Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 311 Hope



‘Quest: [Destroy the Netherworld Prison]!’


Yi Tianyun was a little bit startled that he got another side quest while trying to complete a quest!

He quickly accepted the quest as he knew that the quest would reward him a good amount of exp!


‘Successfully accepted the Quest: [Destroy the Netherworld Prison!]’

‘Quest completion reward: 50.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 10.000 SPs, 200 PPs, 100 Command Points.’

There was no item reward, but Yi Tianyun was still satisfied after seeing that the amount of Exp and other points.

Yi Tianyun muttered while smirking,  “Even the system wants me to destroy that prison.”

At long last, Ye Qingxuan pointed her finger on the gate of the next area, “In front of us is the Spirit Forbidden Zone. That is the place where the Spirit Race People should be held captive. That place has the most Spiritual Energy dampener among all areas of the prison!”

Yi Tianyun nodded and asked, “Will we also get affected if we enter?”

Ye Qingxuan said, “Only those inside the cage and those who wore the Spiritual Shackle were affected, there should be no effect to those who were outside of the cage.”

Yi Tianyun nodded once again, “I am ready.”

Then, both of them carefully made their way inside the next area of the Spirit Forbidden Zone!

Inside, Yi Tianyun didn’t feel any different than any previous areas they’ve been to, but he could see that the cage had some Divine Rune, which continuously absorbed the Spiritual Energy on anything inside the cage!

That method was very lethal to Spirit Race because the Spirit Race treated Spiritual Energy like sustenance for their life. Without Spiritual Energy, it could be said that the Spirit Race didn’t have anything to eat or drink!

Yi Tianyun saw several of Spirit Race who were being held in the cage with their face was already pale from malnutrition, he could see that they weren’t tortured, but without Spiritual Energy, it was basically the same thing!

A Spirit Race woman saw the guards walking in and quickly begged, “I beg you to spare my kid some food. He can’t hold on any longer because their cultivation base was too low!”

“Haha…  Do you want to eat?”

The guards laughed and waved a water bottle in front of the cage and drank all the water inside the bottle quickly, leaving the Spirit Race people inside the cage desperate!

The guards said, “If you want to eat, then join the Netherworld Empire and work for our cause!”

A Spirit Race man who was also imprisoned while holding his children said, “Don’t beg to them, I believe the Saintess will save us sooner or later.”

“My child…”

They silently shed tears, they were reluctant to submit to the Netherworld Empire, but if they didn’t, their children would die. Even if the Saintess came, it would be pointless if their children died.

When the guards saw their attitude,  he got up and banged on the cage!

“You sure still have the guts left in you!”

And then he threw the food in his hand to the floor, anger was written all over his face.

“Xu Daren, calm down, they will give up eventually!” the guard next to him stopped him before the thing went out of hand.

“I sure hope so. Otherwise, I will shove the poison pill down their throat. Too bad I don’t have the key, if I do, I would’ve  told them to fight  to the death for the key.”

The other guard, Xu Chang was so kind of disappointed since they came to that prison every day to pressure the prisoner, but they couldn’t torture them because they didn’t have the key

Xu Daren threatened them, “I will surely report the disobedience that the Spirit Race people showed and will make sure that General Long permitted us to torture the people here even more!”

But what they didn’t know was that when they turned around, a scarlet dagger immediately pierced their chest!


Before they could even finish their sentence, they were already dead, without knowing who killed them, it all happened in the blink of an eye!

The people in the cage began to chant in excitement.


Finally, their Saintess has come to save them!

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