Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 349


Divine Soldiers of Wind continues to cut the trees precisely while constantly following Army General Feng’s direction.

Ye Qingxuan, who came to observe too, couldn’t believe what was happening in front of her. She didn’t expect the enemy army to be this well prepared on exploiting the weakness of the Trace Confusion Great Array!

“At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before they find us! I think they will reach the sanctuary in three days top, if not earlier!” Elder Yan said while estimating the time that the Spirit Race had left.

“What should we do now?” Ye Qingxuan said, feeling frustrated with their circumstances. They couldn’t ambush the enemy’s unit like this. Army General Feng would surely attack them head on, for the trees begin to dwindle.

“We need to wait for the Spirit King’s instruction! The Spirit King only ordered us to scout and wait, we can’t do anything else other than that!” Elder Yan said confidently.

The rest of the Spirit Race scout unit who comes with Elder Yan nodded their head and waited for Yi Tianyun to arrive on the battlefield.

Soon after, Yi Tianyun came with a more powerful aura emitted around him, making the Spirit Race Scout wonder how their King could become so much more powerful within a short amount of time!

What they felt wasn’t an illusion at all, this powerful aura that they sensed was because Yi Tianyun already Brokethrough after taking the Soul Accumulating Pills that he made earlier!

As of that moment, Yi Tianyun has already reached 7th Level Core Transformation Stage Cultivation.

Without having any big Quest, Yi Tianyun knew that he would be stuck on this level for a while.

“Spirit King! The enemy has progressed through the forest using the most efficient way there is, they cut the trees, while efficiently use some compass from outside the forest to determine the location of the sanctuary! I think they will reach the sanctuary in three days!” Elder Yan said as he gave his report to Yi Tianyun.

“Three days? I will see what I can do to stop them!” Yi Tianyun said while pulling his Ice-Cold Divine Bow out.

Yi Tianyun then silently aimed the arrow toward the Divine Soldiers of Wind and quickly used the Ice-Cold Fury!

With the Crazy Damage Mode activated, the power of Ice-Cold Fury increased by several folds! With his cultivation breakthrough, the Ice-Cold Fury power reached 46 million!

In a blink of an eye, the Ice-Cold Fury rushed through the forest toward the Soldiers of the wind, ready to freeze everyone down!

But Army General Feng sensed the attack coming as Yi Tianyun released it, he quickly jumped and rushed in front of the Soldiers of Wind and immediately blocked the Ice-Cold Fury with his own attack! He slammed his sword forward while shouting, “Roar of the Wind!” and immediately, a hurricane gushed forth from his sword, taking the Ice-Cold Fury head on!

A booming voice was immediately heard around the forest as the two attacks collided! The trees were uprooted from the ground, and the ground itself was frozen as a result!

After witnessing the power of the Army General Feng, Yi Tianyun felt a little bit deterred. By far, this attack was the strongest attack that he ever saw his enemy do! He immediately looked at the Army General Feng using his Appraisal Eye to assess his plan.

Army General Feng: 4th Level Void Spirit Stage

Equipment: Heavenly Wind Divine Sword, Hurricane Armor, Hurricane Boots, Speed Up Divine Rune.

Martial Arts: Wind Divine Art, Wind Sprint, Wind Flash

Combat Power: 48.000.000

Weakness: Flame Attributed attack

Yi Tianyun didn’t expect the Army General Feng to have a staggering 48 Million combat power, which explained how easy it was for the Army General to block his Crazy Mode Ice Cold Fury!

But what surprised Yi Tianyun the most was the Army General Feng’s speed! He could barely follow the movement of the Army General Feng as he moved with speed enhanced armor!

“The enemy’s strength is not that bad, but it still worse than me! If they want to save the Spirit Race, they would have to defeat me! If they didn’t do that, I would go straight toward their nest!” The Army General murmured with a killing intent clear in his face.

Army General Feng loved a challenge, and as soon as he heard that General Long had been defeated and killed, he couldn’t wait to face the opponent who achieved that!

Yi Tianyun, who heard the Army General murmured, sneered on the side as he didn’t think that he was stupid enough to fight the Army General without any plan!

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