Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 373


After quite some time, Yi Tianyun didn’t come across any other people who tried to get in his way, so he assumed that the group of assassins earlier was the best that the enemy could hire for this job!

Yi Tianyun was a little bit disappointed that he wouldn’t be fighting any Void Spirit Expert for the moment!

The Heavenly Dragon Dangerous Area wasn’t that far away from the Imperial City as it only took Yi Tianyun a day to get there.

As he approached the Heavenly Dragon Dangerous Area, Yi Tianyun realized that the place was buzzing, there were so many cultivators coming in and out of place, and there were also many merchants on the entrance, ready to sell many weapon and armor to the cultivator.

“This place is quite lively! Is this place really a Dangerous Area?” Yi Tianyun said to himself in complete disbelief.

Yi Tianyun decided to continue to fly inside as there was nothing else that he needed to do outside of the place.

As he pressed onwards, the deeper he goes, the heavier the pressure was!

It seems this place was pushing him to the ground somehow!

Yi Tianyun quickly decided to walk as it was like ton bricks were placed on his back as he flew.

As soon as Yi Tianyun walked on the ground, the pressure was completely weakened!

But he could still feel the immense pressure of that place.

Yi Tianyun knew at that moment that none of the low stage cultivators would be able to come inside, as they will be crushed under the immense pressure of that place!

Yi Tianyun quickly used his Appraisal Eye to investigate the place.

‘Heavenly Dragon Dangerous Zone: A place where the powerful Heavenly Dragon’s power resides. It is not recommended for any cultivator below 8th Level Spirit Refinement Stage.

Yi Tianyun could also see the amount of pressure in the air, and he saw that the pressure even reached 100.000.000 points near the clouds!

Who could afford to come up there!

Yi Tianyun also noticed that he currently could afford 10.000.000 points of pressure right now as he couldn’t afford to fly any higher than that!

Fortunately, this place didn’t require flying that much!

Focusing his attention on his surrounding, Yi Tianyun realized that the place was quite beautiful and didn’t seem dangerous at all.

Apart from the immense pressure, that place was quite normal!

But this place was still the outer part of the area, so there was no telling what else lay ahead!

Yi Tianyun also realized that many Spirit Refinement Stage cultivators were walking around the place, and some of them even sat down and cultivated around the outer area, with the immense pressure that place had, they might be able to cultivate a lot faster there!

At first, Yi Tianyun wanted to warn them as their cultivation wasn’t high enough to enter that place, but he knew that the cultivator rarely abode a stranger’s advice, so he decided to let them be as he realized that those cultivators came at their own risk!

Sure enough, as he walked deeper inside, no cultivator bothered talking to him.

Yi Tianyun also knew that they had no obligation to be friendly either, so Yi Tianyun also ignored them completely.

But as soon as he walks further inside, he realized that the amount of cultivator drastically changed, the cultivator was much scarcer in here, he only occasionally found a Core Transformation Stage Expert cultivating on their own, while earlier he could find a group of cultivators at the same time.

“Hey, I am Xu Fei. Would you like to go inside the Coiling Dragon Cave together?” Suddenly, someone approached and talked to Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun immediately looked at the young man with his appraisal eye and saw that the young man was at 9th Level Core Condensation Stage, and he looked friendly.

But after a while, a few other people also approached Xu Fei, introducing themselves as Xu Fei’s companion.

Yi Tianyun looked up their data and noticed that the highest cultivator among them was at 2nd Level Spirit Core Stage!

There was also a female cultivator in their midst, and the girl didn’t even bother to acknowledge Yi Tianyun’s presence.

“You are all going to the cave?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Yes, Coiling Dragon Cave is the best place to cultivate! You can even get your hands on a Dragon Bones inside! You probably can even sell it at a high price to cover for your resource later!” Xu Fei said excitedly.

Yi Tianyun frowned a little as he found the group in front of him was basically a nuisance, Yi Tianyun could act the quickest when he acted alone!

“You seem new! Don’t worry, you could count on us to get by as we already knew the way around here. Sometimes, there was a newcomer who was too naïve to ask for help and fell into a trap or got lost inside! But I need 1.000 Spirit Stone to act as your guide, would you like to accept my offer?” Xu Fei said while smiling warmly toward Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun immediately smiled as he finally realized that Xu Fei was only a guide in here.

“Okay, as long as you successfully guide me to Coiling Dragon Cave, I will give you the thousand Spirit Stones!” Yi Tianyun promised.

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