Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 369


Yi Tianyun frowned as he started to think that all Ren Zhirou’s theory made sense!

“So, where is this Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure? Is it here, in this city?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“Yes, it is here, but unfortunately, there is no purer Heavenly Dragon Bloodline who could control it fully! If they extracted my blood essence and my brother, Prime Minister Long might have a shot to control it!” Ren Zhirou said solemnly.

“That is the reason why I don’t believe when he said that my brother died inside the Dangerous Area! If he was dead, Prime Minister Long would no longer have a way to control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure! Furthermore, my brother was a Void Spirit Expert, he was undeniably strong!” Ren Zhirou added angrily.

“Then, did you already order your people to search and explore the Dangerous Area?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“I did, but unfortunately, none of them find any clue! They didn’t have strong enough cultivation to explore the Coiling Dragon Cave efficiently!” Ren Zhirou said solemnly.

After hearing the name Coiling Dragon Cave, Yi Tianyun immediately remembered that he once got a map named the Coiling Dragon Treasure Map!

Was the map usable to explore this Coiling Dragon Cave?

He immediately opened his inventory and checked the Coiling Dragon Treasure Map once again.

He saw that the map showed detailed information about the cave, and while it seemed the place was difficult to traverse, this map made it a lot easier!

He never had time to explore that place by himself before, but he surely didn’t expect that place was connected to a world quest!

“This place was rumored to be a place once used by the Dragon Clan resident! It was rumored to have a lot of Dragon Clan Bones and Dragon Clan Essence in there. If you can find that treasure, there is no doubt that you could improve your power significantly! But this is all just a rumor! I have never seen any Dragon Clan Bones while I am there, and the place was filled with so many strong demon beasts that constantly come out of the cave and trespassed into the nearby city!” Ren Zhirou explained.

“So, when do we leave? If you just stay here, there is no way that your brother would ever be found!” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“I originally planned to wait until there was enough expert joining my expedition, but as you are here, I don’t need them anymore, we could go whenever you are ready! I really hope that my brother is still alive!” Ren Zhirou said with a sad smile on her face.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t say anything to reassure Ren Zhirou as he was unsure whether Ren Long was still alive or not!

That was solely because Ren Long has been missing for several years, not weeks!

His chance of survival was extremely low!

Yi Tianyun quickly told Ren Zhirou that they should be going to Coiling Dragon Cave tomorrow as soon as she calmed herself down a little bit.

At the same time, Army General Wang’s body was hoisted to the City wall for everyone to see, causing an uproar on the resident of the imperial city!

Nobody expected the Army General to be a traitor and, on top of that, an assassin targeting the princess’s life!

Many people started to point their finger toward Prime Minister Long as corrupt and power hungry!

That news spread fast, and so many new theories were made regarding Prime Minister Long and Army General Wang, but almost all of them were bad!

The public even came up with some evidence that Army General Wang was indeed an agent sent by the Netherworld Empire, tarnishing Prime Minister Long’s popularity in public’s view once again!

At the same time, a middle-aged man was sitting in a dragon chair drinking hot tea while exerting a terrifying aura.

That person is none other than Prime Minister Long himself!

“You said that you would get the job done! Now, not only you fail, but my reputation is also down the drain! How can I become the new ruler of the Heavenly Dragon Empire like this!” Prime Minister Long said annoyedly.

“This is all an accident, my lord! We didn’t expect Army General Wang to lose his life while fighting against the princess. But don’t you worry, my lord, I will solve the Army General Wang’s problem soon!” A minister of Heavenly Dragon Empire said while kneeling shakenly in front of Prime Minister Long.

“That little princess is still searching for her brother, she doesn’t want to believe that Ren Long had died inside the Coiling Dragon Cave a long time ago! There is no way he could survive so long in there! But she still relentlessly gathers many experts for her expedition inside that cave! Maybe it is time for me to pay her a visit myself!” Prime Minister Long said sinisterly.

However, on the next day, Prime Minister Long received another report stating that the princess has already left the Imperial City and was currently heading toward the Coiling Dragon Cave! Prime Minister Long smirked evilly as he knows that his chance to capture the wild princess has finally come!

“Send Feng Long to capture her! And this time, I don’t want to hear about any failure! You understand?” Prime minister Long said toward the minister.

“Understand, My lord! If she wasn’t inside the imperial city, we have a better advantage!” the minister said while smirking evilly.

“Yes, it was stupid of her to leave the security of the city in a time like this!” Prime Minister Long said while sneering.

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