Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 337 Kill


This Evil Dragon Suit was strong!

That was the fact that Yi Tianyun thought at that moment, he could easily overpower the Void Spirit Expert with that suit!

Although it was only a level 30 equipment, Yi Tianyun found it better than any equipment that he had on the Core Transformation stage.

Ye Qingxuan, on the side, was still shocked to see that Yi Tianyun was a Dragon Clan all along, at least she thought Yi Tianyun was one.

“Arrrrrrrgh, I really want to kill you! damn it all!” General Long said as he struggled to get up.

“Did you expect to kill me with that amount of strength? Dream on bastard!” Yi Tianyun said while sneering toward General Long.

Yi Tianyun then used the absorption skill that the Evil Dragon possessed, it had the same trait as the Dark North Divine Art but with a bigger range. He focused on absorbing the Spiritual Energy from General Long!

‘Received: 31.000 Exp, 35.000 Exp, 40.000 Exp, . . .’

“What are you doing to me? My power! Stop!” General Long said in a panic. He felt that his power was gradually leaving his body, while the effect of burning his own blood qi quickly vanished.

Yi Tianyun continued to devour General Long’s Spiritual Power without a care in the world.

An idea immediately popped on his mind as he thought that what would happen if he also activated the Dark North Divine Art at the same time. So, without further ado, he quickly activated the Dark North Divine Art, and the absorption speed increased by several folds!

‘Received: 100.000 Exp, 110.000 Exp, 105.000 Exp, . . .’

Yi Tianyun smirked as he was satisfied by this outcome, he now could receive exp at a faster rate than before!

“My power! Stop!” General Long said weakly, he didn’t have any more strength to speak as loud as he did before.

Eventually, his Spiritual Energy was drained, while his body became sickly pale, and he even looked thinner than before.

Yi Tianyun immediately transformed back to human form and found that transforming into a dragon was more exhausting than he thought it would!

Yi Tianyun quickly picked up the Red Dragon Spear that was lying around his feet and made his way toward General Long.

“You are the one who managed the Netherworld Prison, I don’t know how many cultivators had been killed by your hands, but it will end here right now!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“Hahaha, kill me! The repercussion is that the Netherworld Empire will make sure to crush you and your Spirit Race! I am sure they will even destroy the Heavenly Border Continent in my name!” General Long said while laughing madly.

“Don’t you worry, I will destroy the Netherworld Empire before any of that happens!” Yi Tianyun said as he lifted the Red Dragon Spear and stabbed it straight to General Long’s heart!

“Don’t worry. I will send the entire Netherworld Empire to accompany you in hell!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.


‘Successfully killed General Long of the Netherworld Empire!’

‘Reward: 4.000.000 Exp, 5.000 CPs, 1.000 SPs, Heavenly Dragon Secret Art, Tyrant Soul Spear Secret Art, Red Dragon Battle Armour, Red Dragon Divine Spear, Red Dragon Boots, Dragon God Bloodline, Red Dragon Fragment.’


‘Successfully killed an elite enemy!’

‘Reward: 50.000.000 Exp, 500.000 CPs, 10.000 SPs, 1x Enhanced Lottery Ticket.!’


‘Congratulation to the host for successfully breaks through to 6th Level Core Transformation Stage!’

The reward was explosive! He even leveled up to the 6th Level Core Transformation Stage from the fight! He didn’t expect a Void Spirit Expert to give this kind of reward!

“Tianyun! You really did it! you defeated General Long!” Ye Qingxuan shouted excitedly on the side. She was incredibly excited to know that a 17-year-old young man could defeat a Void Spirit Expert!

“I already said that I would, didn’t I?” Yi Tianyun said teasingly.

Yi Tianyun smiled a little as he was grateful that he had the necessary amount of Sin Points to redeem for the suit, if it weren’t for that suit, he was sure that he had to play cat and mouse all the time until General Long was exhausted.

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