Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 304 Command


“What? Do you have the key? How?” Elder Yan said with a shocked expression.

Everyone else had the same expression as Elder Yan and also wanted to know how the hell Yi Tianyun could have the key to the prison!

Yi Tianyun immediately told the story of when he was at the Gathering Dragon City, and he must kill Cheng Feng. He found the Spirit Prison Key among Cheng Feng’s possession.

Yi Tianyun purposely didn’t tell them any of the detailed information regarding that matter as he still couldn’t trust the people of the Spirit Race completely.

“You killed Cheng Feng? Are you really the one who destroyed the Netherworld Empire’s Mansion on the Gathering Dragon City? Are you the mysterious attacker that everyone was talking about?” Ye Qingxuan said excitedly.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head as a confirmation for Ye Qingxuan’s question, and everyone in the room was very surprised by that revelation!

Yi Tianyun has already killed two of Netherworld Empire’s High-Ranking Minister and destroyed the Gathering City Mansion at the same time!

Yi Tianyun asked if there was any problem with that new information, to which Elder Yan quickly answered that there would be no problem as they had the same enemies, and now they knew for sure Yi Tianyun won’t lie about that!

Yi Tianyun quickly said,  “It was probably better to save the prisoner as soon as possible as the Netherworld Empire won’t know anything that happen today!”

They all nodded in agreement; their only problems before were the key and General Long.

Now that they already had the key, the only thing that they need to do was a plan for the right time to attack so that they wouldn’t encounter General Long inside the prison!

“Has Young Master Yi already confirmed that the key was indeed the right key to open the Spirit Race Prison?” Elder Yan asked worriedly.

“No, as a matter of fact, I don’t know if the key was really the key to open the cell that Spirit Race was detained in or not. This is also why I recommended a small unit to sneak into the prison; the less the people, the better as a large unit would be harder to sneak in!” Yi Tianyun said confidently!

“Alright! How about I go with you? It is my responsibility to save my people, after all!” Ye Qingxuan said confidently.

Yi Tianyun nodded in agreement, but Elder Yan and several other Elders weren’t sure of Ye Qingxuan’s plan as she was the key to Spirit Race’s future!

They couldn’t bear the thought of Ye Qingxuan being captured by the Netherworld Empire!

Elder Yan tried to reason with Ye Qingxuan to make sure that she wouldn’t participate in such a risky mission, but Ye Qingxuan shut him down every time.

Ye Qingxuan said, “I  am indispensable for the mission to succeed, the Spirit Race Prisoner won’t trust Yi Tianyun to take them to the Spirit Race Sanctuary just like that! And we won’t have any more chance!”

Elder Yan finally relented and said, “I will guard the Spirit Race Sanctuary until my last breath.” Followed by many other Elders and Deacons who were there with them.

Ye Qingxuan felt a little bit overwhelmed by her people’s loyalty and said that she and Yi Tianyun would begin preparing for their departure. They will head towards the Netherworld Prison as soon as possible!

Everyone nodded and immediately returned to their post to make sure that their defenses were in top condition!

While preparing for their departure, Ye Qingxuan said her thanks to Yi Tianyun as he has already saved her twice and that she didn’t know how to repay Yi Tianyun’s kindness.

Yi Tianyun said, “You don’t have to repay me, you already gave me the Heavenly Eyes Ability, and that ability was something way more valuable than money can buy! I even got the Divine Rune from Lei Yun and some other treasures from repelling the intruder earlier.”

Ye Qingxuan quickly said, “I will crown you as the Spirit King.”

Because he already had Ye Qingxuan’s innate ability, he will be accepted as the Spirit King quicker.

As long as Yi Tianyun saved all of the imprisoned Spirit Race, the Spirit Race will have no problem giving Yi Tianyun the Spirit King’s Title!

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised that Ye Qingxuan would suggest the Spirit King Title herself! He knew that he was a foreign race among the Spirit Race.

They wouldn’t give the title that easily to a foreign race, wouldn’t they?

Yi Tianyun was confused about the sudden turn of the situation.

The thought that he would have the Spirit King Title from the system, and he will need to prove himself some more to make it adequate to the Spirit Race!

Ye Qingxuan could feel Yi Tianyun’s confusion, “Reassured, I know under your leadership, Spirit Race will achieve glory!”

Yi Tianyun was startled once again from Ye Qingxuan’s word, and immediately asked the question to himself was his Command Point value was too high or something.

Yi Tianyun shook his head for the moment, as he needed to focus on saving the imprisoned Spirit Race at the moment!

Ye Qingxuan, on the side, said, “I have to reward you for all your hard work. I don’t know if you need anything?”

Yi Tianyun quickly said, “I need some Soul Accumulating Grass that Spirit Race had! I really want that stuff as it will improve my cultivation faster!”

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