Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 325 Escape


The Dragon General finally caught up to Yi Tianyun once again and shouted, “Damn, you actually destroyed the forbidden zone.”

Yi Tianyun quickly made a snide comment, “Yes, so what? I also destroyed your mine, idiot!”

Yi Tianyun quickly took out the Heaven Holding Sword and used the Heaven Holding’s Anger towards the Dragon General while shouting to the Dragon General to get out of his way!

The Dragon General ignored Yi Tianyun’s attack and made an attempt to attack as well!

He swiftly threw his spears towards Yi Tianyun with all his might as he thought that there was no way that the young man’s attack could penetrate his defense!

The thing was, Yi Tianyun was also ignoring the Dragon General’s attack as he knew that the Shadow Cloak would protect him from it!

The Heaven Holding’s Anger connected with the Dragon General head on, followed by a loud noise, the Dragon General was thrown to the side from Yi Tianyun’s attack!

But he quickly recovered mid-air and landed on the ground smoothly, but to his complete surprise, Yi Tianyun was nowhere to be seen!

He was sure that he could still feel the young man’s aura in the air, but he surely couldn’t see him!

The Dragon General was amazed by the young man’s ability, he didn’t know how the young man could escape right in front of him like that!

At the same time, Yi Tianyun was already on his way towards the Spirit Race Sanctuary.

With Teleportation, he quickly got far away from the Netherworld Prison and immediately flew away.

He knew that he couldn’t handle the Dragon General yet, but at least his quest was completed!

Soon enough, the news about the destroyed Netherworld Prison was spread to not only the Netherworld Continent but also to another continent too.

Many people were shocked to hear the news as they knew that the Netherworld Prison was one of the symbols of power that the Netherworld Empire had and that the place was heavily guarded.

Many people began to wonder who was the perpetrator behind all that!

“What going on? Our Netherworld Prison destroyed?!”

The Imperial Preceptor and Netherworld Great Emperor was furious to hear the news and called all the higher-ups of the Netherworld Empire to discuss that incident!

Netherworld Emperor quietly released his killing intent and asked coldly to all the attendants on how could something like that happen!

He looked at the Dragon General and asked him, “We heard you were there at that moment. How could the perpetrator escape on your watch?!”

The Dragon General quickly kneeled in front of the Netherworld Emperor and said, “The perpetrator had an advanced method to hide his aura as I can’t detect him at all, I won’t make the same mistake again!”

Netherworld Emperor immediately shouted, “We lost a lot face this time. The Unbreakable Netherworld Prison has been destroyed, and every prisoner in that place had escaped!”

One of the ministers quickly came forward and said, “We have sent many cultivators to capture every single prisoner.”

The Netherworld Emperor quickly refuted him and said, “You need to kill every prisoner as they had lost their purpose! The most important thing at the moment was the Spirit Race. Their Old Ancestor also escaped the Netherworld Prison! If he regained his strength, he would be a difficult opponent to boot!”

The Imperial Preceptor immediately came forward and said, “Your Majesty doesn’t need to worry about that as I am the only one who had an antidote for the poison in his body, he will either come to the Netherworld Empire again to beg for the Antidote or die somewhere in pain!”

The Netherworld Emperor nodded as he believed that the poison made by the Imperial Preceptor was really strong. He quickly changed the topic, “Where is Lei Yun? We haven’t heard any news from him in a long time. How is the progress on capturing the Spirit Race?”

One of the ministers came forward once again and said, “There was no news about Lei Yun at all. It was very likely that Lei Yun had been trapped inside the forest or had already been killed!”

The Netherworld Emperor frowned and immediately ordered, “Dragon General go and secure the Spirit Race yourself, we couldn’t trust any of the garbage anymore.”

The Dragon General agreed solemnly and said, “Yes. I will definitely satisfy Your Majesty!”

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