Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 351


While it might look like General Feng did his best to fight off Yi Tianyun, Yi Tianyun knew that General Feng didn’t even use his full power yet!

Beside the full power, General Feng could also burn his Blood Qi to power himself up some more!

“Not bad! Where are you from? Is it the Heavenly Dragon Empire? Or is it another empire that wants to have the Spirit Race for themselves?” General Feng shouted as he still didn’t know Yi Tianyun’s whereabouts, but he knew that Yi Tianyun was nearby!

Yi Tianyun didn’t answer him, Yi Tianyun was still focused on how to halt the advance of the Soldiers of the Wind as he saw that they were still diligently cutting the Giant Trees. He couldn’t attack the soldiers at all as General Feng was protecting them.

“It seems that you don’t want to come out willingly, you are clearly a coward! But it doesn’t really matter, I will enjoy destroying the Spirit Race thoroughly!” General Feng said while smirking evilly.

“It doesn’t matter from what faction did you came from, it will always be a dead end for those who defy the Netherworld Empire!” General Feng added as he taunted his enemy to come out.

“Did you rehearse that line repeatedly like an idiot? I’ve already killed so many of you who keep stating that sentence and guess what. They’re all already six feet under!” Yi Tianyun said while masking his voice so that General Feng couldn’t locate his whereabouts.

“Look at you, taunting me while hiding like a coward! Let’s see what you can say after I am done destroying the Spirit Race!” General Feng said while sneering.

Hearing General Feng’s word Yi Tianyun felt the need to kill this group of soldiers as fast as he can! He immediately activated the Evil Dragon Suit’s special effect and turned into 100-meter-tall Evil Dragon!

The sudden appearance of an Evil Dragon shocked everyone in the vicinity.

Ye Qingxuan already saw that Yi Tianyun could transform into a dragon, but she was too shy to ask Yi Tianyun about it, so she didn’t say anything about it.

But at that moment, the expression on the elders’ face said it all! They were looking at the dragon in awe. Some elders even began to wonder whether the Evil Dragon was their Spirit King!

“Yes, that is our Spirit King!” Ye Qingxuan confirmed.

This is the only option that Yi Tianyun could think of at the moment to halt the advance of the Soldiers of the Wind!

Yi Tianyun quickly roared and immediately slammed his claw at the group of soldiers in front of him.

But unfortunately, General Feng came to his senses and immediately blocked off Yi Tianyun’s attack once more with his hurricane technique.

General Feng quickly used ‘Wind Radiance’ once more with an intention to kill the dragon that suddenly appeared.

In the blink of an eye, he smashed the dragon down while trying to break the thick scale out of the dragon, but he felt a shockwave surging across his body as his sword hit the dragon’s scale!

Yi Tianyun didn’t falter. Although he received a shallow wound from General Feng, he still pushed through to attack at the Soldiers of Wind!

Withing the chaotic fight, Yi Tianyun was finally able to connect his claw attack to the Soldiers of Wind!


‘Successfully killed Soldier of the Wind!’

‘Reward: 250.000 Exp, 3.100 Cps, 200 Sps, Quick Wind Secret Art, Quick Wind Chop, Quick Wind Sword, Quick Wind Boots, Quick Wind Armour.’


‘Successfully killed a Soldier of the Wind!’

‘Reward: 380.000 Exp, 4.300 Cps, 250 Sps, …’


‘Successfully …’

Yi Tianyun successfully killed three Soldiers of the Wind in one fell swoop!

This scene immediately angered General Feng, he immediately held tight his Heavenly Wind Divine Sword, and immediately an image of a Wind Dragon appeared behind him!

General Feng’s cultivation base was that of a Wind Dragon, that was why he had such an amazing speed!

General Feng’s body was immediately covered by a blue Dragon Scale, and a pair of wings immediately emerged from his back! Transforming him into a dragon! This time, he was ready to fight Yi Tianyun with his full power!

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