Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 335 Overbearing Suit


Yi Tianyun quickly opened the Sin Shop and immediately thought of spending the 300.000 Sin Point that he had on the best equipment in the shop.

Unfortunately, he only saw two sets of equipment in the Sin Shop at the time. He knew that the shop was supposed to have more equipment, but maybe he had to do something first before it all unlocked.

He looked at the two sets of equipment and saw that there was nothing bad about them. The first one was really intriguing for him as it could be used along with his Dragon God Bloodline.

Evil Dragon Suit:

Level Requirement: 30 (Spirit Core Peak Stage)

Effect: Attack Power x10, Defence Power x20, build-in flight, build-in regeneration.

Special Effect: Turn the user into 100-meter Evil Dragon.

Price: 100.000 Sin Points

While the second was not that bad either.

Sword Master Suit:

Level Requirement: 30 (Spirit Core Peak Stage)

Effect: Control all the sword up to High Grade Spirit Tool rank in 10 Km radius in conjunction with the Sword Master Suit special effect.

Special Effect: Special skill Sword Array.

Price: 100.000 Sin Points

Those two suits were top level!

Yi Tianyun had difficulties in selecting which suit he should pick first! He finally set his choice to the Evil Dragon Suit as he wanted to test it with his Dragon God Bloodline.


‘Deducting 100.000 Sin Points for redeeming Evil Dragon Suit!’

Yi Tianyun immediately equipped the suit without hesitation, and once he did, he could feel overflowing power surged through!

But the suit still didn’t include any weapon in it, meaning that Yi Tianyun could find any weapon that he wanted without the hassle of equipment sets!

General Long, at the same time, was irritated to see Yi Tianyun was only standing there while laughing, completely disregarding General Long’s existence.

“You dare to mock me in the middle of battle, you scum! Die, you foolish ingrate!” General Long immediately shouted and rushed with his Red Dragon Spear ready to stab Yi Tianyun.

The Red Dragon on the side immediately rushed over in an attempt to rescue Yi Tianyun from the attack and Ye Qingxuan was shouting at Yi Tianyun on the side, telling him to dodge the incoming attack!

None of them expected Yi Tianyun to stand still in the middle of the battle while laughing happily.

The next second, Yi Tianyun’s body was covered with a black scale!

The black scale tightly covered his skin, emphasizing Yi Tianyun’s strong physique!

That is not the only thing that was happening.

A black aura immediately swirled around Yi Tianyun, the aura was so dark and evil!

Ye Qingxuan was shaken by that aura as she never truly felt something that evil!

General Long didn’t have the time to halt his attack and decided to increase his power for the attack instead!

The next scene shocked him to the core as the spear couldn’t even pierce the thick scale that covered Yi Tianyun’s body!

General Long was sure enough that his attack will easily bulldoze the giant tree in that forest to the ground, but Yi Tianyun didn’t even budge from his spot!

“How could this happen!” General Long said in bewilderment.

“Now, kneel before me!” Yi Tianyun said as he slammed the long spear down, making General Long staggered to his knee.

This time, along with the suit’s effect, Yi Tianyun also activated his Crazy Mode! His Combat Power was already reaching a staggering 43 Million!

Yi Tianyun hasn’t even activated his other martial arts just yet! That combat power was pure raw power!

Yi Tianyun smirked in satisfaction as he had the combat power beyond the power of that of Void Spirit Expert!

The strongest attack that General Long had done so far was the Twin Dragon attack that he used earlier, which was 41 Million Combat Power!

“Now, what do you have to say?” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

“Did you have anything to eat this morning? How could you be this weak?” Yi Tianyun said sarcastically.

“How come you become this strong? Is it because of that armor?” General Long said shamelessly.

“Like I said before, that is none of your concern!” Yi Tianyun said while immediately punched General Long!

As a sense of foreboding came, General Long quickly released the Red Dragon Spear on his hands and quickly took a defensive stance. But that was a mistake he soon regretted!

The heavy punch connected with his defensive stance and he was flung to the giant tree behind him. His body trembled from the sheer amount of impact that he received! His arm that received the punch head-on was already numb and couldn’t move, while blood freely flowing out of them.

“What is this power!” General Long mumbled as he started to lose his consciousness.

“What’s the matter? Are you already down from one of my casual hits? How can you be this weak?” Yi Tianyun said sarcastically while walking over to General Long weakened body.

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