Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 355


If he really needed to escape the forest, Yi Tianyun could just teleport himself out of there. So, all he had to do at that moment was kill General Feng before he could cause any further harm toward the Spirit Race!

“Now, how can I kill this guy!” Yi Tianyun said while biting his finger, thinking.

Yi Tianyun quickly opened the Sin Shop again to look for inspiration.

Yi Tianyun was startled to see new equipment appeared on the top of the Sword Master Suit!

Evil God Suit: 1.000.000 Sin Points

Level Requirement: 50 (Peak Core Transformation Stage)

Effect: Combat Power Multiple by 50.

Special Effect: Turn into an Evil God. All attacks become a long-ranged attack, burn enhancement, and +20% Crit Chance.

This suit was super powerful!

That was the first thing on Yi Tianyun’s mind as soon as he saw the effect of the suit. He knew that this suit was like the upgraded version of the Evil Dragon Suit, because of the similarities that those suits had. Now he knew that once he bought something from the Sin Points, the better version would be updated immediately.

He closed the Sin Shop not long after, he couldn’t buy the suit for the moment!

Yi Tianyun didn’t have enough Sin Points to buy the suit, and even if he did, he hasn’t met the requirement to use the suit yet! He was still at level 46 (6th Level Core Transformation Stage) while the suit required level 50! He had to kill many more enemies in order to buy that suit later!

Yi Tianyun quickly checked his inventory to see if there was anything he could use to deal with General Feng, while some of the Treasures that he got had an amazing effect, he knew that none of them would work on General Feng, but he soon realized something and bought something from the shop and immediately transformed back into the Evil Dragon after.

Yi Tianyun quickly rushed toward General Feng and immediately used the After-Image Technique once more.

Yi Tianyun’s body trembled for a moment, and immediately two more Evil Dragons appeared beside him.

“This trick again? It won’t work on me anymore!” General Feng said annoyedly.

With his blood qi burned, General Feng’s power exploded to 60 Million points!

That was his final attempt toward victory!

General Feng quickly rushed toward Yi Tianyun at high speed, a speed that not even Yi Tianyun could see!

General Feng quickly cut one Evil Dragon down as he didn’t know which one the real body was. He successfully cut one Evil Dragon down easily, he immediately realizes that that one was fake and quickly rushed toward another Evil Dragon. This time, his sword couldn’t cut the scale on the Evil Dragon’s body! He immediately knew that this one was the real one!

General Feng’s attack was heavy!

Yi Tianyun felt that he could collapse while defending from this attack, but he tried his best to withstand the attack to counterattack!

Yi Tianyun immediately consumed the Violent Medicinal Pills that he bought from the shop earlier, this pill had the effect of boosting his combat power two times the normal value!

Unfortunately for Yi Tianyun, because his level was too high, the pill lost its effectiveness and failed to reach the full two times of Yi Tianyun’s combat power, but it still increased his combat power significantly, only not as high as General Feng!

But Yi Tianyun still had the upper hand for the moment, as General Feng still couldn’t attack him easily.

Yi Tianyun immediately ordered the Evil Dragon clone that he made with the After-Image Technique earlier to burn General Feng while General Feng was busy with him.

Evil Dragon Clone immediately obeyed and showered General Feng with a black flame!

“Did you think this attack will have any effect on me now? Even if you have a tough scale, I will cut you down eventually!” General Feng said with a raging expression in his eyes.

Yi Tianyun and General Feng quickly exchanged some more hits, but at some point, Yi Tianyun succeeded in slipping a Bad Luck Divine Pills to General Feng’s body!

After successfully slipping the Bad Luck Divine Pills into General Feng’s body, Yi Tianyun smirked in triumph as he knew that he would win anytime soon!

“Bad Luck Divine Pills Activate!” Yi Tianyun said quietly.


‘Successfully activated the Bad Luck Divine Pills!’

‘Effect end in 5 minutes!’

After the notification was gone, Yi Tianyun saw that General Feng was staggered for a little bit, and suddenly General Feng’s body exploded from the Spiritual Energy.

A stream of blood immediately flowed from General Feng’s mouth as he fell to the ground.

“What is this? Backlash already?” General Feng confusedly said as he tried to stand up again.

Burning a blood qi had a chance to generate a backlash, which will burn the remaining of the Spiritual Energy on the body!

The backlash had a low probability of happening as the cultivator got more powerful and could control the blood qi flow, but as soon as the Bad Luck Divine Pill was introduced to the equation, the probability increased dozens of times!

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