Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 372


Yi Tianyun released his aura, making the enemy shuddered from the intensity of his aura.

But they didn’t try to escape this time as they know that they won’t get far!

Instead, they immediately used the Dragon Sealing Secret Art that they had!

The three of them immediately activated the Dragon Sealing Secret Art, connecting their spirit power to each other, possibly to increase the effectiveness of the skill as Yi Tianyun knew that if a group of people successfully linked their Spiritual Power to each other, they will get an immense boost of power after!

But it was nonetheless a difficult feat to achieve!

“Now, I am impressed! You guys clearly had trained so hard to achieve this kind of cooperation, but unfortunately, your power is still not enough! If the six of you cooperate like this, you may have a chance, but they already died before you have a chance to try!” Yi Tianyun said sarcastically.

Yi Tianyun immediately aimed his Ice-Cold Divine Bow towards the remaining enemies, but the enemy quickly pulled out a Peak Grade Soul Tool of their own, and once again, their spiritual power rose significantly.

Yi Tianyun, who didn’t want to face any kind of trouble later, immediately shot three arrows straight towards each man.

While they successfully increased their Spiritual Power significantly, Yi Tianyun’s arrow was still too much for them!

The three men couldn’t hold their ground and were immediately thrown off from the arrow’s impact!

The spiritual net that was starting to materialize around Yi Tianyun immediately disappeared as soon as the three men were knocked down.

Suddenly, kill confirmation notices popped up in front of Yi Tianyun, informing him that he successfully killed two out of three of them!

The last person alive was immediately tied into the three as Yi Tianyun wanted to ask him the question regarding the Great Emperor Ren!

“You, you killed all my brothers!” The last enemy said furiously.

“So? You’ve killed so many people before! Aren’t we the same?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“I will kill you! I swear on my brother’s grave!” The guy said furiously while trying to break free from his bond.

“So, you are clearly not an amateur in this profession, so answer my question, and you might be freed! Who ordered you to assassinate the princess and me now?” Yi Tianyun asked casually.

“Nonsense! If you know that we aren’t amateurs, you should know that I would never give you that information!” The guy named Feng Tu said.

“Well, you just make the situation much more interesting!” Yi Tianyun said as he pulled out a pill from his pocket and immediately fed it to Feng Tu forcefully.

“What did you give me? What poison is this?” Feng Tu asked as he gradually became paler.

“Well, this is a fairly new poison! I gave it to you for experimentation! I do have the antidote, however!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Feng Tu then screamed as the poison spread to his system, and he suddenly felt excruciating pain!

As time went by, Feng Tu became weaker due to the poison and pain that he suffered.

However, Yi Tianyun didn’t show any sign of mercy to Feng Tu at all.

“How does it feel? Now, you may experience more pain as I will use soul search on you!” Yi Tianyun said as he activated the Soul-Searching Ability.

Yi Tianyun already had this ability for long, but he didn’t feel the need to use this skill before because he didn’t need to interrogate someone like he was about to do now!

As soon as Yi Tianyun used the ability on Feng Tu, Feng Tu began to rant incoherently.

“I killed the entire Fang Family! I also killed the Liu Family while I disgrace their daughter in front of her own father!” Feng Tu said uncontrollably, but none of this was the information that Yi Tianyun needed!

All Yi Tianyun wanted to be the name of the person who hired them to capture Ren Zhirou and the information about Great Emperor Ren!

But as Yi Tianyun waited for the information he needed, Feng Tu has already gone crazy and useless!

So, without wasting more of his time on a crazy person, Yi Tianyun left toward the Coiling Dragon Cave!

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