit (Power 10x / Defense 20x / Flight / Phagocytosis / 100 Meters Dragon Transformation)🔒
    Sword Master Suit (Control Sword Array & 10,000 Long Swords)🔒

  2. Tharindu says:

    [ 02 ] Crazy Leveling System (MC- Yi Tianyun)

    Weapon :-
    Frost Fist [Level 5 / Lower Soul Tool] (Ice Affinity / 1km)
    Cold Ice Divine Bow [Level 1 / High Soul Tool] (Shoot Ice 1st Arrow & 2nd Arrow get 2x Power, 2x Speed, 2x Range)
    Sword of Endlessness [Low Holy Tool] (2x Critical Hit & Destroy Enemy Defense) [ Destroyed ]
    Scarlet Dagger (Assassin / Restore Vitality Upon Attacking)
    Wind Chasing Sword
    Quick Wind Sword
    Blood Fiend Divine Spear [Low Holy Level]
    Jade Heaven Sword
    Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe [Lower Soul Tool]
    Heavenly Wind Blade
    Soul Killing Blade [High Spirit Tool]
    Thousand Drop Blade [High Spirit Tool]
    Heaven Breaking Sword (Treasure)
    Heaven Ancient Spear
    Flowing Clouds Long Sword [Lower Soul Tool]
    Violent Flames Blade
    Blood Dragon Skeleton Blade [High Soul Tool]
    Heaven Ruining Sword
    Shadow Blade [Mid Soul Tool]
    Heaven Holding Giant Sword (5x Combat Power)
    Thunder God’s Gun
    Thunder God Spear
    Bloody Monster Knife
    Moon Heavenly Sword

    Armor :-
    God Armor (Skill: Counter) [Common]
    Snow Wolf Boots (Speed)
    Shadow Cloak (Assassin / Invulnerability for 5 Seconds)
    Mysterious Ice Divine Armor [Mid Spirit Tool]
    Chaotic Heaven Divine Armor [Lower Soul Tool]
    Chaotic Heaven Battle Boots [Lower Soul Tool]
    Falling Cloud Armor [Mid Spirit Tool]
    Heaven Cloud Armor (Mid Spirit Tool]
    Stage Prop Dragon Skeleton Divine Armor
    Dropping Clouds Boots
    Blast Shoe
    Blood Fiend Divine Armor [High Soul Tool]
    Heaven Holding Divine Armor
    Heaven Holding Leg Guard
    Heavenly Thunder Armour
    Heavenly Thunder Leg Guard
    Nirvana Armor
    Heavenly Feather Boots

    Accessories :-
    Forging God Hammer (Increase Power Forging & Improve Quality)
    Power Bracelet (20% Strength)
    Power Ring (10% Strength)
    Power Belt (20% Strength)
    Blood Fiend Bracelet [Low Holy Level]

    Items :-
    [Level 50] Gift Pack
    Ice Soul Jade (Heavenly Jade Sect Treasure / Ice Affinity) [Mid Holy Level]
    Recovery Medicinal Pill (20x)
    Wind Blade (Upper Spirit Tool)
    2x EXP Pill (+10x)
    3rd Level Spirit Core
    Shocking Heaven Divine Stone [Lower Soul Tool]
    Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal (Dark Attribute Cultivation Technique Helper) (1x)
    Dragon Claw
    Blast Divine Pill
    Free Lottery Draw (10x)
    Octopus Feeler (2x Power for Short Time)
    3x Crazy Point Card (1 Hour)
    Lottery Draws (10x)
    High Grade Spirit Tool
    Serpent Slaughtering Sword Material
    Heavenly Spiritual Jade Pond (5th Grade Spiritual Veins) [ Destroyed ]
    High-Grade Divine Rune Paper (4x)
    Energy Pill
    Liu Yun Knife
    Spirit Race Prison Key
    5x Crazy Points Card
    Item Spirit Stroke [High Divine Tool]
    Tyrant Rune Paper (5x)
    Extra Damage Divine Rune [5th Divine Rune]
    10x EXP Card
    Divine Talisman
    30x EXP Card
    Enhanced Lottery Roulette Draw (5x)
    Heavenly Feather Stroke
    Imperial Spirit Stroke
    God Killer Great Array
    Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl
    Jade Spirit Stone (4x)
    Spirit Congealing 5 Pills (Pill Recipe / Spirit Refinement to Core Condensation)
    Heavenly Spirit Treasure (Increase Cultivation Speed by 30%)🔒
    5th Grade Divine Rune [Random]

    Unknown Skills :-
    Dark North
    Wind Chasing Sword Secret Art
    Martial Arts Ten Thousand Sword Slash
    Heaven Feather Sword Technique
    Wind Cut
    Rushing Thunder Step
    Buddha Killing Palm
    Dragon Cloud Steps
    Thundercloud Claw
    Flying Shark Control
    Netherworld Hook [Skill or Items]
    Heavenly Wind Fist
    Heaven’s Top Palm
    Tianchen Step
    Golden Purple Feather Fan [Skill or Items]
    Qi Condensation Secret Art
    Spirit Breaking Finger Technique
    Heaven Holding Divine Art
    Flying Clouds Sword Technique
    Cloud Upheaval Step
    Violent Flames Divine Art
    Heavenly Thunder Art
    Thunder God Divine Rune [Skill or Items]
    Heavenly Wind Palm
    Ruined Clouds Stroke [Skill or Items]
    Heavenly Spirit Stroke [Skill or Items]
    Demon Blood Soaring Technique
    Heaven Spirit Fist
    Netherworld Secret Act
    Turning Over Heaven’s Palm
    System (Crazy Leveling System) Function :-
    Inventory [Infinite]
    Equipment Bar
    Shop (Crazy Points)
    Sin Shop (Sin Points)
    Cultivation Stages :-

    First Cultivation Realms (01 – 10) :>
    01- Body Refinement
    02 – Spirit Refinement
    03 – Core Condensation
    04 – Core Spirit
    05 – Core Transformation
    06 – Void Spirit
    07 – Spirit King
    08 – Saint King
    09 – God King

    God Territory / Primal Chaos Realm :>
    10 – Earth Monarch
    11 – Heaven Monarch (01 – 10)
    12 – Heaven Immortal
    13 – Heavenly Venerable
    14 – Heavenly God
    15 – God Emperor or Star Disciple

    Lower World / Greater World :>
    16 – Star Master
    17 – Star Great Master
    18 – Star Monarch
    19 – Star Venerable
    20 – Great Star Venerable
    21 – Divine Star Venerable
    22 – Heavenly Star Supreme

    Upper Boundary / Greater World (Low / Mid / Upper):>
    23 – Nine Star Supreme
    24 – Ten Star Supreme
    25 – Star Emperor
    26 – Top Star Emperor
    27 – Celestial Emperor

    God Land :>
    28 – Supreme Celestial Emperor

    #💀mean Defeated or Death or Disappeared
    #Faction Ranks ( [01] Palace > Sect > Mansion > Empire > Divine Nation [05] )
    #Weapon or Treasure Rank (Common > Spirit > Holy > Relic > Artifact)
    #Profession Rank (1st Level > 2nd Level > 3rd Level > 4th Level > 5th Level > Master > Grandmaster > Creator)
    #Normal Spirit Core 8 Power Level is 670,000
    #Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins > Heavenly Jade Temple / Twin Dragon Mansion (Heavenly Jade Sect + Heaven’s Top Sect)
    #CP = Crazy Points / SP = Sin Points / MP = Mastery Points / PP = Prestige Points

  3. Tharindu says:

    [ 03 ] Crazy Leveling System (MC- Yi Tianyun)
    Harem (Beauty) :-
    [Heavenly Jade Sect] :>
    Shi Xueyun (Aunt or Sister / Patriarch / 20 Years Old / Top Beauty) [Spirit Core 2]
    Xiao Lian or Liu Menglian (Former Maid / Reserve Elder) [Body Refinement 7] [Girl💗]
    Yi Yuwei [Current Name] (Former Rain Pavilion Leader / Elder) [Girl💗]
    Yi Yuxuan (Yi Yuwei Older Twin Sister / Deacon) [Spirit Refinement 9] [Girl💗]

    [Yan Family💀] :>
    Yan Lingxue (Low Rich) [Girl💗]

    [White Lotus Mansion (Only Female)] :>
    Mansion Lord Qin (Patriarch / Top Beauty)
    Yu Shiqian (Hate Qing Liuyun / Genius / Netherworld Empire Party Representatives)
    Zhao Yu (Genius)

    [Spirit Race Stone Tablet] :>
    Real Name: Ye Qingxuan / Saint Title: Huan Qin (Top Beauty [18 Years Old] / Next Saintess of Spirit Race / Hate Lei Yun / Long Life Span) [Original: Core Transformation /
    Current: Core Condensation] [Girl💗]
    [Spirit Race] :>
    Ye Wan’er (Get Jade Spirit Stone for Spirit Pagoda / 5th Runemaster / Top Beauty /
    Ye Qingxuan Younger Sister)

    [Heaven’s Top Mansion] :>
    He Qianhan / Deacon He (Runemaster / Hua Family Friend / Xuan Tian Descendent)

    Yang Xixue (Genius / Yang Yu Sister / Yang Family)
    Mu Xian’er (Top Genius / Top Beauty / Mischief) [Ranked 2] [Spirit Refinement 7]

    [Ice Coffin / ?? Empire] :>
    Ren Zhirou (Empire’s Goddess/ Limited Amnesia / Top Beauty) [Core Transformation 5]

    Family :-
    Parents [Disappeared💀]
    Allies :-
    [Heavenly Jade Sect :>
    Mo Yu (Great Elder) [Core Condensation]
    Bing Xin (Ancestor) [Core Condensation 8]
    Jiu Lingyun / Saintess (Average Appearance / Reserve Elder) [2nd Grade Rune Master]
    [Body Refinement 3]
    An Ling (Heavenly Jade Temple Companion / Beauty) [Spirit Refinement 5]
    Qin Xue (Heavenly Jade Temple Companion / Beauty) [Spirit Refinement 5]
    Jian Yuping (2nd Elder / Female) [Core Condensation]
    Lu Sibing (3rd Elder) [Core Condensation]

    [Rain Pavilion (Shop) ] :>
    Wang (Pavilion Lord) [Core Condensation 8]

    [Yan Family] :>
    Yan Jiazhu (Yan Lingxue Father & Patriarch) [Spirit Refinement 10]
    ?? (?? Butler) [Spirit Refinement 1]

    [Heavenly Jade Temple] :>
    Old Xuan (Guard)

    [Gong Village / Xiao Lian Family] :>
    Wu Liquan (Head)
    Old Liu (Xiao Lian Father)
    Wang Dechuan (Villager / Strong Willed)
    Meng Hua (Xiao Lian Best Friend)

    [Star Pavilion (Shop) ] :>
    Li Tianlong (Main Lord) [Core Transformation 2]
    Li Ya (Li Tianlong Daughter / Auction Receptionist)
    Yun (Elder / Star Pavilion Divine Rune Tournament Reward Helper)
    [Zhu Family] :>
    Zhu Tianhong (Patriarch)

    [Heavenly Jade Temple / Heaven’s Top Mansion] :>
    Xuan Tian [Current Name] / He Tianxuan [Former Name] (Former Heaven’s Top Mansion & Heavenly Jade Sect Disciple) [Spirit King]💀
    [Heaven’s Top Mansion / Heavenly Runes Pavilion] :>
    ?? (Patriarch)
    ?? (Mu Xian’er Step GrandFather & Great Elder) [Spirt Core 5]
    Deacon Huang (Heavenly Soul Tower Guard)
    [Yang Family] :>
    Yang Yu (Weak / Hate Feng Yulong / Sworn Brother) [Ranked 83]

    [Spirit Race] :>
    ?? (Probably Ancestor) [Void Spirit]
    Jiang Yi (Third Elder)
    Yan (Elder / Divine Rune Master)

    Neutral :-
    [Approaching Sect] :>
    Yong Cheng (Disciple) [Spirit Refinement 9]

    [Heaven’s Top Mansion / Heavenly Runes Pavilion] :>
    Zhuang Jia (Bet Organizer)

    [Heavenly Dragon Empire] (Hate Netherworld Empire) :>

    [Nirvana Mansion] :>
    ?? (Jade Spirit Stone Previous Owner)

    Villains :-
    [Heavenly Jade Sect (Outer Disciple): Spirit Sect💀]:>
    Fang Chen (Heavenly Jade Sect Outer Disciple) [Body Refinement 4]💀

    [Spirit Sect💀] :>
    Jia Zhiyun (Patriarch) [Core Condensation]💀
    Tian Feng (Ancestor) [Core Condensation 9]💀
    Zhao Hualong (2nd Elder) [Lower than Core Condensation]
    Fang Yun (Talented / Fang Chen Big Brother) [Body Refinement 7]💀
    Mo Cheng (Talented) [Body Refinement 9]💀
    Zhao Feng [Body Refinement 7]

    Master Kong Shengfeng (Create Spirit Tool) [3rd Level Blacksmith] [Spirit Refinement 2]💀

    [Wind Sect (Blacksmith Sect) / Forging God Sect💀] :>
    Qing Yuncheng (Patriarch) [Core Condensation]💀
    Wen Tian (Ancestor) [Core Condensation 10: 140,000]💀
    Qing Tianlong (Ancestor) [Core Condensation 9]💀
    Ma Liangpeng (Heavenly Jade Temple Disciple) [Spirit Refinement 4]💀
    Fu (Deacon / Elder) [Spirit Refinement 10]💀

    [Wind Pavilion (Shop / Master Kong Liang Friend / Rich)💀] :>
    Xiang Tianya (Chief Pavilion) [Core Condensation 6]💀
    Feng Yun (Ancestor) [Core Condensation 9]💀
    Pavilion Lord Liang Tiancheng (Leader) [Spirit Refinement 7]💀
    Yuan Ping (Vice-Chief Pavilion Lord) [Core Condensation 4]💀

    [Yan Family] :>
    Tan Yongsheng (Yan Lingxue Lead Guard) [Spirit Refinement 2]💀

    Master Kong Liang (Yan Lingxue Father Pharmacist) [3rd Level Alchemist]💀

    [Wang Family (Hate Yan Family) ] :>
    ?? (Patriarch)💀

    [Zeng Family (Hate Yan Family) ] :>
    ?? (Patriarch)💀

    [Magnificent Sect] :>
    Huan (Patriarch) [Cores Condensation 6]💀
    Liang Feng (Disciple) [Spirit Refinement 10]💀

    [Gong Village: Bandit Group / Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold Group💀] :>
    Hei Hun (Ancestor / Former Controller of Underground Black Dragon’s Spiritual Vein)
    [Core Condensation 10]💀
    Long Batian (Fortress Lord / Long Blood Brothers) [Core Condensation 2]💀
    Long Weitian (Fortress Lord) [Core Condensation 1]💀
    Long Quantin (Fortress Lord) [Spirit Refinement 8]💀
    Yun Tiansheng (Bandit Leader) [Spirit Refinement 2]💀
    Niu Zhi (Gong Village Traitor)💀

    [Profound Azure Mansion (Heavenly Jade Sect Former Allies)💀] :>
    Qing Tianxun (Patriarch or Mansion Lord) [Spirit Core 8+]💀
    Blood Fiend (Ancestor) [Core Transformation 2]💀
    ?? (8x Elders) [Spirit Core 2 – 8]💀
    Elder Wei Chang (Elder) [Spirit Core 2]💀
    Kang Haotian (Group Leader) [Core Condensation]💀
    Ning Chuan (Group Leader) [Core Condensation]💀
    ?? (2nd Elder Son / Former Zhu Yuwei Fiance)
    Inspector Ge [Core Condensation 7]💀
    Inspector Fang💀
    Qing Liuyun (Handsome / Genius) [Core Condensation 8]💀
    Xiao Jianren (Qing Liuyun Friend / Genius)💀

    [Pirates💀] :>
    Bi Yuntao (Leader) [Core Condensation 1+]💀

    [Heaven’s Top Mansion] :>
    ?? (2nd Elder) [Spirit Core 4]💀
    ?? (3rd Elder / Traitor / Colluding with Netherworld Empire) [Spirit Core 4]💀
    ?? (8x / Netherworld Empire Shadow Guards)💀
    Deacon Qian (Traitor) [Core Condensation]💀
    Deacon Guan (Arrogant)💀
    [Jia Family] :>
    Jia Ping (Liao Wen Friend / Testing Room Loser)💀
    Yuan Zhengyang (Jia Ping Friend) [Ranked 20]💀

    [Netherworld Empire] :>
    Lord Yue (Leader)
    Lei Yun (Writer & Spirit Race Stone Tablet Creator / Ye Qingxuan Former Fiance) [Core Transformation 7]💀
    Wu Peng (Spirit Race Subduction Commander)💀
    Liao Cheng (Wu Peng Rival / Spirit Race Subduction Commander)💀
    Mu Yun (Minister / Lei Yun Watcher)💀
    Lin Hao (Minister) [Core Transformation 5+]💀
    Cheng Feng (Former Minister) [Core Transformation 5]💀
    Li Hao (Auction Member)💀

    [Rain Pavilion (Shop) ] :>
    Yu (Elder / Traitor)💀

    [Star Pavilion (Shop) ] :>
    [Zhu Family] :>
    Deacon Huang (Group Leader) [Core Condensation 5]
    Deacon Liu (Arrogant)💀

    [Wang Family(Star Pavilion one of Family Head)💀] :>
    ?? (Family Head) [Spirit Core 6]💀
    Wang Shaohua (Elder) [Spirit Core 3]💀
    Wang Shui (Elder / Lin Li Group / Lustful) [Spirit Core 1]💀
    Wang Qing (Elder / Li Group / Lustful) [Spirit Core 1]💀

    [Divine Runes Mansion (Divine Rune Masters)💀] :>
    Nan Fengyun (Patriarch) [Core Transformation]💀
    Ancestor Heavenly Thunder [Core Transformation 8]💀
    Ancestor Thunder Tyrant [Core Transformation 10]💀
    Elder Xiao💀
    Zheng Yu (Genius / Mock Battle with MC) [Core Condensation 6]💀
    Lin Li (Genius / Lustful / Wang Family Head Friend) [Core Condensation 2]💀
    Lin Feng (Li Huan Friend)💀
    Li Huan (Hotel Incident / Arrogant)💀
    Feng Yulong (Former Heaven’s Top Mansion Disciple / Yang Xixue Fiance) [Spirit Refinement 7]💀
    Liao Wen (Former Heaven’s Top Mansion Disciple / Feng Yulong Friend)💀
    Zhang Bin (Current Divine Runes Mansion Disciple / Former Heaven’s Top Mansion Disciple / Feng Yulong Friend) [Body Refinement 1]💀

    [Flowing Wind Mansion] :>
    ?? (Patriarch)💀

    [Imperial Wind Mansion] :>
    ?? (Patriarch)💀

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