Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 356


Yi Tianyun saw General Feng was having a backlash from burning his own Blood Qi, he immediately smiled as he knew that his victory was near.

The Bad Luck Divine Pill was working!

Even though the enemy had so much higher Combat Power then Yi Tianyun, the situation could easily be turned around!

General Feng immediately strengthened his resolve and controlled the flow of his Spiritual Energy to stop the backlash on his body, but it was a little bit too late, half of his body was already burned badly!

General Feng spat some more blood after he stopped the backlash, proving that he was severely injured.

Yi Tianyun had no more reason to prolong the fight and immediately equipped the Red Dragon Set that he got from the Dragon General Feng, increasing his Combat Power by twelve times and his Defensive Power by five times!

This equipment set had a better combat power bonus than the Evil Dragon Suit, but it had lower defensive power.

But the upgraded version of the Evil Dragon Suit is so much better, he hoped that he could buy the Evil God suit as soon as possible!

Yi Tianyun also took the Blast Divine Pill immediately, increasing his speed by several times. He quickly attacked General Feng, but unfortunately, General Feng still managed to block Yi Tianyun’s attack!

But as General Feng blocked Yi Tianyun’s attack, the burn from his backlash throbbed badly, and he lost his balance due to the pain.

Seeing his opportunity, Yi Tianyun quickly activated the Red Dragon Spear’s special attack!

“Red Dragon Howler!” Yi Tianyun roared, a red Dragon immediately appeared from his own body and shot a red beam of light toward General Feng!

This attack was a flame attack, meaning that General Feng wouldn’t be able to block this attack without any special means. Furthermore, a flame attributed attack was General Feng’s weakness!

The Red Beam of Light hit General Feng head-on, enveloping the old man’s body completely!

But that was not enough to kill General Feng, he swayed inside the flame as he was no longer able to withstand it.

General Feng roared in fury and pain, he immediately consumed all the Spiritual Energy on his body and once again increased his own power.

General Feng once again rushed toward Yi Tianyun at great speed, ready to strike Yi Tianyun with his Heavenly Wind Divine Sword!

Yi Tianyun immediately ducked to dodge General Feng’s attack, but it still hit and injured Yi Tianyun’s shoulder!

“See, I can still kill you anytime, boy!” General Feng shouted furiously.

Yi Tianyun immediately blocked and parried all General Feng’s attack as he realized that the Bad Luck Divine Pill’s effect didn’t just activate on his convenience.

But with the Red Dragon Set, he didn’t have the overwhelming defense that he got from the Evil Dragon Suit, so General Feng was eventually able to hit Yi Tianyun once with all his might!

That attack visibly shook Yi Tianyun but he persevered as he couldn’t back down again!

“Shadow Cloak activates!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he immediately rushed toward General Feng

The Shadow Cloak was able to make him invulnerable to any attack for five seconds. At that time, he was confident that he could hit General Feng several times!

General Feng attacked Yi Tianyun three consecutive times, but he was shocked to see that none of his attacks had any effect on Yi Tianyun!

Taking advantage of General Feng’s shock, Yi Tianyun quickly attacked and used all his might on the attack!

With the injuries on his shoulder, Yi Tianyun knew that this was the only chance he got to attack General Feng!

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