Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 315 Let Me Open The Way


Ye Qingxuan quickly killed Feng Wuyun as they prepared to get out of that area to meet up with the rest of the Spirit Race People in prison.


‘Successfully killed Feng Wuyun!’

‘Reward: 730.000 Exp, 4.500 CPs, 250 SPs, 1.500 Divine Rune Proficiency Points, Heaven Spirit Step Martial Art, Spirit Breaking Finger, Soul Breaking Stroke, Tyrant Rune Paper.’

Yi Tianyun didn’t need to kill Feng Wuyun himself as he already knew that once Ye Qingxuan killed him, he will get the reward anyway!

“This Tyrant Rune Paper is awesome!”

He felt a little bit excited that he got another Tyrant Rune Paper, he knew that Rune Paper was different from the other Divine Rune Paper that people normally used, it could enhance the effect of the Divine Rune Paper that was engraved on it up to three times the normal value!

Very simple but strong effect!

Whatever kind of Divine Rune was engraved on it would be enhanced by three times the normal effect!

It paired very well with a high-grade Divine Rune. He was tempted to make a Damage Divine Rune now as he thought that it wouldn’t take long, and with the Tyrant Rune Paper, the effect would surely explode!

But the most important thing at the moment was time!

He couldn’t stop for a minute just because he wanted to portray a Divine Rune, so he needed to do it while moving!

Yi Tianyun quickly pulled out the Soul Breaking Stroke and the Tyrant Rune Paper and began to engrave the Damage Divine Rune on the paper.

Ye Qingxuan and The Old Ancestor were a little bit startled to see Yi Tianyun was engraving a Divine Rune of all things.

She quickly asked, “Why are you doing such a difficult task in the middle of a difficult situation?”

Yi Tianyun casually said, “I need Divine Rune for my weapon because I don’t have any. I need to enchant my attack power.”

He planned to use the Damage Divine Rune on the Ice-Cold Divine Bow as he knew that it was better to use the Damage Amplifier on the ranged attack.

Ye Qingxuan asked, “You need us to wait?”

Yi Tianyun shook his head, “No need to wait. I will be done soon!”

Yi Tianyun then activated his Crazy Mode, speeding up the process of drawing the Divine Rune so that he could finish faster.

Ye Qingxuan and the Old Ancestor were once again startled to see Yi Tianyun’s speed on engraving the Divine Rune; in no time, he has already finished engraving 5th Layers 3rd Grade Divine Runes on the paper!

But Yi Tianyun still continued to draw the Divine Rune and on the process to engrave the 6th Layer Divine Rune!

His success rate to engrave the 6th Layer Divine Rune was eighty percent!

That was also one of the benefits of using the Tyrant Rune Paper; it could also increase the success rate of the Divine Rune that was being portrayed.

Ye Qingxuan and the Old Ancestor were looking at Yi Tianyun in awe. They know that the Divine Rune That Yi Tianyun made was at least a Master Level Divine Rune!

“This is 6th Layer Divine Rune!” Ye  Qingxuan speechless.

The Old Ancestor even praised him, “He is better than Spirit Race in portraying a Divine Rune! There aren’t many people who can draw the Divine Rune that fast! Where did you meet him?”

“It is a long story…” Ye  Qingxuan didn’t know where to start.

“He is really amazing… if only he is a Spirit Race…”

Yi Tianyun was slightly excited for getting the recognition from the Old Ancestor, with the Old Ancestor on his back, he would get the Spirit King Title easier than trying to get it himself!

Once he was done portraying the 6th Layers 3rd Grade Divine Rune, he looked at the 7th Layer and stopped right there, the 7th Layer’s success rate has dropped to fifty percent!

Yi Tianyun was sure that if he used the Heavenly Eyes, the success rate would increase, but he decided not to as the Old Ancestor was watching his every move!

Ye Qingxuan and the Old Ancestor tried to take a look at Yi Tianyun’s Divine Rune that he just made and were startled to see the damage amplifier that the Divine Rune gave, it was 210 percent Damage Amplifier!

It was triple the normal value of the same grade!

Yi Tianyun quickly pulled out the Ice-Cold Divine Bow and pasted the 6Layers Damage Divine Rune on it; he saw that the bow’s special effect was enhanced!

With Damage Divine Rune, it currently had the effect of 4 times damage multiplier instead of 2 times damage multiplier!

After all that, Yi Tianyun picked up his pace while saying they needed to go faster to Ye Qingxuan and the Old Ancestor.

As they got close to the previous area where they left the Spirit Race People behind to save the Old Ancestor, they heard a fight.

Yi Tianyun quickly moved forward and saw that the Spirit Race People were barely able to withstand the attack of the guards!

“Let me open the way!”

Yi Tianyun quickly pulled the string of the Ice-Cold Divine Bow and released the Ice-Cold Arrow while aiming it at the Guards!

The amazing power of the Ice-Cold Divine Bow was quickly shown, the arrows Yi Tianyun shot pierced the guards and hit other guards behind them and completely freezing them solid!

Yi Tianyun was sure that with that bow in his hand, his path would be easier!

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