Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 334 You Don’t Respect a Beast


“Red Dragon, come here at once!” General Long shouted, but to his dismay, the Red Dragon never came.

“Don’t be stupid! The Red Dragon is already mine!” Yi Tianyun said from the fog without revealing his whereabouts.

General Long gritted his teeth in frustration and attacked the spot that he thought he heard Yi Tianyun’s voice was coming from, but once again, all he hit was just a tree.

“Impossible! I already tamed the Red Dragon! I already spent years on that beast! There is no way you could take it for yourself!” General Long shouted in anger.

“Haha, what a fool! You know that Dragon is proud, right? Did you know you can’t treat it with disrespect like what you just did a few moments ago?” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

“Respect? Stop joking around! You don’t respect a beast! Only a fool like you has that kind of idea!” General Long said in contempt.

“Red Dragon, if you don’t come over right now, don’t blame me if I get rough!” General Long shouted again.

But as he didn’t see the Red Dragon anywhere, he pulled out a horn and immediately blew it, creating a high-pitched noise.

The Red Dragon immediately ran toward General Long while screaming in pain.

Yi Tianyun saw that a Divine Rune was glowing in the Red Dragon’s body. He immediately knew that the Netherworld Empire engraved an imprisonment Divine Rune on the Divine Beast’s body to control them!

“Red Dragon, come here!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

The Red Dragon that was trembling in pain immediately ran toward Yi Tianyun, and he quickly stored the Divine Beast inside his Pet Slot.

“I didn’t expect the Red Dragon to really listen to you! Are you a beast tamer? But a tamer wasn’t supposed to be able to tame the beast that fast!” General Long said curiously.

“That is not something you need to know!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“That is not your decision to make!” General Long said as he blew the horn one more time.

The horn’s sound immediately resulted in the Red Dragon hopping out of the Pet Slot in Yi Tianyun’s system while groaning in pain.

Yi Tianyun was shocked to see that the Pet Slot feature that he had didn’t protect the Red Dragon from the horn’s effect.

“Good, now become a good boy and hold still!” General Long said as he threw his powerful spear with all his might toward the Red Dragon.

“Damn it!” Yi Tianyun said angrily as he must protect the Red Dragon. He quickly pulled out the Heaven Holding Sword and immediately used the Heaven Holding Anger toward the incoming spear.

The huge sword immediately turned massive, and Yi Tianyun immediately blocked the spear with the sword’s body, resulting in him being thrown out into the tree.

“Tianyun! Are you okay?” Ye Qingxuan said as she rushed to Yi Tianyun’s aide.

“I am fine!” Yi Tianyun said angrily.

With his defensive power, Yi Tianyun received almost no damage at all, but the anger he felt toward General Long is new! He didn’t expect General Long to attack the Red Dragon instead of him!

“Look at you, beast! This time you aren’t dead! But you will be severely punished for betraying me!” General Long said toward the Red Dragon while kicking the Dragon to the side.

“You’ve really done it now! You are one person who succeeds in thoroughly anger me! Red Dragon was a loyal pet up until now, but you treat it like shit! Now, I will save the Red Dragon by killing you!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Did I hear it, right? Do you want to kill me? Are you alright? Is the impact just now too much for your stupid brain?” General Long said sarcastically.

“But no matter, as I will be the one to kill you first!” General Long said as he rushed toward Yi Tianyun once again.

“Qingxuan, leave me! I will kill this bastard!” Yi Tianyun said toward Ye Qingxuan confidently.

Seeing that Yi Tianyun has made up his mind, Ye Qingxuan quickly disappeared into the fog.

Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was far below General Long, even if he used the power from the Crazy Mode, he still doubted that he could deal with General Long with ease. But he knew that he had a chance as the equipment and the martial arts that he currently had were of high quality!

And Yi Tianyun still had something that he hasn’t tried yet! He knew that was the right time to see what Sin Point could offer. From killing so many Dragon Soldier, he currently had three hundred thousand Sin Points!

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