Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 316 Kill


Yi Tianyun quickly killed every guard who was engaged in battle with the Spirit Race People.

The Spirit Race was surprised to see that the guards were killed in a short amount of time!

“It is the Old Ancestor!”

They were surprised once more when they saw their Old Ancestor came into the room!

They were relieved to see their Old Ancestor was fine, making them sighed in relief after knowing that the worst case scenario didn’t happen.

Yi Tianyun then rallied the Spirit Race by saying, “We, together will fight against the guards and take back our freedom!”

“Kill the guards!” The Spirit Race then shouted in excitement.

They began to chant freedom as they prepared themselves to escape the prison.

Ye Qingxuan and Yi Tianyun quickly led the way to freedom as the Old Ancestor acted as their rear vanguard to protect the backline.

Yi Tianyun quickly killed every guard that came his way.

“How did you came out?!”

Those guards were shocked as there was no indication that the prisoner was escaping.

Some of them even attempted to call for help, but sadly Yi Tianyun and his Ice-Cold Divine Bow didn’t allow any of them to escape!


‘Successfully killed Netherworld Prison Guard!’

‘Reward: 250.000 Exp, 3.000 CPs, 150 SPs, Dragon Soul Martial Art, Heavenly Soul Knife, Imperial Soul Armor.

The notification kept ringing after that, indicating the exp gained and other rewards after killing many people.

“Call help!”

“Call help!”

The guards began to shout, no one could escape Yi Tianyun’s Ice-Cold Divine Bow!

They were killed one by one.

Yi Tianyun finally arrived at the area where he saw the people being tormented earlier, he quickly told the Spirit Race behind him to check for the Cage Key among the guards’ belonging and opened all cage to free everyone inside.

While the Spirit Race began searching and unlocking the cage, Yi Tianyun was busy killing any guards who waltzed towards the area.

He also threw many medicinal pills to Ye Qingxuan while saying that she should give it to any Prisoners that needed them.

“Thank you.”


The prisoners were all grateful for Yi Tianyun’s kindness.

They never thought that a day where they could see the sun again would come!

Yi Tianyun quickly shouted, “Don’t say it now! We must escape from here first!”

They weren’t safe yet!

Those who could fight quickly followed Yi Tianyun to fend off the guards that came towards their way.

But those who were tortured the most and couldn’t fight stayed behind, closely following the main group as not to make themselves the target of the guard’s attack!

But their eyes still burned in hatred towards the Netherworld Empire, there was no doubt that once they escape this prison, they would return the favor to Netherworld Empire!

“Finally, I escape! Yours truly will destroy the Netherworld Empire!”

“Yes! I will destroy the Netherworld Empire in this life!”

“Since I was caught. I always thought when I escape from here, I will destroy the Netherworld Empire!”

They were filled with hate.

Yi Tianyun then gave the order to those who could fight to save all of the prisoners in the Netherworld Prison while also giving them many Medicinal Pills to help the prisoners that they were about to set free.

They all nodded, including many of the Prisoners that they released earlier.

They knew that at the moment, the prisoner was their closest allies to fight off the Netherworld Empire!

Soon enough, the army of Prisoners was formed, and many of them were eager to rush towards the main gate of the Netherworld Prison to breathe the fresh air!

“Kill all the dog from Netherworld Empire!”


Yi Tianyun let them rush out as he needed the distraction too, but he still provided cover by shooting the Ice-Cold Arrow to every guard that he saw.

“Open the cage! All cages!”

He kept shouting to open all the cages and made sure that every prisoner had a chance to escape.

“This hero, thank you! I, Wang Hu, pledge my loyalty, and will listen to you in the future!”

“Me too! My life is yours from now!”

“Thanks! Thanks!”

Many of the prisoners that Yi Tianyun freed saw him as a hero, many of them even pledged loyalty to Yi Tianyun.

“Let’s talk about anything later after we escape from here.”

Yi Tianyun smirked a little bit. He knew that those prisoners were captured unjustly by the Netherworld Empire. Therefore he could use them to bolster the amount of cultivator in Heaven’s Top Mansion and Heavenly Jade Sect to finish his main quest faster.

“Kill the guards!”

Yi Tianyun shouted once again that they couldn’t let their guard down just yet, and they needed to take up arms to save themselves from that wretched place!

All prisoners shouted bravely as they saw that Yi Tianyun was someone that they could follow!

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