Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 321 Reward


Yi Tianyun saw that many cultivators were forced to be a miner inside, their ankles were chained to the ground to make sure they couldn’t escape.

Those cultivators weren’t some average cultivators either, the lowest of them was at the Spirit Refinement Stage.

With the Appraisal Eye leveled up, Yi Tianyun could see that mine was really a great resource mine!

He could even see the remaining resource of the mine has with the eye!

Jade Spirit Stone: Divine Rune catalyst. Remaining resource more than 1.000.000 pounds.

Profound Iron Ore: Soul Tool forging material. Remaining Resource more than 10.000.000 pounds.

Amethyst Ore: Heaven Level Tool forging material. Remaining Resource more than 100 pounds.

Cloud Gold Dust: High Grade Medicinal Pill catalyst. Remaining Resource more than 10.000 pounds.

After confirming the materials mined there, Yi Tianyun knew that the most precious thing in that mine was Amethyst Ore and the Cloud Gold Dust!

But he also didn’t expect the mine to have that much resource left!

Seeing the resources, he finally knew why Netherworld Empire used prisoners who were also a cultivator to be the miner there, that was because the resource wasn’t easy to mine!

“Hurry! Don’t be lazy!”

“It seems something happen above, should we check it?”

“What can the prisoners do? Who dare to mess with the Netherworld Empire?”

Yi Tianyun noticed that the guard there would whip the prisoners, some miners were even killed because of the cruel way the guards handled them.


He even noticed that the guards didn’t even pay any attention to the prisoners who were in dire need of an antidote.

They were too lazy to take care of those prisoners as the prisoners will be replaced as they died.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t stand that scene and quickly came forward and shot the guards near the prisoner who was in pain since he needed the detoxification pills for the poison in his system.

After he killed the guards there, he quickly took out the detoxification pills inside their storage ring and quickly tossed it to the prisoners.

The prisoners quickly got up shivering and took the pills immediately, they quickly looked gradually better after taking the medicinal pills, at least he wasn’t in pain anymore!

The guards quickly came after hearing the commotion and were startled to see a stranger in the mine, and their colleague was dead near the stranger.

“Who are you!” Asked one of the guards.

Yi Tianyun sighed and quickly shot the guards down, the prisoners who were forced to mine.

They were shocked to see a young man easily killed the guards.

They stopped working to see who and what the young man would do next!

Yi Tianyun immediately shouted that the miner was all free, they should find the key from the guards to unlock their shackles and follow him to kill all the guards there!

The prisoners quickly did as they were told and searched the key from the guards’ corpses. But, some of them look depressed and refused to search for the key.

“Hey, aren’t you wanted to escape this hell hole? Why are you still sulking and do nothing?” One of the prisoners asked to the depressed one.

“You know it was an all useless effort! We would still need the Detoxification Pills constantly! We would be able to get away from the Netherworld Empire for long because of that!” The depressed prisoner said matter of factly.

The previously hopeful miner was startled by their friend’s answer, they forgot about the Detoxification Pills.

Yi Tianyun noticed that the hope inside this miner’s eyes gradually faded as they realized that they couldn’t get away from the Netherworld Empire.

“You all don’t have to worry about anything! I will personally refine the Detoxification Pills that you need to get rid of the poison in your body! I will make sure that none of you need the Netherworld Empire after all of this!” Yi Tianyun shouted for the entire prisoner to hear.

Once again, the fire in their eyes was lit again as they began to shout for their freedom.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun has already finished analyzing the poison inside the prisoner’s body, he smirked as he noticed that the poison used on the normal inmate was weaker than the one used on the Old Ancestor, so it was way easier to make the detoxification pills for those miners!

Yi Tianyun was glad that he didn’t skip any Storage Ring from the guards that he killed upstairs because, considering there were that many prisoners, he had to make the same amount of detoxification pills. Thus he needed many Spirit Medicine as the main component, and fortunately, the guards had many on their possession!

After killing all the guards inside the mine, Yi Tianyun started to refine the Detoxification Pills as he promised, the prisoner didn’t stand by doing nothing.

They mined the mines harder than before! They quickly put every resource that they mined to the Storage Ring and gave it to Yi Tianyun.

That was their way to thank Yi Tianyun!

Even if Yi Tianyun didn’t ask for it, they knew that a strong person like Yi Tianyun needed a lot of resources to become even stronger.

They weren’t such ungrateful people who would let people save them without any compensation!

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