Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 36: Big Boss


In the blink of an eye, he killed three deacons. Their cultivations were either at the fourth or fifth level of the Spirit Refinement Realm but they were defeated so easily. Everyone was stunned. It was too easy, like flipping a baby’s palm. 

“Anybody else?” Yi Tianyun swung his sword, taunting them. “Even though I’m being treated unfairly, and you decide to resolve this problem with violence. As everyone here can see you can’t even touch me! Now, what else have you got?”

Yi Tianyun’s performance was beyond everyone’s expectations, especially when he used Ma Liangpeng’s move earlier. They thought Yi Tianyun learnt this move from the Wing Sect 

Everyone was dumbfounded, including Zi Yuwei, An Ling and Qin Xue, was it just their imagination or Yi Tianyun was even stronger now? 

“You, you killed three of our deacons, we, the Wind Pavilion, won’t be defeated by the likes of you!” Liang Tiancheng was furious, he thought that the three deacons would easily deal with him, he didn’t expect all three of them to be defeated so easily. 

“Judging by what you said just now, I take it that the Wind Pavilion now sees me as an archenemy, right?” Yi Tianyun’s eyes were cold, he tried to turn a blind eye to Ma Liangpeng who called Yi Tianyun weak, now who’s weak? 

“Okay then, at the very least you got guts. Let me show you true power!” Liang Tiancheng unleash the true power of a seventh level Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator! 

Then his name bar suddenly turned gold! 

A boss level character! The white name had turned gold indicating the appearance of a boss character. 

『Ding! Quest Activated: Kill Liang Tiancheng』

『Reward: 30.000 exp, 1.000 gold, a Power Belt and a five times exp card (one hour).』

As expected of a boss, the reward for completing the quest was really tempting, but Yi Tianyun was more interested in the reward for killing him rather than the quest reward. 

“Haha, I didn’t expect you to be a boss character. I’ve been waiting for this!”

Yi Tianyun laughed loudly and showed no signs of fear. He gripped his sword and used Sky Cloud Step while reactivating Crazy Mode. Now that he had a lot of Crazy Points, he no longer felt reluctant to use it. 

He used to think that it was too expensive to use Crazy Mode due to its consumption rate. Now that his cultivation was higher, he changed his way of thinking. 

Yi Tianyun’s speed was amazing, but Liang Tiancheng was faster! He rushed toward Tianyun with an upper-level spirit weapon in his hand, his eyes glared at him as he roared. “You’re too arrogant!” 

“Ten Thousand Sword Slash!” It looked as if he only slash once but actually he slashed a multitude of times, they were just invisible to the naked eye. 

“Wind Chasing Sword!” Yi Tianyun yelled and counterattacked.

“Clang!” When they clashed head-on, Yi Tianyun’s technique was defeated, largely due to the difference in power between them. Yi Tianyun was only at the 5th level of the Spirit Refinement Realm, while Liang Tiancheng was at the 7th level of the Spirit Refinement Realm. 


Liang Tiancheng yelled, he no longer tried to capture Yi Tianyun, all he wanted to do now was to kill him! Trying to fend off Liang Tiancheng attack, Yi Tianyun moved forward and blocked with his sword. 


Yi Tianyun, who was forced onto the defensive, couldn’t hold too long, although Liang Tiancheng’s sword didn’t reach him, he still managed to send Yi Tianyun flying away, along with his sword. 

Yi Tianyun who was sent flying was forced to use his palm to halt his momentum. If he didn’t block the attack just now with his sword, he would’ve lost his hand. 

“Junior Brother!” 

Qin Xue, seeing Yi Tianyun in a pinch wanted to help him, Yi Tianyun immediately shouted. “Stop! I am no longer a disciple of the Jade Palace! I don’t want to drag the Jade Palace into this, so please don’t intervene!”

Qin Xue stopped, she hesitated. She was not as strong and caring as Shi Xueyun toward Yi Tianyun, they were not that close, so she hesitated. 

“Now that you have no weapons, do you still have no intentions of surrendering?” Liang Tiancheng immediately kicked the sword out of  Yi Tianyun’s reach. 

“Who said that I don’t have a weapon?” Yi Tianyun equipped his Frost Fist. It was time to get serious, then consumed a double exp pill! 

He knew the exp would be plentiful, so he wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. 

“Is this a gauntlet?” Liang Tiancheng saw it and immediately sneered. “You’re gonna fight me with that? Well, don’t expect me to hold back just because you’re using such a stupid weapon, don’t expect to die with your body intact!” then he used Ten Thousand Sword Slash. If this lands, Yi Tianyun will definitely die. 

“Frost Aura!” 

Yi Tianyun sneered. He knew that the consumption of these Crazy Points would mark his victory. Within a hundred meters everyone became frozen instantly. Liang Tiancheng who was rushing toward Yi Tianyun was not an exception!

A beat later, Yi Tianyun rushed over, grabbed Liang Tiancheng’s arm with his hands, and use Absorbing Stars Great Technique. He sucked away Liang Tiancheng’s spiritual energy and earned exp at the same time! 

『Gain 500 exp, 460 exp, 570 exp, 630 exp… 』

In the blink of an eye, he absorbed tens of thousands of exp. Liang Tiancheng, who couldn’t move was going crazy because of this. 

Especially when he felt the spiritual power in his body being absorbed became even angrier. 

“Leica!” At this time, the layer of ice that covered him began to crack, Liang Tiancheng’s cultivation was too high for Yi Tianyun to freeze him for long. 

“It seems like this was the limit…” 

Yi Tianyun slammed his fist into Liang Tiancheng’s chest and knocked him away. “Bang!” Liang Tiancheng was sent flying and screamed from the pain. He was vomiting blood and was seriously injured!

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