Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 368


Yi Tianyun walked into Ren Zhirou’s bedroom.

Once inside, Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised that the room was very ordinary looking.

Once Ren Zhirou was settled down on the bed, Yi Tianyun quickly assessed her situation.

“It seems the poison inside your body is very potent, a small amount of it could weaken your aura to this extent!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“That’s because it’s the Poison Dragon’s Toxin! It has a stronger effect when used to any of the dragon clan, although it is not fatal, it would greatly weaken us! I didn’t expect Prime Minister Long to have access to such a weapon!” Ren Zhirou said angrily.

“I will be the judge of that, now, let me analyze the poison inside your system!” Yi Tianyun said as he quickly used his appraisal eye to check on the poison’s properties.


‘Successfully analyzed the Poison Dragon’s Toxin!’

‘Antidote ingredient: 1 Dragon Soul Flower, 2 Dead Poison Grass.’

“The poison is rare! It would be hard to analyze it completely. I should be completely fine after some rest, don’t waste your energy over something unnecessary!” Ren Zhirou said casually.

“Now, don’t talk too much, just lay down and rest!” Yi Tianyun said, shushing Ren Zhirou.

He immediately pulled out his Purple Fire Divine Furnace and started refining the antidote for the Poison Dragon’s Toxin as he already had every ingredient needed to make one.

A moment later, Yi Tianyun finished refining the necessary antidote and immediately gave it to Ren Zhirou.

“If you eat this, the poison will surely be detoxified immediately!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Are you sure? You refine it so fast!” Ren Zhirou said, a little bit surprised.

“I am sure, now eat it! you will be fine after you eat it!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

He couldn’t say how he could refine the pill so fast, so he didn’t tell Ren Zhirou about his ability.

Ren Zhirou, who has already trusted Yi Tianyun, immediately took the pill without any hesitation.

Once again, she was surprised to see the pill took effect almost instantly, her body suddenly became light, like she was never poisoned in the first place!

“I am already cured? How could this pill’s effect be this strong? How did you do this, brother?” Ren Zhirou asked with awe in her eyes.

“It’s simple. I thoroughly analyzed the toxin and then broke it down. I will make some more pill for you so that you could use it in case you are in trouble when I am not around!” Yi Tianyun said as he began refining another batch of the antidotes.

“Are you going to leave soon, brother?” Ren Zhirou asked Yi Tianyun as she realized that Yi Tianyun was too hasty.

She also knew that Yi Tianyun wasn’t her real brother, but she really felt close toward Yi Tianyun like her own brother!

“No, at least not soon! I am here to ask for your help to fight the Netherworld Empire and help you solve your problem here. But I’m starting to think that maybe this Prime Minister Long, was colluding with the Netherworld Empire against you!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“No, that can’t be! Prime Minister Long maybe saw me as a threat right now, but I am sure he wouldn’t collude with Netherworld Empire! He has already killed so many people from the Netherworld Empire’s side!” Ren Zhirou said, stating her opinion.

“Well, I don’t know about him, but the Black Cloaked Assassin was the Shadow Guard of the Netherworld Empire! If there is another group of cultivators in this Heavenly Dragon Empire that used the Shadow Art like them, then maybe I was wrong!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Ren Zhirou was silent for a while as she was thinking of Yi Tianyun’s word, “I don’t know of anyone using that martial art around here, but I know that I wouldn’t be able to help you fight the Netherworld Empire for the time being, as I need to solve the problem our internal affair first!” She said as she sighed heavily.

“Well, that was expected, now tell me the current situation on your part! How is the current situation of the Great Emperor Ren?” Yi Tianyun asked Ren Zhirou solemnly.

“I am sorry, but right now, I know very little about the information itself! When I arrived here, I heard that my brother was already dead! A demon beast killed him while he was passing the dangerous area and that his body was missing! I don’t believe that my brother would be killed that easily, especially by a demon beast inside the dangerous area! His cultivation isn’t low, there is no way that a demon beast would best him in combat, and once I returned, Prime Minister Long doesn’t even want to talk to me! I believe that the Prime Minister had something to do with my brother’s death!” Ren Zhirou said angrily.

“Prime Minister Long is my uncle, so he should know about the Great Emperor’s schedule, whereabout and stuff at all times and he could set a trap for him. I think, maybe Prime Minister Long was angry that he couldn’t control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure and therefore failed to become the Great Emperor meanwhile, my brother could control it easily!” Ren Zhirou said, stating her speculation.

“I also think that my brother was still alive inside the dangerous area, if he’s not, then Prime Minister Long surely would’ve taken back his body so that he could make his claim to the throne so much easier!” Ren Zhirou said hopefully.

“Why would you think of that?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Well, so far, they didn’t try to kill me! They only wanted to capture me and take my Dragon Essence! That way, Prime Minister Long will have the means to control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure eventually! I know that he wouldn’t give it up, no matter what!” Ren Zhirou answered angrily.

Yi Tianyun was silent for a while, in his head, he kept wondering, what was this Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure?

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