Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 306 Motion



Yi Tianyun was in shock, seeing how much Exp he got from only one pill!

“If I am consuming a dozen of those pills, I will instantly level up!”

He now required 140.000.000 Exp to level up one level, therefore he needed 14 of the Soul Accumulating Pills to level up, but as of the moment he only needed five more of those, since he only needed 60.000.000 Exp to level up to the 4th Level of Core Transformation Stage!

“Oh right, how much price the pill in System Shop if I sell it.”

He checked how much the pill was worth if he sold it on the system shop, Yi Tianyun was shocked once more, but this time not in a good way after he learned that the pills were worthless to sell.

The pill was only worth at 1.000.000 CPs!

“Later I must make a demand to Star Pavilion to search for the Soul Accumulating Grass, I know with Star Pavilion’s connection outside of the Heavenly Border Continent, they will find the grass eventually!”

He consumed two more pills after that and instantly received 20.000.000 Exp from the pills.

Yi Tianyun thought for a minute, with the rest of the Soul accumulating Grass that Ye Qingxuan gave earlier.

“If I am increasing the refinement grade, will the Exp also increase?”

He tried it to see the success rate and noticed that it quickly dropped from eighty percent to forty percent!

That was too low for his standard; he needed to make sure that he didn’t waste any ingredient, especially that Soul Accumulating Grass because of their rarity!

“I will try with Luck Aura.”

Yi Tianyun’s Luck Aura activated, and he saw that his success rate was raised by thirty percent and now at seventy percent chance of success!

He deemed it acceptable enough and quickly tried to make the Soul Accumulating Pills at 5th Grade Refinement Rank!


‘Successfully refine Soul Accumulating Pill!’

‘Reward: 600.000 Exp, 600 Pill Refining Proficiency Point.’

Yi Tianyun was satisfied that the refining didn’t end up in failure and he immediately popped the pill that he just made into his mouth to test the difference!


‘Successfully consumed Soul Accumulating Pill, gained 15.000.000 Exp!’

Yi Tianyun was surprised that it increased the Exp gain by 50% with only increasing one rank of Refinement Grade!

He quickly ate two more of those pills, and immediately a notification sound surprised him once more!


‘Congratulation to the host for successfully breakthrough to 4th Level of Core Transformation Stage!’

“Level up again!”

Although Yi Tianyun knew that his cultivation speed was already insanely fast, he realized that he wouldn’t be this fast if it was not because of the Soul Accumulating Pill!

That pill was much more useful than defeating a bunch of monsters or meditating inside a place with concentrated spiritual power that he has done so far!

After all that, Ye Qingxuan immediately came and asked, “Are you done with pills?”

Because she saw that Yi Tianyun was sitting there while doing nothing!

Yi Tianyun smiled and said, “I am done here. We can go as soon as you ready.”

Ye Qingxuan then nodded her head and said, “I am ready, we must go as soon as possible.”

Yi Tianyun nodded, and he immediately stood up and followed Ye Qingxuan outside of the Spirit Pagoda.

They knew that if they were to encounter a General Long inside the Netherworld Prison, their chance of success would plummet!

But the one thing that was different between the two was Ye Qingxuan didn’t know that Yi Tianyun had a trump card that he hasn’t used in front of her, and that was the teleportation technique!

When they arrived at the East Forest, Ye Wan’er has been waiting for them.

Ye Wan’er immediately hugged her sister and said, “Both of you must to come back safely!”

Yi Tianyun smiled, seeing how close they were and said, “We will succeed and will come back safely for sure.”

Both of them quickly left after the little exchange of words with Ye Wan’er towards the Netherworld Prison!

“You know that we can’t fail this mission, no matter what!” Ye Qingxuan said seriously.

“I know, didn’t I already say that we will definitely succeed as long as I am here?” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

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