Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 344 Secret


“This is amazing!” Yi Tianyun said as he was surprised by the Green Crystal’s effect.

Around the Green Crystal, Yi Tianyun saw a bunch of Spirit Grass Flower and one Soul Accumulating Grass there. He immediately used his Appraisal Eye to check the effect of the Green Crystal in front of him!

Life Crystal: Contain strong life energy! A product of the evolution of the Spirit Treasure. Enhance the Spirit Power’s intensity and Reproduction of life! Will turn into a normal stone after use.

The information of that Life Crystal startled Yi Tianyun a little bit, especially the reproduction part.

Now he knew that this Crystal was the one that made the Spirit Race think that they were cursed and that patch of land was the only place that they could reproduce.

While the truth was, they really couldn’t reproduce at all in the first place!

Spirit Race had strong Innate Ability!

They would have a hard time conceiving a child from another person with such a strong Innate Ability too!

That would also apply if they tried to conceive with another person who had a weak Innate Ability, it wouldn’t work!

This was also the case with other strong races too!

The Dragon Clan was another example of this strong Innate Ability and weak reproduction ability. While the Dragon Clan had the Dragon Vein to help them reproduce, the Spirit Race couldn’t use that!

Instead, this Life Crystal was the only thing that allowed the Spirit Race to reproduce all this time, and now this Life Crystal was already reaching its limit!

“It seems that I already stumble and found the root cause of the said curse!” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face.

Yi Tianyun knew that the ancestors of the Spirit Race knew about that matter, but they chose to keep quiet about it and let their people thought that they were under some sort of curse!

Yi Tianyun approached the Life Crystal, but as he came closer, a shadow of an old man immediately materialized in front of him.

“Child, finally someone who could master the Tyrant Stone Tablet! As you can see, I stashed the treasure that I got by a chance here, this Life Crystal could improve our cultivation environment and enhance our reproduction ability!” The Old Man said excitedly.

“I hope that you could find another Life Crystal to replace this one as it will be exhausted soon, or maybe you could find another place with a stronger Vitality. Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible for the Spirit Race to reproduce! Or you could also go back to the Spirit Race Ancestral Land, as it would be the best destination for the Spirit Race! As you master the Tyrant Stone Tablet, you’ve already become our king, the Spirit Race King! I hope that someday you don’t have to rely on this Life Crystal to thrive!” The Old Man added solemnly before disappearing.

“This is a very serious matter! I need to convey all of this to Ye Qingxuan and the Old Ancestor!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

After checking that there was nothing left worth checking, Yi Tianyun left and walked toward the exit.

At the same time, outside of the cave, the Spirit Race was anxiously waiting for Yi Tianyun to come out of the trial site.

All the Spirit Race people were waiting for the miracle that Yi Tianyun could pass the trial and become their new Spirit King!

“What’s taking Big Brother Yi so long!” Ye Wan’er asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry! I know that he will come out successfully soon! He is much stronger than any of the previous king, we have to believe in him!” Ye Qingxuan said confidently.

“It usually took weeks to finish, and it’s only been days, we should be more patient!” The Old Ancestor said while smiling toward the sisters.

As soon as he finished reassuring the sisters, someone from the crowd immediately shouted excitedly, “Look! He’s already coming out!”

They were amazed that Yi Tianyun came out of the trial that fast. They began to wonder if Yi Tianyun succeeded or not, considering it didn’t take him that long.

“So, did you already get the approval to be the next Spirit King?” The Old Ancestor asked curiously to Yi Tianyun.

“No, I didn’t get the Divine Rune like you described earlier!” Yi Tianyun said while shaking his head.

Many people were shocked and felt broken-hearted as they thought that Yi Tianyun didn’t pass the trial like they wanted.

“But, I do get something!” Yi Tianyun said as he took out the Tyrant Stone Tablet.

The heavy Stone Tablet shook the ground as Yi Tianyun put it on the ground beside him.

The Old Ancestor’s face suddenly lighted up after seeing the all too familiar Stone Tablet!

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