Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 341 Trial


After Yi Tianyun saw him faint, Yi Tianyun continued to walk even deeper.

The cold intensified as he proceeded deeper into the cave.

“I don’t think I could handle this cold if my cultivation is lower than this!” Yi Tianyun said as he murmurs to himself.

As he continued walking, Yi Tianyun finally saw a brick of ice and a fiery flame in the vicinity.

As much as it was cold, the flame part of the cave was too hot!

Yi Tianyun has no doubt that if the Spirit Race put Lei Yun in that place, he would’ve been burned to a crisp in no time!

He also saw that the place was separated by a Divine Rune so that the cold didn’t interfere with the hot area, and vice versa.

“This trial must be created by a Divine Rune Grandmaster. The complicated Divine Rune wasn’t easy to make.”

Yi Tianyun didn’t hesitate and quickly walked through the boundary of the two areas and walked inside the fiery pit of the cave.

As he put his feet on the fiery ground, the fire around came alive and rushed toward him in a dragon like form.

But Yi Tianyun wasn’t concerned with that kind of attack, he easily swatted the flame out of his way and continued to walk deeper, the flame was intense, but it was not Void Spirit Expert power kind of strong, so he didn’t have a hard time to block the incoming attack!

After a while, the flame stopped attacking, it was like it knew that its attack was futile, and therefore it stopped attacking Yi Tianyun altogether.

As he continued to dwell deeper into the cave, he saw that the next room was a desert!

It was complete with the unforgiving sun and yellow sands!

“Is this elemental trial?”

The first one was ice, the second one was flame, and the one he was currently in was earth!

Yi Tianyun didn’t hesitate and once again walked over to the new terrain with a stride.

But, as soon as he made his first step on the sand, it turned a quicksand!

There was no doubt that that place will always make it hard for him to pass.

He found that the quicksand was very troublesome, so he immediately flew toward the skies as it would be easier, or so he thought.

Immediately as he flew, a sandstorm appeared in his field of vision.

The sandstorm lowered his visibility, and the grain of sand was as sharp as a needle!

“If it not for the Evil Dragon Suit, I would’ve been sliced mercilessly here!”

He immediately landed on the ground, as he realized that flying would be even more difficult than walking.

Soon enough, he encountered another boundary!

“This time, the terrain was a dense forest! My guess is right, this is elemental trial!”

He was curious as to how will the forest attack him this time!

Yi Tianyun immediately walked into the forest without hesitation, but as soon as he walked in, the vines from nearby trees immediately tried to grab him!

It seems that this place wants to entangle him so that he couldn’t move forward!

But that one was also meaningless for him, Yi Tianyun quickly raised his hands and cut the vines with wind pressure!

“Now, what else will this place do to hinder me from Spirit King title?” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

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    I dreamed that I was reading this episode a long time ago, I always have dreams that happen, but they are what I will see in the first person and I add a specific situation, almost always nonsense, sometimes I also dream of things that happen because I watch the news and I know what will happen. and they happen after a few months.

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