Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 342 Failed


Yi Tianyun quickly escaped the vines’ clutches, he quickly flew toward the sky to escape the pursuit of other vines that was already coming towards him at a great speed!

However, this time, Yi Tianyun could see that the vines weren’t trying to entangle him anymore, they are trying to stab him!

The vines heading toward coming were sharp!

Yi Tianyun didn’t feel any need to stop those vines, he purposely let the vines headed straight toward him and attacked him!

As soon as the vines touch him, they shattered!

Yi Tianyun already knew that the vines’ attack wouldn’t do anything to him, his defensive power was too high already, if it wasn’t an attack from Void Spirit Expert, he didn’t have to put any effort to stop it!

Yi Tianyun could see another boundary in the distance, and this time he saw that the next terrain was golden colored, he assumed that his theory about that trial was an elemental trial was correct, as Gold was Metal Element!

As soon as he approached the next terrain, he could see that thing that glowed in gold was a golden road, complete with golden flower and golden water around it!

That new terrain looked the most unnatural out of any terrain that he has encountered so far in this trial, he could even see a golden mountain in the distance!

He stepped into the terrain without any hesitation, and the terrain immediately turned sharp!

Every edge of anything inside that terrain became sharp, including the water wave, the flower, and the road!

As soon as Yi Tianyun nudged the sharp edge of the road and leaf near him, the sound of clashing weapon was immediately heard!

Evil Dragon Suit completely protected him without any issues!

“This terrain is stronger than the previous terrains, but it seems I don’t need to put any special effort here either.” Yi Tianyun said as he continued to walk forward arrogantly.

Yi Tianyun quickly reached another boundary, but this time, all he could see in the next border were a fog!

He was quite confused about that new terrain as it didn’t fit the terms of elemental terrain like so far.

But Yi Tianyun still walked toward it without any hesitation at all!

As soon as he walked in the fog terrain, he felt that some special energy was shrouding him and he could saw some silhouette in the distance, as he walked towards the silhouette, it became more apparent that the silhouette was none other than himself!

Everything about that silhouette matched him, it was like looking at his own reflection in the mirror!

But as soon as he came closer, the mirror image immediately attacked him!

Yi Tianyun was curious about this new trial, and so he decided to receive the attack head-on without putting any special effort.

But, as soon as the attack landed, the mirror image was immediately flung backward!

The mirror image immediately turned back into a fog and dispersed with the surrounding fog!

“What the hell is this? I thought that it would be as strong as me, but that’s disappointing!” Yi Tianyun said grumpily.

As the mirror image dispersed into the surrounding fog, the fog quickly diminished, and a narrow path immediately appeared in front of him.

Yi Tianyun noticed that this narrow pathway was leading back to the entrance, he could feel the cold emanating towards him.

Yi Tianyun looked behind him, and he immediately realized that the entire trial was an illusion, the only real terrain in that place was that place and the Cold Terrain in the beginning!

No wonder the Old Ancestor said that there was no way to predict the Smelting Trial for Yi Tianyun to prepare, it was completely random!

“This smelting trial was really something. Now I know that there is a greater power than what I’ve already seen! I didn’t even notice that I’ve already entered a magical array earlier!” Yi Tianyun said as he sighed at his own shortcoming.

Yi Tianyun immediately walked toward the narrow pathway and saw that at the end of the pathway was a flashing white light!

He didn’t think much of it and immediately headed toward the light.

At the base of the flashing white light, he could see a huge stone tablet!

At a closer look, it was more like a stone wall than a stone tablet!

The stone wall was also covered in Divine Rune from top to bottom, he realized that all this Divine Rune wasn’t any normal Divine Rune, but it was a Master Level Divine Rune!

Yi Tianyun immediately remembered the Old Ancestor said that he must get approval from that Stone Tablet!

Yi Tianyun walked onto the Stone Wall carefully and touched the Stone Wall gently.

As he did so, his body was immediately covered with a gentle green light while a warm feeling was coursing through his body.

However, the light disappeared after a while, and the Stone Wall didn’t react as it did before.

There was nothing else that happened even after he waited for a while.

“No way! I failed?” Yi Tianyun said with an indescribable emotion in his face.

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