Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 37: Chasing


Liang Tiancheng was sent flying so easily. Everyone was stunned again. They couldn’t understand what just happened. Liang Tiancheng was frozen solid. He couldn’t do a thing and let Yi Tianyun attack with wild abandon. Since no one else was within a hundred meters, they were naturally not affected by the freezing effect. 

“This, how was this possible…” Liang Tiancheng was shaken by the punch, his chest became sunken due to the impact of the punch. It was clear that he was at death’s door. 

“Nothing is impossible, you’re just too weak!” Yi Tianyun brandished his fists and looked at Liang Tiancheng with no emotion in his eyes. 

At the sight of Yi Tianyun’s fists, Liang Tiancheng’s eyes filled with fear, and he gave a panicked shout. “Spare me, I, I will make sure the Wind Sect no longer pursues you…” 

“What garbage!” 

Yi Tianyun slammed his fist down onto the ground, scaring the hell out of Liang Tiancheng causing him to scream in terror. 

“Quick, someone, save me!” Liang Tiancheng pleaded. The problem was, could anybody save him? No one in the vicinity had a strong enough cultivation to save him, the deacons were dead, and the rest were ordinary guards who had already lost their will to fight. Even if they wanted to rescue him, all they would be doing was increasing the number of corpses. 

Luck Aura, activate! 


Yi Tianyun punched Liang Tiancheng and he exploded on the spot! Even if he was two levels stronger than Yi Tianyun, he still lost, cultivation was not always the key factor, another critical factor are weapons with extraordinary effects or higher rank skills.

『Ding! Congratulations on killing Liang Tiancheng! You gained 80.000 exp, 700 Crazy Points, 5.000 gold, a Power Bracelet, a Power Ring, the Ten Thousand Sword Slash technique and the Wind Blade technique .』

『Ding! Congratulations on completing a mission! You gained 30.000 exp, 10.000 gold, a Power Belt and a 5x exp card (one hour).』

『Ding! Congratulations on levelling up to the sixth level of the Spirit Refinement Realm!』

The rewards were crazy, just the exp reward reached an insane 110,000 points. Immediately allowing him to breakthrough to the next level. It felt really refreshing and it was a game-changing upgrade for Yi Tianyun. This was thanks to the double exp pill Yi Tianyun took before the battle.

“Hmm, most of the items have the word “power” in them. Let’s have a look…” 

He checked the three items in his inventory. They were an accessory set that shared a certain effect.

Power Bracelet Effect: Enhance your strength by 20%.

Power Ring Effect: Increases your strength by 10%.

Power Belt Effect: Enhance your strength by 20%.

“These three items increase my strength attribute, do this mean my power will be improved by 50%? Doesn’t this mean that by power is raised by half a fold?” Yi Tianyun was speechless. This was a good set, assuming that the effects stacked. If he had the power to lift a thousand kilos, after equipping this set, he could lift 1,500 kilos!

In addition, he also got the Ten Thousand Sword Slash technique, but this skill could not be levelled up. Infant, including these accessories, nothing he got this time could be levelled up! Seemed like only the lottery would give upgradeable items.

Wind Blade that he just got could not be upgraded too, but the effect was amazing. When attacking, there was a chance of releasing a bolt of lightning after hitting the enemy that could slow down the opponent.

When they thought that he was done being surprised, everyone in the crowd gasped upon seeing Liang Tiancheng’s condition. Unexpectedly, the Pavilion Lord of the Wind Pavilion, along with his deacons, were slaughtered by Yi Tianyun. The blood spread everywhere, flowing like a river, some even splashed onto nearby spectators.

“How could this kid be this powerful?” Zi Yuwei was dumbfounded, she totally thought that the fight would go in Liang Tiancheng’s favor, she did not expect Liang Tiancheng to be killed this easily.

“He’s too powerful. Cultivation of the Pavilion Lord Liang was at least at the 7th level of the Spirit Refinement Realm. How could he be killed so easily?” An Ling mutter. They were all shocked, according to the latest information Yi Tianyun was only at the 1st level of the Spirit Refinement Realm. How could he defeat such a high-level opponent if this information was accurate? 

In fact, their assumption was not wrong, but that’s only accurate before Yi Tianyun entered the city for the first time. Now he was no longer at the first level of the Spirit Refinement Realm but the sixth level of the Spirit Refinement Realm!

“Young Master Yi, you must get out now! Quickly! If you don’t leave now, reinforcements will come, then you won’t be able to escape!” Zi Yuwei quickly warned Yi Tianyun. 

Yi Tianyun was stunned and immediately smiled. He quickly pulled the storage ring off his finger and threw it to An Ling. “Sisters, bring this back to Jade Palace… This is my fight, so stay out of this. I will come back by myself! Go back and talk to the Palace Lord… Don’t worry about me! And please help Jiu Lingyun.”

After he finished, he left the city. He knew that, although he killed the Pavilion Lord of the Wind Pavilion. The so-called Wing Sect was even more powerful than the Wind Pavilion and, considering what he did, there would be a lot of strong people coming after him! 

They would be at the 9th level of the Spirit Refinement Realm or maybe even elders at the Core Condensate Realm. With his current cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to hold his ground against them. If he returned to the Jade Palace, Shi Xueyun would definitely protect him no matter what, even at the cost of Jade Palace. 

“Junior Brother!” An Ling yelled out, her eyes red, but they had no choice but to grab the storage ring and prepare to go back to report the situation to Shi Xueyun. 

As they were about to leave, a frightening presence was seen from a distance and shouted. “That’s the kid, chase him!” The old man who rushed over, exerted a powerful aura, at least at the peak of the Spirit refinement realm if not higher! 

Murderous intent rose into the sky and, like a demon, he chased after Yi Tianyun at a lightning-fast speed, closing the gap between them.

“That, that was a deacon of the Wind Sect!”

“It seems there is a deacon of the Wind Sect stationed in the city. But for some reason, he did not come and help…” 

“That kid, he messed with the Wind Sect, how is he still alive and how did he escape?” 

This was the peak level of the Spirit Refinement Realm. The deacon was much stronger than anyone Yi Tianyun fought before. That was clearly distinguished by the aura around him. It was worlds apart from the opponents he had faced thus far. 

“Junior Brother, run away!” An Ling shouted. They prayed in their hearts, only hoping for Yi Tianyun to escape! 

Many people thought that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to create another miracle. Earlier, the difference was not that big but this, this was a different story. How could he deal with someone so far above his level? 

In the distance, Yi Tianyun felt the strong murderous aura behind him. His eyes glanced at the snow wolf boots on his foot before activating its effect, raising his speed to the extreme as he rushed out like a gust of wind. 

His heart had always been calm, despite the adversaries he faced. 

Was he desperate? Maybe, but he definitely didn’t feel despair. In the face of the powerful deacon, his eyes were still full of hope!

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