Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 301 Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl


Lightning based power was definitely the best power among all attributed elemental attacks, as it had a highly penetrative and wide ranged attack, but before Yi Tianyun’s defense power, it was all for naught!

Lei Yun, who sensed that Yi Tianyun was walking towards him slowly, instantly activated all the Divine Runes on his body, letting the power of the Divine Runes go wild!

“Try whatever you can.”

Yi Tianyun saw that Lei Yun’s combat power quickly rose after releasing his Divine Runes like that, but he hardly cared about it.

Lei Yun quickly activated his Thunder God Befall, and his combat power once again rose to 15 million!

“I won’t lose!”

He quickly equipped his long spear and rushed forward to attack Yi Tianyun with his Thunder God Flash technique!

“Rayon Flash!”

His speed was enhanced beyond belief with that technique, and he quickly thought that there was no way that Yi Tianyun will be able to dodge his attack, and therefore Yi Tianyun would die in an instant!


Yi Tianyun didn’t even move, although he knew that Lei Yun’s attack would definitely head straight to him anyway.


When he deemed that Lei Yun was close enough, he activated his Absorbing Stars Great Technique and quickly grabbed Lei Yun’s spear in mid-air and absorbed every last power that Lei Yun had in the spear!


Lei Yun was shocked to see the spiritual power imbued in his spear disappeared like that! He clearly saw that Yi Tianyun absorbed his attack into his own body!

Lei Yun thought, how could a technique like that exist!

It was clearly cheating; there was no way that any energy-based attack will work against Yi Tianyun!

Yi Tianyun lifted the spear while Lei Yun was still holding on to it and quickly slammed Lei Yun’s body toward the trees.

Lei Yun was forced to let go of the spear and coughed badly from the impact that he received.

Yi Tianyun quickly reached out to him and said, “Obediently follow me back to the sanctuary!”

Sensing his impending doom, Lei Yun quickly released all of the Spiritual Energy that he stored inside his Divine Rune around his body!

Lei Yun hoped for a significant boost of power from doing so.

Ye Qingxuan at the side shouted, “Tianyun! Let go of Lei Yun’s body, he is releasing all the power that he has been storing for a long time!”

Lei Yun’s Thunderbolt Divine Rune was not only there to enhance his power, but also a way to store the tyrannical power of thunder that he compacted while cultivating. He could use it as his trump card, his ace in the hole when he seriously needed it!

His combat power would rise up to the maximum after releasing the compacted power like that at the cost of serious damage to himself!

Ye Qingxuan tried to run towards Yi Tianyun to drag him away, the people of the Spirit Race tried to hold on to her as to not let her get close to Lei Yun.

Eventually, they were losing their grip on the thrashing Ye Qingxuan and shouted, “Qingxuan don’t come over!”

But as she came closer, the thunder suddenly disappeared!

The effect that he searched for never happened; he was confused about why on earth that his lightning was suddenly gone like that.

“Calm down, this puny thunder can’t hurt me.” Yi Tianyun said calmly.

Lei Yun looked around and saw that Yi Tianyun was holding on to an orb while saying that he didn’t want to kill Lei Yun as he had to answer Ye Qingxuan’s question first!

Lei Yun has seen that orb before, and finally, he realized that it was a Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl!

It was mainly used to cultivate a lightning-based cultivation technique, but it could be used to store a huge amount of lightning-based energy too!

Lei Yun was staring at the rare orb that Yi Tianyun possessed; it was all because of that orb!

His lightning-based attack would never reach Yi Tianyun in the first place because of that orb!

“How could you have this orb? Who are you actually?” Lei Yun asked Yi Tianyun in curiosity and fear; there was no way that a nobody would have something as rare as that Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl.

“I am no one! Are you interested in this stupid orb? This is just a rock that I coincidentally stumbled upon killing some old prick earlier. Maybe you know him by the name of Thunder Tyrant of Divine Runes Mansion, if I am not wrong, he was the Old Ancestor of that crumbled faction.” Yi Tianyun said while smirking evilly!

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