Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 354


Yi Tianyun taunted General Feng so that General Feng would fall into rage and follow him to the forest!

Yi Tianyun hoped General Feng would fall into the Trace Confusion Great Array’s effect and end up like General Long before him!

However, General Feng was too caught up with the loss of his army of Soldier of the Wind! He has already spent so many resources to train the groups of soldiers that would become his masterpiece and symbols of his power! Now, they were all killed by the enemy! Only two or three Soldiers of the Wind were left! The revelation made him sick beyond measure!

Furthermore, he couldn’t return to the Netherworld Empire, bringing anything but shame like this!

A title of General Feng wasn’t something he got easily, he worked hard for it and defeated many enemies to achieve it, and what will he say to the Netherworld Emperor?

That he lost the battle against a weak faction?

General Feng wouldn’t be able to contain the disappointment and shame that came with it!

In his desperation, General Feng roared, and with the Heavenly Wind Divine Sword on his hand, he began to rush forward and cut the giant trees one by one as he believed that he alone should be sufficient to destroy the Spirit Race! He thought that if the young man earlier came again, he will only have to deal with him with all his strength!

“Damn it! He’s already losing his mind! At this rate, he would reach the Sanctuary in a week!” Elder Yan said worriedly.

The current state of General Feng was really weak, but it was still enough for him to force his way through to Spirit Race Sanctuary!

Yi Tianyun has gathered with the rest of the Spirit Race Elder and frowned as he saw that General Feng was completely furious and began throwing his tantrum!

“It seems that we really have to stop him completely! We can’t risk letting him move forward any further!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He wished that he could level up once more before this fight, as he knew that he lacked the offensive power to kill General Feng, he also couldn’t level up the Crazy Mode at that moment, because he didn’t have enough Crazy Points to do so!

Even if he sold all the items on his inventory, it wouldn’t suffice the Crazy Points required to level up the Crazy Mode!

“Spirit King! You are already exhausted. At this rate, I am afraid you wouldn’t last long!” Ye Qingxuan said as she was worried about Yi Tianyun’s state. She had some truth on her words, as Yi Tianyun’s face was pale for overusing the Spiritual Energy!

“If I don’t stop him now, I am afraid he will reach the Sanctuary anytime soon! I need you to go back to the Sanctuary and evacuate everyone! We already know the problem with the Spirit Race, so that all we need to do was find the resource later. I am afraid, even if I’m able to stop General Feng now, the Netherworld Empire will send the Imperial Preceptor next or worse the Emperor himself might come here!” Yi Tianyun said as he prepared himself to fight with General Feng once more.

Yi Tianyun’s assumption was sound. There was no way the Netherworld Empire will let the Spirit Race go after knowing that two of their high-ranking generals were dead at the hands of the Spirit Race!

They definitely will exact their revenge and send someone stronger than the previous one!

And now, Yi Tianyun was too exhausted to fight consecutive battles!

The elders and Ye Qingxuan reluctantly nodded their heads in the agreement of Yi Tianyun’s order.

“Please stay safe, Spirit King! We will evacuate the Sanctuary and wait for you in Tianyu Lake. We have a secret hideout there!” Elder Yan said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun nodded, and as the groups of elders were about to leave, Yi Tianyun stopped Ye Qingxuan for a little while.

“Saintess, please make sure that you take out all of the Soul Accumulating Grass in the Sanctuary! We can’t let any of our resources fall into the Netherworld Empire’s hand!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“It will take a moment, but I will make sure that nothing important was left behind!” Ye Qingxuan said solemnly, but an annoyed expression was clearly etched on her face.

“Don’t you worry, I will return to you no matter what!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled toward Ye Qingxuan.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t let the Soul Accumulating Grass escaped his grip!

The Soul Accumulating Grass was equal to 100 Million of Exp! He wouldn’t give that away!

“My King, I will wait for your return!” Ye Qingxuan said worriedly and immediately left Yi Tianyun to catch up with the rest of the Elders.

“Don’t worry. I will come back!” Yi Tianyun said more to himself.

At that moment, Yi Tianyun was thinking of a way to kill General Feng once and for all! If he had a chance to reduce his enemy, then he will gladly accept that chance!

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