Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 338 Fury


Yi Tianyun completed his personal mission to kill the last surviving General Long of the Netherworld Empire! All he had to do was burn all the bodies of the enemy so that the world wasn’t surprised that one of the most powerful man from the Netherworld Empire had been killed!

Yi Tianyun knew that sooner or later, the Netherworld Empire will find out about that, but he still couldn’t quite guess what the Netherworld Empire would do for that information! But pondering about many of them he had to kill was just a waste of time, as he will surely kill them all!

After cleaning up the forest, Ye Qingxuan and Yi Tianyun returned to the sanctuary and received so many cheers from the villagers as they knew that General Long had been defeated!

Yi Tianyun’s Prestige in Spirit Race had reached its limit, as the entire Spirit Race thought that Yi Tianyun was the strongest existence and already became the Protector of the Spirit Race!

Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan quickly returned to the Spirit Pagoda and saw that the Old Ancestor was waiting for them with a smile on his face.

But the Old Ancestor’s complexion has become pale for using so much spiritual powers in his weakened state.

“You really managed to do the impossible as you killed General Long and saved the entire Spirit Race! My choice to make you our Spirit King wasn’t wrong at all! with your power I am sure that the Spirit Race would once again attain glory!” the Old Ancestor said confidently.

“You are exaggerating it, Old Ancestor. I am not that strong.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling warmly to the Old Ancestor.


‘Successfully completed [Protect the Spirit Race, Repel General Long’s attack!] Quest!

‘Reward: 60.000.000 Exp, 250.000 CPs, 10.000 SPs, 100 Spirit Race Favourability.’


‘Successfully took an Ultimate Quest [Become the Spirit King!]’

‘Reward on completion: 100.000.000 Exp, 300.000 CPs, 10.000 SPs, 10.000 Divine Rune MPs, [Spirit King] title.’

Yi Tianyun received a lot of rewards from completing the quest chain, and he even got the ultimate quest to become the Spirit King! He knew that at that moment, the Heavenly Jade Sect had a surmount gap with the Spirit Race.

Unfortunately for Yi Tianyun, the Spirit Race couldn’t leave that forest just yet, for without the Spirit Race there, the Trace Confusion Great Array would immediately fall!

“I didn’t exaggerate anything! As I said before, as long as you could hold your ground with General Long, the trial should be easy for you! After a few days, I will announce that you will become our new Spirit King and that you will undergo the Smelting Trial soon!” the Old Ancestor said reassuringly.

“Okay, I will leave those matters to you, Old Ancestor.” Yi Tianyun said while bowing his head slightly in respect.

The Old Ancestor nodded and immediately made plans to have a meeting with all the higher-ups of the Spirit Race, making a foreign race become the Spirit King was an abnormality.

The Old Ancestor had to make sure that none of the Spirit Race opposed to that decision.

Not long after that, the news of General Long died in action was spread trough the Heavenly Border Continent, many presumed that General Long died after several secluded experts came to aid the Spirit Race, while some were not even sure that General Long died in action!

When the news arrived at Netherworld Emperor’s ear, he was furious beyond measure!

“What is going on here! How can General Long die there? Didn’t the Imperial Proctor make the countermeasure to deal with the Spirit Race? How did we keep losing like this?” the Netherworld Emperor yelled madly.

“Great Emperor! The Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race was clearly poisoned, there is no way that he was the one controlling the Trace Confusion Great Array! I think that there may be foreign aid for this dire situation to happen! I think Heavenly Dragon Empire had something to do with this!” The Imperial Proctor said as he didn’t want to acknowledge his shortcoming.

The Heavenly Dragon Empire was at odds with the Netherworld Empire for so long, the two empires have been fighting for over the year and now had reached the point of truce. But it was only on the surface to appease the public, but the two empires have been fighting secretly behind the curtain.

“Heavenly Dragon Empire? That is quite a possibility! They could be helping the Spirit Race to receive the Spirit Race heart so that they could take the Spirit Race for their own! It seems that we had to build a new plan for all this trouble!” the Netherworld Emperor shouted angrily.

“So, what is our plan for now? should we keep sending people over to the Spirit Forest?” the Imperial Proctor asked curiously.

“We need to attack! That’s for sure! With General Long dead, the only one who could win over the Spirit Race should be Army General Feng! Send him over and told him to deal with the Spirit Race as soon as possible!” The Netherworld Emperor ordered.

“We couldn’t afford to embarrass ourselves any further!” He added.

“Army General Feng? Are you sure your majesty? He wasn’t done on eradicating the remnant of the Heavenly Dragon Empire, don’t you think that it would affect us in the future?” The Imperial Proctor asked curiously.

“We will deal with it later! For now, we need to deal with the Spirit Race! They already killed General Long! We couldn’t let the people think that the Netherworld Empire has grown weak!” The Netherworld Emperor said solemnly.

The rest of the people immediately were silent as they didn’t want to upset the emperor any further.

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