Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 371


Yi Tianyun flew slowly so that the enemy could follow him easily. He already knew that a group of men who were following him from below as his perceptual ability was higher than any cultivator near his stage.

“They immediately followed me as soon as I left the city! But it seems they are just a bunch of small fries!” Yi Tianyun said to himself and decided to speed up a little bit.

“Did they discover us? Why would they speed up like that? Quickly, chase them!” The leader said frantically.

The group of men panicked and immediately rushed to chase Yi Tianyun and the clone so that they wouldn’t be too far behind!

But as they finally saw Yi Tianyun again, they were confused as they couldn’t see Ren Zhirou anywhere.

“Did they really notice our presence? Where is the princess? Did she hide herself after they noticed us?” The leader said wonderingly.

“We have to divide our group into two units! One will keep chasing the brat and surround him while another unit will search for the princess!” the leader said commandingly.

The group immediately obeyed and separated themselves into two small groups.

They didn’t know that the clone simply expired and disappeared into thin air!

The first group immediately caught up with Yi Tianyun and stopped him.

“Brat, tell us where the princess is! If you cooperate with us, we will make sure to leave you alive!” the leader said menacingly.

“I could tell you her whereabouts, but I am afraid you will have to die right after!” Yi Tianyun said playfully.

“If that’s the case, then don’t blame us for what about to happen to you right now!” The leader said menacingly.

“Men! Capture him!” The leader shouted, and his other two companions immediately surrounded Yi Tianyun and pulled out a bundle of semi-transparent rope, ready to capture him.

‘Bundle of Gods: A highly durable capturing tools, not even a Void Spirit Stage Expert could get out once trapped inside!’

Yi Tianyun sighed as he saw the details of the tools that the enemies were using.

Once the trio started throwing the ropes to tie him up, Yi Tianyun immediately teleported behind one of the enemies and punched the poor man so hard from the back!

The man immediately was thrown away a little bit far and slammed the ground hard, instantly killing him.


‘Successfully killed Feng Yun!’

‘Reward: 390.000 Exp, 4.500 CPs, 300 SPs, Bundle Lock Martial Arts, Dragon Sealing Secret Art, Bundle of Gods, Poison Dragon’s Toxin.’

After killing the first man, Yi Tianyun quickly pulled out the Cold Ice Divine Bow and immediately used the Fury of Ice Cold toward the enemy’s leader!

The enemy’s leader was shocked to see a powerful attack coming towards him at very high speed!

He wanted to escape the area of effect of Yi Tianyun’s attack, but sadly, he wasn’t fast enough and was immediately killed after turning into an ice sculpture in the air and shattered into thousand pieces once he fell on the ground!

Unfortunately, Yi Tianyun’s high speed arrow also caught the last enemy who happened to stand closely with his leader, freezing him into an ice sculpture too!

The remaining enemy sensed the powerful aura coming from the way that the leader should be and immediately rushed over to check the situation, but once they arrived on the scene, they were shocked to see their companion and leader were already dead!

“This is a trap! We have to leave, quickly!” One of them shouted and turned around to escape.

But they were surprised as they heard Yi Tianyun’s voice was close by.

Once they started to run, they immediately realized that Yi Tianyun was already waiting for them!

“Don’t you want to surround me earlier? Don’t you want to capture the princess? Why would you choose to run away now? Come, I too am tired of waiting!” Yi Tianyun said while walking towards the men menacingly.

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