Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 333 Success


Yi Tianyun relentlessly rushed toward the Red Dragon, failure after failure didn’t deter Yi Tianyun from taming that Red Dragon! He figured that at the very least, he had to injure the Red Dragon a little bit before he could successfully tame it.

The Red Dragon screeched and spewed its flame toward Yi Tianyun, trying to burn him to a cinder.

Yi Tianyun didn’t really care as he could absorb the elemental attack using his Absorbing Stars Great Technique.

As the flame was dissipated, Yi Tianyun quickly punched the Red Dragon to the ground and immediately used the Absorbing Stars Great Technique on the Red Dragon to weaken it.

After a while, Yi Tianyun quickly used his Taming skill again, and this time, the white light engulfed the Red Dragon completely.

“Finally!” Yi Tianyun watched with a satisfied smile as he thought this time he finally succeeded.

“You, get away from my Dragon!” General Long roared with the Red Dragon Spear in his hands and rushed toward Yi Tianyun with the intent to kill.


‘Taming failed, received 100 Taming Skill Proficiency.’

“Tch, another failure!” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face. It seems that the Red Dragon was quite loyal toward General Long, making the taming difficulties quite high!

Yi Tianyun thought over his action and assumed that maybe he needed to inflict greater damage to the Red Dragon to make it easier.

At the same time, General Long was already fuming in anger. He really felt disgraced by Yi Tianyun as he was the only one who could escape his clutch so easily.

“You will not get away again!” General Long said as he used his ultimate technique, which increased his combat power to more than 30 million!

General Long also slammed the Red Dragon to the side as it was blocking his path to kill Yi Tianyun.

The Red Dragon roared in pain as it didn’t expect to be attacked by its own master, but General Long didn’t think much over his action and charged toward Yi Tianyun in anger.

“Did you know what you just did?” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“You really don’t care about your own pet?” Yi Tianyun added as he smirked happily.

“No matter! It will gladly accept your body for its next meal!” The Red Dragon said sarcastically.

“Wow, your pride is really making your head grow bigger! You still can’t catch up with me, yet you already talked about my dead body! Well, I suppose I have to thank you for what you had done!” Yi Tianyun said while smirking sarcastically.

Yi Tianyun quickly disappeared toward the fog while General Long frantically stabbed randomly through the fog in search of Yi Tianyun.

“Damn it! I lost him again!” General Long said in frustration.

The Trace Confusion Great Array was really in his way from searching Yi Tianyun this time.

But once again, a white light was seen from the Red Dragon, drawing the General Long’s attention. He saw that this time, Yi Tianyun was still near his Dragon!

“Hey, did you see what your master just did? He doesn’t really care about your well-being, it’s better for you to come with me! I will treat you to spicy food later!” Yi Tianyun said toward the Red Dragon.

While the Red Dragon couldn’t talk, it was blessed with considerable intelligence, it could understand Yi Tianyun’s word. After hearing Yi Tianyun’s word, it no longer resisted and accepted it that he would better off with Yi Tianyun.


‘Successfully tamed a Red Dragon!’

‘Reward: 500.000 Exp, 1.000 Taming Skill Proficiency points.’

As soon as he tamed the Red Dragon, Yi Tianyun quickly pulled out his Ice-Cold Divine Bow and immediately used the Ice-Cold Fury toward General Long!

“Die!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he released the overpowered arrow!

“Stop dreaming, you fool!” General Long said as he slammed the ground and pounded the arrow with many falling debris.

The area was instantly frozen as the Ice-Cold Fury exploded.

General Long was affected by that freezing cold, but as he was already prepared, he wasn’t as affected as Yi Tianyun thought, but it was enough!

Once General Long broke through the ice, he realized that Yi Tianyun and the Red Dragon has already disappeared.

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