Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 307 Netherworld Prison


Using the Phoenix Wing, Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan quickly arrived at the Netherworld Continent, where Netherworld Empire resided!

That continent was close to Heavenly Border Continent and only ruled by Netherworld Empire, unlike the Heavenly Border Continent, which had several factions in it.

The prison of the Spirit Race wasn’t located that far away from the Heavenly Border Continent; it was located close to the continental border of the Netherworld Empire.

The Netherworld Prison was one of the most guarded places in the Netherworld Empire, with the Netherworld Imperial City as the most guarded place in the Netherworld Continent.

“In front of us is Netherworld Prison, fly faster and higher to evade scout.” Ye Qingxuan said.

Yi Tianyun knew that he wouldn’t be able to walk in from the front, and thus he needed a plan to get in.

He couldn’t break in through the wall as it was already reinforced with Divine Rune to make sure that it could withstand an attack from even the Core Transformation Expert.

Ye Qingxuan said, “Old Ancestor made all the Divine Runes engraved in that place of the Spirit Race, and now I can’t believe that that place would be used to imprison our race!”

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised to hear that, if he was sure that the Netherworld Empire was corrupted before, now he knew for sure that there was no saving that god has forsaken empire!

“Why would he help to engrave them?”

“At first, we just informed that it was to detain criminals. So we just help for the sake of peace.”

“Un, I understand, we are going inside now.”

Yi Tianyun flew down near the west wall of the prison and took the lead to scout the area for any kind of information that he could use.

He could see that the Netherworld Prison was located in an open field, so if anyone tried to get close to the prison, they would be discovered almost instantly!

After they encircled the place, Ye Qingxuan said, “There was no other way to enter the prison except the Main Gate in the front.”

Yi Tianyun nodded as he also arrived at the same conclusion.

Ye Qingxuan said, “I know how to deactivate the Divine Rune inside so there will be no alarm ringing, but all of the Spirit Race that I sent to scout and break into the prison to save our people never came out again.”

Yi Tianyun nodded once again; he was sure that with his key, he would be able to save every spirit race that was trapped there.

Yi Tianyun thought over for a while and concluded that he had to use Teleportation there, but Ye Qingxuan, who still didn’t know Yi Tianyun’s ability immediately said, “We should dig the ground and enter the prison after deactivating the Divine Rune on the wall and sneaked in that way.”

Yi Tianyun quickly shook his head and said, “You should wait and see. I already had a plan to enter the place.”

Yi Tianyun quickly used the Heavenly Eyes and looked around the wall to take a look inside.

He quickly felt a strong resistance from the wall, meaning that the Divine Rune was made to block even the Spiritual Energy from outside!

But as he concentrated on his Heavenly eyes, he could see the weak point of the Divine Rune on the wall and detect the situation on the inside, but he couldn’t see too far as the Divine Rune inside and his ability wasn’t at that level just yet.

But it was enough!

“I don’t believe I can’t do this!”

He soon discovered the weak Divine Rune that he could deactivate so that he could teleport into that place.


He immediately put his hands over the weak Divine Rune and zapped it to deactivate the weak Divine Rune.


Now that the Divine Rune has been deactivated, Yi Tianyun looked at Ye Qingxuan with a smile and said, “We go at any moment without any problem.”

Everything was ready; all he needed to do was grabbed Ye Qingxuan and teleported his way in!

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