Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 345 Big Discovery


“This, this is the Tyrant Stone Tablet…” The Old Ancestor said surprised and amazed when he saw the Stone Tablet in front of him.

“Aren’t you only supposed to bring the Divine Rune out?” The Old Ancestor asked Yi Tianyun confusedly.

With that question, Yi Tianyun knew that the Old Ancestor also didn’t know of the truth behind the Smelting Trial!

Yi Tianyun sighed as he knew that the Old Ancestor wasn’t the previous Spirit King, nor he ever saw what was inside the Smelting Trial himself.

“This is The Tyrant Stone Tablet! Also, Old Ancestor, Saintess, and the elders, please follow me inside if possible, I have something important to say!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“Can we enter the Smelting Cave? We’re not Spirit King Candidate.” Elder Yan asked curiously.

“With this Tyrant Stone Tablet, I have already been appointed as the new Spirit King! With my authority, I gave you permission to enter.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Let’s go, I assume he will explain what happened in the trial to us inside.” The Old Ancestor said toward Elder Yan, reassuring him to follow Yi Tianyun.

“You are right, Old Ancestor! I am very sorry for ever doubting you, King Yi!” Elder Yan said while bowing his head toward Yi Tianyun.

While inside, everyone shivered up from the chill of the place, but Yi Tianyun immediately covered them with his Spiritual Power, granting them more resistance to the cold.

“Thank you!” Ye Qingxuan said gratefully toward Yi Tianyun.

“You’re welcome!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile toward Ye Qingxuan.

The group immediately followed Yi Tianyun, ignoring Lei Yun as they walked past his cells.

But as they were about to walk toward the boundary of the Fire Terrain, the Old Ancestor immediately stopped them by saying that they will effectively enter the Smelting Trial once they crossed the boundaries.

“Don’t worry, I already have the key.” Yi Tianyun said casually while pulling out the Tyrant Stone tablet and putting it on the side of the boundaries.

The Tyrant Stone Tablet immediately shone, and the Fire Terrain immediately changed to a narrow path!

“No Way!” the Old Ancestor said shockingly. He never thought that there was a time that he would finally saw the end of this Smelting Trial!

“Let’s go, this Tyrant Stone Tablet was accounted as a key for coming here easily too!” Yi Tianyun said while explaining the scene earlier and leading the group toward the place where Life Crystal lied.

As they approached the place that the Life Crystal lied, the group felt refreshed!

Once inside, Yi Tianyun immediately touched the Life Crystal, and the Old Man’s shadow from earlier was materialized once more, saying the exact same word that Yi Tianyun heard before.

After hearing their ancestor’s word, the group fell silent in shock!

Especially the Old Ancestor, as he finally realized that the requirement to become the new Spirit King was having the Tyrant Stone Tablet, not any Divine Rune!

This meant that all previous Spirit Kings were fake!

“Now that the Spirit Race predecessor’s words have been heard, I will try my best to look for a place that has stronger vitality for the Spirit Race to thrive or look for another Life Crystal so that the Spirit Race didn’t go barren!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Now, the next problem is the Tyrant Stone Tablet! The first time I am here, I was very confused on why I couldn’t obtain any Divine Rune as a proof that I passed the Smelting Trial, but as the time goes, I finally understand the true meaning of the trial. Now, are there any of you who have a Divine Rune Stone on your possession?” Yi Tianyun asked lightly.

“I have one on me!” Ye Qingxuan said while giving Yi Tianyun the said stone.

Yi Tianyun took it and immediately pulled out the Tyrant Stone Tablet once more, this time he immediately engraved the 5th Grade Master Divine Rune that he saw on the Stone Tablet, the group were shocked on how easy Yi Tianyun made the engraving process looked like.

“Isn’t this the proof for the Spirit King title that you usually see?” Yi Tianyun asked the Old Ancestor as he gave the engraved Divine Rune Stone to the Old Ancestor while smiling kindly.

“Yes! This is it! This is the proof of the Spirit King Title that we usually see!” The Old Ancestor said, telling the truth.

“Well, it has to be some sort of miscommunication, but according to the predecessor, this Tyrant Stone Tablet was supposed to be the proof of the Spirit King Title! I can’t give you the proof that you usually see, for I didn’t have any single Divine Rune Stone with me now.” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

This time, the Old Ancestor was grateful that Yi Tianyun had opened their eyes on the Spirit Race’s mishap!

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