Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 360


Yi Tianyun and the Spirit Race quietly left toward the Earthly Border Continent, while the death of General Feng reached the ear of the Netherworld Emperor and caused an uproar in Netherworld Empire and the Heavenly Border Continent.

“How could this happen!” The Netherworld Emperor said furiously.

“Not only General  Long, but General Feng too!” The Netherworld Emperor said while smashing the table in front of him to dust!

The minister of the Netherworld Empire was shaken as they felt the terrifying aura from the Netherworld Emperor.

“We have to send the Heavenly Army there, Emperor!” Imperial Preceptor said solemnly.

“Yes, you need to lead this army yourself! I don’t want any more failure, you hear me!” The Netherworld Emperor said while pointing his finger toward the Imperial Preceptor.

“Right away, Emperor!” Imperial Preceptor said as he nodded his head and immediately left to prepare for his departure.

“How could this happen! In a short time, I lost two of my Generals! I can’t believe the Spirit Race still have this kind of power, is it really the Heavenly Dragon Empire’?” The Netherworld Emperor pondered.

After a while, the Imperial Preceptor was on his way toward the Spirit Forest with another General on his side.

With this Heavenly Army, he was sure that the Spirit Race wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore!

They soon arrived in the vicinity of the Spirit Forest, and the Imperial Preceptor immediately rushed inside the forest to immediately disarm the Trace Confusing Great Array!

His Divine Rune Proficiency was the highest in the Netherworld Empire, maybe even higher than the Old Ancestor of the Spirit Race, and that was why he had no reason to fear the Trace Confusion Great Array’s effect!

“Now that I am here, there will be no more Spirit Race!” The Imperial Preceptor said to himself while smirking evilly.

He immediately started to strip the Divine Rune for the Trace Confusion Great Array so that none of his soldiers will fall for this trap, but as he stripped the Divine Rune from the Great Array, he realized that some Divine Rune Grandmaster must have been controlling the array from afar to have this kind of effect!

After a few days, he finally stripped all the Divine Rune necessary to keep the Great Array active.

“Now, prepare for your destruction, Spirit Race!” the Imperial Preceptor said evilly.

The Heavenly Army that he brought with him was also excited that they finally had the chance to kill the Spirit Race, but as soon as they arrived inside the Spirit Sanctuary, they immediately knew that something wasn’t right!

There was no sign of life anywhere, and the houses were already emptied!

“What is this? Did they evacuate this place?” The Imperial Preceptor said with a surprised look on his face.

“But this is impossible! They couldn’t leave this place; they wouldn’t live long if they leave this place!” The Imperial Preceptor said inquisitively.

“All of you, search this place down! I want every nook and cranny searched! Also, burn that Spirit Pagoda down!” The Imperial Preceptor said with an irritated expression on his face.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun was still on his way toward the Heavenly Jade Sect quietly. He couldn’t arrive in the Earthly Border Continent as quickly, as he must lead the Spirit Race himself, and a very limited person could fly in the Spirit Race. Now, he had to rely on the Earth Dragon to transport them to the Earthly Border Continent safely.

As soon as they arrived on the Earthly Border Continent, Yi Tianyun immediately brought them toward the Heavenly Jade Sect without any problem.

“In front of you, between those two hills is where the Heavenly Jade Sect located! There is no need to worry, the people there were my family before you guys!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling warmly.

The Spirit Race immediately became curious to see what their Spirit King’s Residence was like.

As soon as they arrived in front of the Heavenly Jade Sect, several disciples paled as they were shocked to see so many Earth Dragons coming toward the Sect, but as soon as they saw Yi Tianyun’s face, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Yi Tianyun immediately stopped and immediately greeted the disciple and several deacons that were guarding the gate at the time.

“Welcome back, Elder Yi! Is that a newcomer that you brought with you this time, Elder Yi?” The Deacon asked curiously.

“No, they are our Noble Guest! Now, lead them inside and make sure to attend them to their needs, okay?” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“Sure, right away, Elder Yi!” The Deacon said and immediately opened the gate to let them in.

The Spirit Race immediately followed Yi Tianyun inside excitedly; at the same time, Shi Xueyun also walked outside to see the commotion herself.

“God, what else did you bring this time!” Shi Xueyun said with a surprised expression as soon as she saw so many people coming inside the Heavenly Jade Sect with so many Earth Dragons!

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