Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 359


Note: Blood Qi -> Blood Essence.

Yi Tianyun felt a little bit touched as he looked at the World Divine Rune on his hands, but looking at Ye Qingxuan’s pale face, he felt guilty at the same time!

He knew that if he was badly injured by General Feng when they fought earlier, Ye Qingxuan would’ve immediately used the Divine Rune to help Yi Tianyun escape!

“You really don’t listen to anything I said, do you? I already told you I don’t need anything from you, I just want you to be safe!” Yi Tianyun said while sighing and gestured Ye Qingxuan to lay down.

He quickly took out the Blood Jade from his inventory, this Blood Jade was used to recover one’s Blood Essence.

Yi Tianyun also gave this Blood Jade to Shi Xueyun back then after she overused her Blood Essence to hold the Profound Azure Mansion in their track.

“Now, use this Blood Jade! It will recover your Blood Essence quickly.” Yi Tianyun said as he put the Blood Jade in Ye Qingxuan’s hand.

“This treasure is wasted on me! You should use this for yourself!” Ye Qingxuan said as she pushed the Blood Jade into Yi Tianyun’s hands.

“Just listen to me for once! I am now commanding you as your Spirit King, understand!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“Of course, My King!” Ye Qingxuan said while smiling toward Yi Tianyun and began to absorb the Blood Jade.

Soon enough, her complexion returned to normal, signaling the fact that the Blood Jade successfully replenished her Blood Essence.

“This is truly amazing, my King! My Blood Essence was replenished at a rapid speed! I have never seen this kind of mystical treasure before!” Ye Qingxuan said with a shocked expression.

“Of course, I happen to stumble upon a cave full of this Jade. So, don’t worry and replenish your Blood Essence until you are back to normal!” Yi Tianyun lied to Ye Qingxuan so that she won’t refuse to use the Blood Jade.

“There is no way there is a cave full of this Jade. You lied, didn’t you?” Ye Qingxuan said as she could tell Yi Tianyun was lying.

“Well, just recover your Blood Essence for now!” Yi Tianyun said flustered as Ye Qingxuan caught him lying.

Soon enough, Ye Qingxuan‘s Blood Essence returned to its normal state, and she gave the Blood Jade back to Yi Tianyun.

“This thing is amazing! There is no way I could recover my Blood Essence this fast without it! Was there really a cave full of this stuff?” Ye Qingxuan asked curiously.

“Sure, there is, but I forgot where it was!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“You really lied to me!” Ye Qingxuan said while pouting.

“You don’t have to worry about this, now let’s go! We need to catch up with the rest of the Spirit Race!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling warmly.

“Yes, My King!” Ye Qingxuan said excitedly.

After searching for any treasure that General Feng might have on him, Yi Tianyun left with Ye Qingxuan to the Spirit Sanctuary. But they were already too late, the place had been abandoned, and there was nothing of value left behind.

However, Ye Qingxuan stood longingly toward the Spirit Pagoda as they couldn’t bring the building with them.

Yi Tianyun saw the sadness on Ye Qingxuan’s face and immediately comforted her.

“This is just a temporary evacuation, as soon as the Netherworld Empire is destroyed, we can always come back here again!” Yi Tianyun said softly.

“Of course, we will kill the Netherworld Emperor soon!” Ye Qingxuan said surely.

The two immediately left the place and flew toward the rendezvous point that was already decided earlier.

Once they arrived there, they saw that the Spirit Race has safely arrived and waited for their next instruction.

“I have an announcement to make! Our Spirit King has succeeded in killing General Feng of Netherworld Empire!” Ye Qingxuan said excitedly.

“The Spirit King is so powerful, I will say that the Spirit King is not afraid of the Netherworld Empire!”

“Yes, our Spirit King is invincible, the strongest!”

“Fart, just now,  didn’t you worry that the Spirit King couldn’t escape?”

“W-what are you talking about? You are slandering me!”

The rest of the Spirit Race immediately cheered in awe as they didn’t expect Yi Tianyun to kill General Feng too, they began to chant Yi Tianyun’s name in excitement, raising Yi Tianyun’s prestige once more.

“Spirit King, what should we do now?” Elder Yan said after the cheers died down a little.

“Let’s go to the Earthly Border Continent for now! I have a place for you guys to live there. We need to lay low there until I resolve the problem with the Netherworld Empire!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly, he was also on his way to return to Earthly Border Continent before he went and help the Spirit Race!

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