Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 302 Seizing


“Impossible! Impossible!”

Lei Yun continuously shouted the word impossible as he angrily forced his Divine Runes to gather up Spiritual Energy, and suddenly thunder rumbled, and an electrical wave immediately approached Yi Tianyun and Lei Yun.


Everyone from the Spirit Race could feel a terrifying power was coming and immediately shouted for Ye Qingxuan to return and run away from danger!

“Die!” Lei Yun looked at Yi Tianyun with a sneer.

But as the thunder approached, it quickly disappeared, once again it was absorbed by the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl!

Yi Tianyun told Lei Yun that his effort was futile!

If he wanted to attack Yi Tianyun with a thunder-based attack, at least he needed a thunder-based attack that was ten times more powerful than he used just now.

“This…” Lei Yun was shocked beyond belief that all of his attacks resulted in nothing before Yi Tianyun!

The Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl was too powerful; it had to be in Sacred Tool Rank at the very least!

Now, Lei Yun didn’t have any power left to fight Yi Tianyun.

All of his power was already absorbed into the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl!

“Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!”

He shouted once again and quickly rushed forward, trying to punch Yi Tianyun, his fist still exerted some of the thunder power that he once had, but it was definitely much weaker than before!

Yi Tianyun released Lei Yun from his grip and said to Ye Qingxuan, “You should step back a few steps so you won’t get caught up in the attack.”

Lei Yun quickly punched Yi Tianyun with all his might, but Yi Tianyun threw a faster punch than Lei Yun, as Yi Tianyun’s punch landed on Lei Yun’s chest, Lei Yun was once again flung towards the tree.

“He is very strong!”

Everyone was surprised for a moment seeing the scene that happened in front of them; they forgot for a moment that Yi Tianyun’s power was too strong!

He didn’t really need the Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl to deal with Lei Yun; he just found it more convenient to use it!

Lei Yun tried to stand up once again regardless of the damage that he suffered, but Yi Tianyun was faster as he punched Lei Yun once again in his Dantian, toppling Lei Yun once again to the ground.

That last attack destroyed Lei Yun’s Dantian, destroying his cultivation, so to speak!


Lei Yun lay on the ground while coughing blood; he held the bottom of Yi Tianyun’s pants while seemingly shaken for having his Dantian destroyed!

While having the Dantian destroyed was one of the greatest nightmares of a cultivator, it was still recoverable!

It could be recovered by consuming the 5th Grade Medicinal Pills, Cultivation Recovery Pills!

The price of that medicinal pill was sky high, and it must be consumed regularly for a certain period of time too!

There was no way someone like Lei Yun could afford something like that!

After destroying Lei Yun’s Dantian, Yi Tianyun threw him towards Ye Qingxuan, as he still remembered his promise to her.

Ye Qingxuan nodded to Yi Tianyun and quickly swung her whip and wrapped it around Lei Yun’s neck!

Lei Yun tried to reason with Ye Qingxuan by saying that if she killed him right now, the Old Ancestor would be killed too.

Ye Qingxuan, who was visibly angered by Lei Yun’s comment, quickly released him and whipped him like a cow instead.

“You dare hit me, woman!” Lei Yun said shamelessly.

“Not killing you instantly was the biggest mercy that I can give you right now!” Ye Qingxuan said while whipping Lei Yun relentlessly.

After a few rounds of whipping, Ye Qingxuan immediately ordered several Spirit Race people who came with her to take Lei Yun’s weakened body back towards the Sanctuary and throw him into the dungeon!

Now, they had to think of a way to free the Old Ancestor before it was too late!


‘Successfully complete the 3rd step of [Rescue the Spirit Race!] questline, [Repel the Intruder from reaching the Spirit Race Sanctuary!]’

‘Reward: 30.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 5.000 SPs, 50 Spirit Race Favorability.’


‘Received the 4th step of [Rescue the Spirit Race!] questline, [Rescue the Spirit Race from the Netherworld Prison!]’

‘Reward on completion: 50.000.000 Exp, 200.000 CPs, 5.000 SPs, 50 Spirit Race Favorability.’

Yi Tianyun was satisfied with the reward that that quest line gave and that the quest didn’t require any special condition.

With that kind of quest, he could complete it within a short amount of time, which was nice as he didn’t have that much patience to wait for the quest to complete!

The title of Spirit King was also quite near now; all he needed to do now has become the savior of the Spirit Race!

Once they arrived back to the Sanctuary, Spirit Race people were in shock seeing Lei Yun in such a condition and quickly looked towards Yi Tianyun in admiration.

That was also the result of the increasing favorability from the completed quest!

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