Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 350


Yi Tianyun immediately shot three more arrows toward the Soldiers of Wind to see how General Feng will react.

Sure enough, General Feng sensed this attack coming as soon as Yi Tianyun released the Arrow!

General Feng easily blocked Yi Tianyun’s attack with ease.

Ye Qingxuan and the elders were looking at Yi Tianyun from afar with awe, they knew how powerful Yi Tianyun’s attack just now, it was equal if not better than a 1st Level Void Spirit Stage attack!

Even though General Feng easily fended Yi Tianyun’s attack, it was expected as General Feng was a Void Spirit Expert!

“It seems my attack had no effect on him!” Yi Tianyun said frustratedly, he expected his attack to be blocked, but not to this extent! He thought that he could kill at least one or two Soldiers of Wind!

As Yi Tianyun stopped attacking, General Feng’s eyes flashed, and suddenly he rushed toward Yi Tianyun’s position.

Yi Tianyun was startled as General Feng closed their distance in a second and already stood in front of Yi Tianyun with a smug look on his face.

Yi Tianyun quickly activated the Xuan Tian Divine Art and Golden Body Secret Art, using all his defense power to block General Feng’s attack! He chose to stay and tried to see if he could fend off General Feng’s attack with only his defensive power.

General Feng quickly stabbed Yi Tianyun using his Heavenly Wind Divine Sword several times in a matter of seconds!

At first, this attack didn’t do that much damage to Yi Tianyun, but as the attack keeps coming, he felt the aftershock of the attack penetrating his defense!

Furthermore, Yi Tianyun tried to block some of the attack using his Ice-Cold Divine Bow, but sadly it was futile as the Ice-Cold Divine Bow was smashed and damaged in the process!

Yi Tianyun was flung backward quite fiercely, making many elders screamed in horror for the safety of their Spirit King.

However, Yi Tianyun was still fine, although he received a little bit of damage from General Feng’s attack, it didn’t do much! He quickly equipped the Red Dragon’s spear and activated the Dragon God Bloodline while immediately used the Tyrant Soul Attack that he got from General Long!

General Feng’s hurricane was immediately shattered as Yi Tianyun attacked!

“This is General Long’s Secret Art!” General Feng said as he was surprised to see the enemy brazenly used the Secret Art of his fallen comrade!

However, General Feng immediately returned to his sense and quickly rushed over and attacked Yi Tianyun once more.

Yi Tianyun immediately used his Afterimage Secret Art to counter General Feng’s attack, three clones immediately showed up, and Yi Tianyun quickly attacked General Feng with all his might.

General Feng never saw that move before, he couldn’t pinpoint which one was the real body at all! So he chose to attack all those afterimages at the same time, he quickly spun his body while holding his sword close to his waist and shouting “Wind Radiance!” as he spun.

General Feng immediately turned into the eye of a hurricane as the wind began blew wildly in a circular motion.

Yi Tianyun didn’t care and decided to attack General Feng no matter what!

Yi Tianyun quickly thrusted his Red Dragon’s Spear inside the hurricane, and the result was another booming sound throughout the forest!

General Feng was shaken and flung backward while Yi Tianyun also experienced the same thing!

As he flung backward, Yi Tianyun quickly hid inside the fog to retreat for a moment.

“He was too fast! Even if I suppress his power, I don’t think I could catch up with him if he chooses to escape!” Yi Tianyun said frowning as he thought of a way to defeat General Feng.

At the same time, General Feng was trying his best to locate Yi Tianyun’s whereabout. He couldn’t accept the fact that there was someone from the Spirit Race who had the same level of power as him!

At the side, Ye Qingxuan was looking at Yi Tianyun in awe, even more than before, as the Spirit King was able to retreat safely from the battle with a Void Spirit Expert at that moment!

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