Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 305 Experience


“Soul Accumulating Grass? It should be no problem if you really want it, we have some of them in the storage house! We can give you some of it right now. Soul Accumulating Grass only grows on the Jade Water Deep Pool on this continent.” Ye Qingxuan said casually.

“If you want to sell it, you will get a fortune for sure!” Ye Qingxuan adds excitedly.

“Can I really have it right now? If it’s possible, I want to make some Medicinal Pills out of it!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

“Of course! I will go get it now. You can come with me if you want!” Ye Qingxuan said casually.

“Have you ever thought of leaving this place as it was already compromised by the enemy, and your safety is risked?” Yi Tianyun asked Ye Qingxuan wonderingly while they were walking towards the storage house.

“We’ve already thought of this issue, but we can’t give up this place! If we leave this place, The Spirit Race will eventually go extinct! The Spirit Race couldn’t bear any child outside of this place, so we couldn’t leave this place just like that!” Ye Qingxuan said sadly.

“What? Is that a curse? Even if it was the male Spirit Race who was married to another race, the bride still couldn’t bear any child?” Yi Tianyun asked with a surprised look on his face.

“Yes, it doesn’t matter if it was male or female. Once we leave this place, we would become infertile! I don’t know if it was a curse or not, but I know that there was some special energy from below the ground that nourishes us and made us fertile, this has already been the case since the Ancestor’s generation, unless you know how to solve this weird situation, we can’t leave this place!” Ye Qingxuan answered frustratedly.

“I am sorry, I’m not aware of this situation!” Yi Tianyun said sadly.

“Don’t you worry! We’re already used to it!” Ye Qingxuan said cheerily. They finally arrived at the storage house, and Ye Qingxuan immediately told the guard to open the door, and she immediately took a hefty amount of Soul Accumulating Grass and immediately gave it to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun noticed that the storage house was full of great items like 3rd to 4th Grade Medicinal Pills, Soul Tools, and Equipment!

Ye Qingxuan asked Yi Tianyun if there was anything else he needed, and Yi Tianyun quickly answered that he didn’t need anything else for the moment, as he really wanted to try his hands on refining that Soul Accumulating Grass into Soul Accumulating Pill for himself.

Ye Qingxuan nodded and told the guard to lead Yi Tianyun to the Pill Refinery inside the Spirit Pagoda as she needed to think of things that she needed to bring for her own preparation.

In the Spirit Pagoda, Yi Tianyun was the only one inside the Pill Refinery and immediately took out his Purple Fire Divine Furnace and immediately threw all the ingredients that he possessed to refine the Soul Accumulating Pills inside the furnace and immediately activated his Crazy Mode to help him refine the Medicinal Pills that he needed!

With the success rate reaching eighty percent, he kept refining Soul Accumulating Pills from the Soul Accumulating Grass that he got from Ye Qingxuan. The sweet fragrance was swirling inside the room from Yi Tianyun’s pill refining process.

The smell alone was raising Yi Tianyun’s exp; he immediately realized that that pill was more powerful than what he originally thought!


‘Successfully refines 5th Grade Medicinal Pill [Soul Accumulating Pill]!’

‘Reward: 500.000 Exp, 5.000 Pill Refining Proficiency Point.’

The reward given by refining a high-grade Medicinal Pill wasn’t bad, and that one was at the 3rd rank Medicinal Pills!

Yi Tianyun quickly popped one pill into his mouth to see the effect that he would get.


‘Successfully consume Soul Accumulating Pill and get 10.000.000 Exp!’

Yi Tianyun was shocked to see the amount of exp that he got from the pill!

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