Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 32: Fighting


“Ma Liangpeng…”

Yi Tianyun was disgusted by his misuse of his sect’s name, what gave him the authority to deny someone else’s creation? This was basically claiming that Yi Tianyun’s upper-level Spirit Weapons were fake, that all of them were just middle-level Spirit Weapons!

“Young Master Yi, do you know this Ma Liangpeng?” Zi Yuwei heard Yi Tianyun repeat his name and curiously asked.

“I don’t know him, but I’ve heard his name somewhere.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Junior Brother Yi, that guy was one of the disciples who will participate in the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruin. I didn’t expect him to be so cocky, he even went as far as spreading lies about your Spirit Weapons being fake!” An Ling was so angry that she wanted to raid the Wind Pavilion right now.

Although their statement did not specify the name of the Blacksmith, saying items other than those sold at the Wind Pavilion were fake made it immediately obvious.

Just as they wanted to go to Wind Pavilion, a group of people rushed in from outside, holding upper-level Spirit Weapon in their hands, they’re all customers who purchased upper-level Spirit Weapons from them earlier. “Give us back our money! A Wing Sect disciple said that these were a fake upper-level Spirit Weapon!”

“Yes! no wonder they sell it so cheaply. They turned out to be fake. Give our money back, we don’t need this fake Spirit Weapon!”

“No wonder it’s so hard to use. It turned out to be a middle-level Spirit Weapon, what a bunch of frauds!”

They all complained and booed. They all want their money back.

“We can guarantee that we did not sell any fake Spirit Weapon, they are all genuine upper-level Spirit Weapon, and there are no flaws in their strength as well!” Zi Yuwei said solemnly. They double-checked every upper Spirit Weapon they sold, and they were, without a doubt, upper-level Spirit Weapons, very good ones too.

“You’re saying this is the real deal? A Wing Sect disciple said this was fake, why should I believe you instead of him?”

“You’re a fraud, give back our money!”

The Wing Sect was considered the one in charge here, no matter what you said, whether it was true or not, if Wing Sect said you’re wrong then you were wrong.

“Just give their money back!” Yi Tianyun’s face was gloomy, this was nothing more than the Wind Pavilion borrowing the Wing Sect influence, they really were testing his patience.

This was no longer a normal competition, they were using any means necessary to get their revenge on Yi Tianyun, even going as far as spreading lies, he wouldn’t forgive them.

“OK! Here you go!” Zi Yuwei listened to Yi Tianyun’s words and return their money.

Immediately afterwards, Yi Tianyun said, “It seems like we can’t return just yet, come with me to the Wind Pavilion!” and he brought one of the upper-level Spirit Weapons with him

Both An Ling and Qin Xue nodded. They couldn’t just let this go.

Zi Yuwei also nodded she and her guards followed Tianyun’s lead, marching towards the Wind Pavilion. The guards inside hurriedly block their way.

Liang Tiancheng who had expected their reaction came out along with a burly youth with sharp eyes. He had an immense presence surrounding him, he was definitely not your average cultivator.

He was Ma Liangpeng, one of the best disciples of the Wing Sect. He was at the fourth level of the Spirit Refinement Realm.

“Oh ho, what brings you guys here, even Pavilion Lord Zi has come as well. Is there a problem?” Liang Tiancheng sarcastically asked them.

“Pavilion Lord Liang, stop pretending, care to explain your statements that claim that upper-level Spirit Weapons other than the ones you sell are fake?”

“I know that you know that the ones we sold were true upper-level Spirit Weapons, correct?” Zi Yuwei’s eyes were cold, no one would underestimate her just because she was a woman. Being a Pavilion Lord at this age showed her capability.

“Yes, I have seen it. It couldn’t be considered upper-level Spirit Weapon, it’s only middle level at most!” Ma Liangpeng interrupted Pavilion Lord Liang. “A real upper-level Spirit Weapons’ power is nothing like yours!”

His presence easily rivalled Pavilion Lord Zi.

“Okay, then would you care to show me the one you called “real”?” Someone raised a counterpoint and it was none other than Yi Tianyun, he looked at Ma Liangpeng coldly. He wants to see the so-called “real” upper-level Spirit Weapon.

“Who are you?” Ma Liangpeng stared at him intensely.

“What you consider a fake, I was the one who forged.” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“Oh, so you forged this?” Ma Liangpeng looked at him from head to toe, he was a little surprised to find someone so young who could already forge a Spirit Weapon, and immediately spotted An Ling and Qin Xue behind him. Then he suddenly burst out into laughter.

“You were the rumoured trash of the Jade Palace? Does this trash think he can forge? I bet you just ask for somebody else’s help but turned out he couldn’t make an upper-level Spirit Weapon.” 

The Jade Palace was full of female disciples, but there was one male who doesn’t possess blood qi. This news was so widely spread that even Ma Liangpeng knew it.

“Only fools would believe such unclear information!” Yi Tianyun said coldly, “If you insist that this is fake then let’s see which Spirit Weapon was better, mine or yours!”

“You dare talk to me with such tone?” Ma Liangpeng was incensed and roared back. “I want to see who the fool is. Let’s duel with our respective Spirit Weapons and settle this!”

“You declared my Spirit Weapons as fake. Of course, I personally verified it and I think they’re real. So let’s use a battle to determine whether my Spirit Weapons are fake or yours are!” Yi Tianyun said.

“At least you’ve got courage!” Ma Liangpeng sneered. “Well, let’s do it outside then, where everyone can determine which is fake and which is real!”

“No problem!”

Yi Tianyun accepted the challenge without hesitating. Even though his opponent’s cultivation was a little higher than his, with his items and Crazy Mode he was convinced he could win!

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