Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 312 Saving


The Spirit Race people who were being imprisoned began to chant the word Saintess as they saw Ye Qingxuan finally come to save them.

“That is…  that is the Saintess, she will save us…”

“Really the Saintess… there is also a human race? Who is he…”

“Great, the Saintess is finally coming to save us…”

They looked at Ye Qingxuan with the eyes full of hopes for finally they were going to be released from the hell that they are forced to go through in this prison.

Ye Qingxuan shushed, “Don’t talk, you shouldn’t attract the guard’s attention!”

The prisoners nodded and became quiet all of a sudden as they also didn’t want to cause any trouble for their savior.

“I hope the key is real.”

Ye Qingxuan nodded to Yi Tianyun as the signal to open the cage of the prisoners.

Yi Tianyun quickly did so, while Ye Qingxuan was praying to gods that the Key that Yi Tianyun had could open the cage, if it couldn’t open the cage, all of their hard work until that moment would be useless!

But as Yi Tianyun had predicted, the key unlocked the cage smoothly!


“I already said everything is okay.”

Ye Qingxuan on the side was glimmering in excitement; she was glad that they could open and finally save the Spirit People that were imprisoned here.

But she knew that was just the beginning; she still had to make sure that all of those people arrived safely on the Spirit Race Sanctuary!

Yi Tianyun quickly signaled for the people inside the cage to come out as the cage was already opened widely.

“Take these pills, make sure all everyone restores their energy.” Yi Tianyun passed many medicinal pills.


The prisoner thanked Yi Tianyun gratefully as they finally could save their children from the malnutrition of having their Spiritual Energy depleted.

After doing all that, Yi Tianyun’s Spirit Race Favourability went up to over a hundred!

Ye Qingxuan whispered, “Giving the prisoner your pills was a good move. That way, they will support you if he really wants to be the Spirit King!”

Yi Tianyun shrugged his shoulder helplessly, he actually gave the Medicinal Pills out of his humanity, not to get support from those poor prisoners.

Yi Tianyun immediately helped the Spirit Race Prisoner to unlock their shackle, as it also depleted their Spiritual Energy, the same as the cage.

“Where is the Old Ancestor?” Ye Qingxuan asked.

One of Spirit Race people told her, “The Old Ancestor were taken to the next area, we don’t know the Old Ancestor’s situation as we can’t hear what is happening there and the guards never mentioned anything about the situation there.”

Ye Qingxuan nodded, “Wait here and restore your energy. I will go with him to save Old Ancestor.”

They all nodded and quickly tried to meditate to make sure that the Medicinal Pills weren’t wasted!

Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan immediately rushed over to the next area, and after a few corners, they heard an agonizing scream.

They quickly rushed over to check the sound and saw that the Old Ancestor was being tortured by one of the Spirit Race Traitor!

The traitor didn’t realize the presence of Ye Qingxuan and Yi Tianyun yet, and he said, “You are really stubborn, You didn’t lose consciousness even after being poisoned and tortured like that, worthy of Spirit Race’s Old Ancestor!”

It was a shame that he couldn’t kill the Old Ancestor just yet as he was told not to by General Long!

“Feng Wuyun! You are dead to me! I can’t find any forgiveness for what you have done to the Spirit Race! I will not let myself lose consciousness, for I will not let you use the Soul Searching Technique on me! I will not let the Netherworld Empire have my memories!” The Old Ancestor said confidently.

Yi Tianyun could see that the Old Ancestor was a Void Spirit Stage cultivator, he concluded that the Old Ancestor might have been a Spirit King Stage cultivator in his prime, but it seemed the old age caught upon him.

Feng Wuyun, the traitor, laughed as he said, “I don’t believe that you can hold on for much longer.”

Feng Wuyun quickly took a bottle of poison and prepared to force the poison into the Spirit Race Old Ancestor’s mouth!

“Feng Wuyun, you dare!”

At that time, Ye Qingxuan quickly stepped forward and coldly activated her aura to make sure that Feng Wuyun knew her presence as she walked to the cage.

She noticed that the Feng Wuyun and the Old Ancestor were locked inside, she quickly signaled Yi Tianyun to come closer and open the cage as she will make sure that Feng Wuyun couldn’t torture the Old Ancestor any further!

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