Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 310 Evil


“Let everyone out?”

Ye Qingxuan was startled by Yi Tianyun’s word to let everyone out of their cage.

Yi Tianyun said,  “It was necessary as it would ensure that the guards’ eyes were distracted on the chaotic situation that would occur. We will have the time to let everyone out of prison!”

Ye Qingxuan questioned, “It is cruel, the prisoner will be killed one by one by the Netherworld Empire.”

Yi Tianyun said, “I understand your sympathy to the prisoners, but it was necessary to ensure all Spirit Race Prisoners could escape the prison! With all of the prisoners out, the enemy of the Netherworld Empire will be increasing once again!”

With that many prisoners, he knew that the resentment towards the Netherworld Empire would be over the top for those prisoners, and therefore they would become a necessary piece on destroying the Netherworld Empire.

Yi Tianyun told Ye Qingxuan to lead the way towards the Spirit Forbidden Zone so that he could assess the situation of the Spirit Race Prisoner first.

Once they were in the front of the Spirit Forbidden Zone, which was not too far from the previous cage area they were in, Ye Qingxuan and Yi Tianyun quickly sneaked carefully past the guards who were guarding the gate.


When they thought that they were safe, a guard suddenly walked towards the gate, startling Ye Qingxuan, and she almost blew her cover because of it, so Yi Tianyun took the matter into his own hand!

He quickly took out the crimson dagger and stabbed the guard’s chest with it!


‘Successfully killed Netherworld Prison’s guard!’

‘Reward: 270.000 Exp, 3.400 CPs, 200 SPs, Demon Prison Claw Martial Art, Burst Chop Technique, Burst Sword, Recovery Medicinal Pill.’

Yi Tianyun quickly dragged the guard’s lifeless body into a room near the gate and quickly closed it.

He walked back towards Ye Qingxuan slowly and continued to walk deeper into the Spirit Forbidden Zone carefully.

“You are too skilled…” Ye Qingxuan praised Yi Tianyun’s assassination skill.

Yi Tianyun quickly said, “Not really, but for the level of the guards here, it won’t be a problem even if we have to kill them all, but it surely will troublesome if we are against a Void Spirit Stage cultivator!”

“Let’s go to the next area, I don’t know how strong guard there.”

After walking further into the Spirit Forbidden Zone and killing many guards who almost exposed them, Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan arrived at the next area inside the Spirit Forbidden Zone.

Both of them heard screams coming from the next area; they walked inside carefully and immediately ran into the nasty smell of blood covering the place!

They looked inside and saw that the cultivators were held and tortured with many torture instruments inside their cage.

Yi Tianyun saw that area had many Core Transformation Experts in it, so he asked, “Does any of those prisoners belong to the Spirit Race?”

Ye Qingxuan shook his head as she didn’t see any of her people there, but she recognized some of them, “Netherworld Empire bastard! Those are Great Elder of Facing the Heaven’s Mansion, an Elder of Nirvana Mansion, and the Elder of Alchemy Mansion! Those elders were part of the Mansions that had a good relationship with the Spirit Race!”

Ye Qingxuan has angered once again, seeing that the people who were once her ally, being tortured inside the Netherworld Prison!

Yi Tianyun knew what Ye Qingxuan felt after seeing all that so, he reassured Ye Qingxuan.

“Once we save the Old Ancestor and the Spirit Race, I will release all of those people and make sure that the Netherworld Empire won’t be a problem to the Spirit Race again!”


Ye Qingxuan nodded sadly at Yi Tianyun’s word, and both of them immediately walked to the next area, “The next area must be where the Spirit Race was being held!”

Yi Tianyun nodded and told her that both of them would save every Spirit Race People that were being held here!

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