Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 314 Analyze


“Old Ancestor, how do you feel?” Ye Qingxuan quickly asked.

The Old Ancestor said, “I am fine. You must leave before a big trouble comes.”

If she hung around there much longer, it would be problem.

“You should leave me behind as I am not useful anymore. I will die soon. No one can help me!”


Ye Qingxuan knew the Old Ancestor’s ordeal.

She knew that the poison must have really taken a toll on the Old Ancestor’s body.

“I will take care of you and find a great alchemist to make the antidote!”

But once again, Old Ancestor shook his head.

“The poison is a trademark of the Netherworld Empire. There is no way to make the antidote as any alchemist outside of the Netherworld Empire won’t know how to make one.”


Ye Qingxuan stood up and walked to Feng Wuyun, she quickly shook the dying Feng Wuyun, “Give me the antidote!”

Feng Wuyun didn’t say anything but smirk seeing Ye Qingxuan’s desperation, Ye Qingxuan then took Feng Wuyun’s Storage Ring and immediately rummaged it to find the detoxification pill for the Old Ancestor, but all she found was the detoxification pill for Feng Wuyun’s personal use, it seemed that he was also one of the victims of Netherworld Empire’s control.

“You will not find any detoxification pills for the old coot in there! The real detoxification pill was in the hands of the Imperial Preceptor, if you want it, go get it yourself!” Feng Wuyun said while smirking widely.

Ye Qingxuan was a little bit startled, hearing that new information.

There was no way that she could take the detoxification pills from the Imperial Preceptor, they were more powerful than General Long, and they’d stay at the Netherworld Imperial City almost 24/7!

Yi Tianyun then stepped forward and told Ye Qingxuan not to worry as he will try to refine the detoxification pills for the Old Ancestor himself!

He quickly activated the Appraisal Eye to analyze the poison inside the Old Ancestor’s system immediately.


‘Unable to analyze the toxic material!’

“Level up Appraisal Eye!”

Yi Tianyun didn’t hesitate and quickly level up the Appraisal Eye without thinking twice.


‘Consumed 500.000 CPs, successfully upgrades the [Appraisal Eye] to level 3!’

‘Next Level Require 10.000.000 CPs!’


‘Appraisal Eye can now be used to acquire the information about the additional profession, racial details, detail of the martial arts, details of the divine rune and great array, Medicinal Pills.’


‘Successfully identified the toxic substance with the name [Soul Devouring Poison]!

‘Detoxification material: 1x Love Flower, 1x Human Grass, 2x Heart Erosion Grass.’

“Found it!” Yi Tianyun said as he became confident of his ability to make the antidote for the poison.

He quickly pulled out the Purple Fire Divine Furnace and started refining the necessary ingredient to make the antidotes, fortunately, the ingredient wasn’t some rare material that he didn’t have on his storage.

After a while, he finally finished the antidote and gave it to Ye Qingxuan.

Feng Wuyun was laughing as he said, “It was impossible to make the antidote on a whim, if you give Old Ancestor the antidotes that guy made, the Old Ancestor would probably die instantly.”

Yi Tianyun said, “It was true, the pill isn’t the perfect antidote, but the pill would relieve the Old Ancestor of the poison for a little bit. Therefore the poison will no longer threaten the Old Ancestor’s life!”

Ye Qingxuan nodded, and without hesitation, she administered the pill to the Old Ancestor.

After taking the pill that Yi Tianyun refined for him, The Old Ancestor’s complexion began to turn somewhat better.

He even could absorb the Spiritual Energy little by little as the poison’s effect has already subsided.

“I feel much better! We should leave this place and save every Spirit Race in this prison!”

They all nodded while Feng Wuyun was lying there looking like an idiot, he didn’t expect the pill to be extremely effective like that!

“Get ready to escape. I will lead the way.”

If General Long came, it would become a difficult situation.

Yi Tianyun could run, but others from Spirit Race couldn’t.

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