Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 352


With his transformation into Wind Dragon, General Feng increased his combat power by several folds!

With the Heavenly Wind Divine Sword’s power, General Feng controlled all the wind in the vicinity and created a huge hand holding a wind blade.

General Feng quickly attacked Yi Tianyun using the Wind Blade, and Yi Tianyun countered using a tail whip!

The two-attack collided, and this time, General Feng was clearly winning as he was flung several meters backward. In contrast, Yi Tianyun was flung further and fell down to the ground, but fortunately, Yi Tianyun fell on top of several Divine Soldiers of the Wind, killing them instantly.

Although Yi Tianyun was losing in power, his body still didn’t receive any damage! His defensive power was much higher than his offensive, and therefore it was a little bit expected that Yi Tianyun was losing in terms of power.

Yi Tianyun knew that he had to do something about this problem, he quickly absorbed the Spiritual Energy from his surroundings.

The absorption surprised the Soldier of the Wind, they quickly retreated as they sense a bad premonition from the Evil Dragon.

Meanwhile, General Feng wasn’t affected by Yi Tianyun’s absorption. Instead, he was charging his Heavenly Wind Divine Sword to cut Yi Tianyun in one go, and he was waiting for the opportunity to unleash his attack!

“This Evil Dragon’s power is strong! Fortunately, its cultivation is not that high, if it was any higher, there is no doubt that I would be having a tougher time!” General Feng said as he observed the Evil Dragon absorbed the Spiritual Energy around it. He felt a little bit frustrated seeing this Evil Dragon’s power as he hasn’t felt this kind of frustration in a very long time!

General Feng immediately jumped into the air swiftly with his Wind Dragon, aiming straight to strike the Evil Dragon down!

Yi Tianyun has been waiting for this moment when General Feng tried to attack him!

“Erosion of the Earth!” Yi Tianyun shouted as a terrifying blacklight spurted out of the Evil Dragon’s mouth. This blacklight burned everything in its path, including the Wind Dragon’s after image that General Feng created. It even burned the molecule of everything it touched. This could be seen from the black traces that the blacklight left behind, the area hit by the blacklight was still eroding even though the blacklight has disappeared.

Some Soldier of the Wind who had no time to escape this blacklight was instantly burned and after some time, turned to dust!

But the most important thing is that the blacklight was Yi Tianyun’s answer to General Feng’s weakness! This attack was a fire attributed attack, and fire attribute was General Feng’s weakness!

Even with the loss of his Wind Dragon’s after image, General Feng still stubbornly rushed over toward the Evil Dragon in order to attack it. He jumped once more into the Evil Dragon to use his Wind Radiance technique once more.

The Heavenly Wind Divine Sword emitted a pale green light around it, and General Feng used that attack to cut through the blacklight, but unfortunately for General Feng, that Evil Dragon was Yi Tianyun himself!

Yi Tianyun immediately used the Red Dragon Spear and threw it as strong as he could toward General Feng’s direction while General Feng was distracted by the blacklight!

General Feng was shaken by the force of the Red Dragon Spear that was thrown at him, and he was flung several meters backward and hit the giant trees hard!

“Where is that weapon coming from?!” General Feng said as the numbness set in, and he couldn’t move from his spot!

Meanwhile, the Evil Dragon kept spewing the blacklight toward the Soldier of the Wind, and after a short amount of time, Yi Tianyun already killed almost all the Soldiers of the Wind!

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