Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 322 Title Upgrade


“Keep it to yourself! It was your hard work, why would you gave that to me! I could find it by myself after all this!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

But the miners ignored Yi Tianyun and kept mining, and they still insisted so Yi Tianyun would accept their hard work!

“We have nothing, we can only give it as a reward. You save us, and this barely called reward.”

“Yes, we have nothing to repay. We can only work hard and give you the ore we dug here.”

“I am willing to follow the benefactor and follow the orders of the benefactor!”

“Me too, I am willing to follow the benefactor! If the benefactor has a hatred with the Netherworld Empire, I will be with the benefactor in this life, and deal with the Netherworld Empire!”

“Yes, killing the running dogs of the Netherworld Empire, killing the Netherworld Empire bastards!”

The miners then pledged themselves that they would become Yi Tianyun’s confidant in the future!

They even pledged if Yi Tianyun wanted to, they will hunt the Netherworld people until they couldn’t anymore!

It was clear at that point that all of them were furious with the Netherworld Empire!

They wanted to exact revenge on the Netherworld Empire!

They were already hopeless and thought that they would surely die there like a dog, but when Yi Tianyun comes, he lit up the fire in their heart once again!

“I know that you all must feel a great hatred towards the Netherworld Empire! But you have to get out of here first for you to be able to exact revenge against them!” Yi Tianyun said while sighing towards the miner.

As he spoke, he finally finished refining the Medicinal Pills to detoxify the poison on the miner’s body.

He quickly distributed all of the Medicinal Pills to the miner so they could recover as soon as possible.

“I feel that the toxin in my body is gone, it’s really gone!”

“Really gone…”

They burst into tears as they quickly felt the effect of the Medicinal pills.

However, some of them still took more than one pill on the off chance that they might be affected by the poison again.

But Yi Tianyun decided to let it slide as he needed everyone’s cooperation to destroy the Netherworld Empire.

“Hey, don’t eat the pill more than once for now! You could always get more than one, but don’t be a waste!” Yi Tianyun said as to reprimand them to not get greedy!

Everyone quickly calmed themselves and nodded their head, they were caught in the moment and thought that one pill wasn’t enough for them.

Soon enough, thousands of cultivators who were forced to work in the mine were cured of the poison in their system thanks to the pill that Yi Tianyun has just refined, and there was no more despair in their eyes.

They quickly gave the Storage Ring that they’ve already stuffed with so many resources to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun no longer had any reason to refuse the offer and thus accepted it for their sake.

“Many thanks, benefactor!”

“Many thanks, benefactor!”

“As long as the benefactor order me, I will definitely go through anything and be willing to do everything for the benefactor!”

“I want to follow the benefactor in my life, no matter where benefactor goes!”

All those miners quickly bowed down their heads as a sign of loyalty to Yi Tianyun and an expression of gratitude.

“Raise your head! You don’t need to bow for me now! Think about it later when all of you are safe outside!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Now, stay behind me! I will make sure we all get out of this prison safely!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Yi Tianyun quickly took the lead and rushed upstairs, at first, he didn’t see any guards, but as he got closer to the main gate, he could see that many guards were coming in with a confused face.

But the guards weren’t that much, and Yi Tianyun was sure that he could kill them all in a short amount of time!

After Yi Tianyun killed all the guards, all the miners were finally free!

“Now, get out of here! I will make sure that this place would be destroyed!” Yi Tianyun said while setting his gaze toward the prison once again!

The miners were shocked to hear Yi Tianyun will be alone in that place, they were reluctant to leave Yi Tianyun alone as they wanted to follow Yi Tianyun’s footstep.

“What about benefactor?”

“No need to worry! I will destroy this place! The best thing that you could do to me is to stay safe and fights the Netherworld Empire once you got your strength back!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

All the miners were moved of Yi Tianyun’s word, and thus they obeyed Yi Tianyun’s command and left the prison with a newfound determination.

“In this life, the Netherworld Empire is my enemy, as long as there is a chance, I must kill them!”

“Yes, even if we can’t kill them, there is no problem in doing some damage!”

“Thanks to the benefactor, we can flee from here!”

Yi Tianyun saw them left and confused about their newfound loyalty towards him.

He knew that he wasn’t a good person thoroughly, but he couldn’t stand the way Netherworld Empire treated those prisoners at all, but he knew that with the prisoners gone, they would create problems in another place for the Netherworld Empire later.


‘Successfully completed [Saving a life is more important than wealth!] achievement!’

‘Improved the [Saviour] title, adds 1.000 Prestige Points!’

Yi Tianyun was smirking happily as he saw the improvement of his title, it was like getting 800 Prestige Point without doing anything!

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