Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 324 Mission Complete


General Long could withstand Yi Tianyun’s Ice Cold Fury with ease!

Yi Tianyun smirked as he expected that kind of power from General Long, if Void Spirit Expert couldn’t even block his attack with ease, then he would be utterly disappointed.

General Long hasn’t even used all of his power either, which meant that he would only get stronger from here on out.

General Long himself actually was shocked to see the powerful attack came from a young man.

He never expected to encounter something at that caliber there, “Who are you dare to break into Netherworld Prison?!”

“Just a prison, I can destroy it anytime.” Yi Tianyun said.

“Don’t play with me!” General Long was so angry at Yi Tianyun’s disrespectful behavior.

Yi Tianyun smirked once again and attacked General Long with a few of his Ice-Cold Arrow and quickly ran inside the Netherworld Prison.

General Long blocked the arrow and surprised to see that Yi Tianyun ran toward the prison instead of running away from the prison.

“How foolish are you come inside instead of going outside? You cannot run anymore!”

General Long, who was enraged, instantly released his killing intent, he will make sure that the young man will die at the end of the day!

Yi Tianyun, however, still made an effort to make sure that General Long couldn’t easily follow him inside the Netherworld Prison, as soon as he came in, he destroyed the wall to impede General Long from following him.

“You think you are safe already?” General Long was surprised once again to see that the young man wasn’t just running randomly, so he quickly took out his Long Spear and used the Blood Dragon Phantom Shadow to clear the way, but he quickly found that the path ahead was still blocked!

He was enraged once again that the young man would do something like that to hold him up!

But he was really shocked to see that the young man could destroy the walls easily, he knew that the Netherworld Prison’s wall was enhanced with Divine Rune, making it almost impossible to destroy.

He wondered if the young man was really capable of destroying the Divine Rune on the prison, if that was the case, then the young man’s goal was to destroy the Netherworld Prison!

Yi Tianyun, on the other hand, continuously broke the Divine Rune and destroyed the wall immediately after along the way.

“I will destroy this place soon.”

He skipped the mine as it will make a greater effort just to destroy it at the moment, he was already exhausted after destroying stuff!

Fortunately, he has already stocked many Recovery Medicinal Pills for his own consumption.

After a quick rest, Yi Tianyun heard General Long’s booming voice saying that he will make sure to kill the intruders for causing all that mess!

Surely, General Long quickly caught up with Yi Tianyun and threw two spears towards Yi Tianyun at a great speed!


Yi Tianyun easily dodged the attack with the Phoenix Wing’s effect, Yi Tianyun sarcastically thanked General Long as he saw that General Long’s attack destroyed the walls behind Yi Tianyun and quickly got away after that.

“Thanks for your help!” Yi Tianyun said.

General Long was furious!

He literally became red from all of Yi Tianyun’s constant annoyance!

He quickly chased after Yi Tianyun and once again threw another spear at Yi Tianyun, “Let’s see how do you escape this time!”

This time, Yi Tianyun was very lucky as a rock fell from the ceiling and blocked General Long’s attack!

“Even the lady of luck on my side.” Yi Tianyun smirked as he kept getting away from General Long while tearing the place apart!

Initially, Yi Tianyun was ready to use the Shadow Cloak’s effect to block General Long attack, but it seemed that it wasn’t necessary at the moment.

Yi Tianyun relentlessly destroyed the cage inside the prison as it was faster than destroying the wall, and that place still won’t be operational anyway with all those cages destroyed!

Once he got to the Spirit Forbidden Zone, he quickly used the Ice-Cold Fury as it was no longer in cooldown and destroyed the area down!

With the prison’s current state, if the Netherworld Empire wanted to fix that place, they had to find a Divine Rune Grandmaster, which was hard and costly to do!


‘Successfully completed the quest [Destroys the Netherworld Prison and Save all Prisoners!]’

‘Reward: 50.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 10.000 SPs, 200 Prestige Points.’

The notification that Yi Tianyun wanted to hear the most was finally heard!

He didn’t have to destroy the place any longer, all he needed to do was escape that place!

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